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Pastel Fashion: 7 Stylish Ideas You Must Try

CEO Tinh Phung
The pastel color trend is a perennial favorite that never fails to make a statement. Whether it's a subtle touch or a bold statement, pastel fashion is always a winner, especially during spring and summer....

The pastel color trend is a perennial favorite that never fails to make a statement. Whether it's a subtle touch or a bold statement, pastel fashion is always a winner, especially during spring and summer. If you've been hesitant to embrace pastel outfits, thinking they might not suit your style or skin tone, think again! In this article, we'll show you how anyone can rock pastel colors and create stunning outfits.

What Does "Pastel" Mean?

Before we dive into the outfit ideas, let's understand what pastel colors are. Pastels are pale hues with high value and low saturation. They exude a soft and soothing vibe and are often associated with innocence, childhood, and peace. There are different pastel color schemes, including "bright" pastels that have a bit more saturation, muted or "milky" colors, and colors with a super high value.

Pastel Colors for Your Skin Tone

With so many pastel tones to choose from, it's important to find the ones that harmonize with your skin color. Here are some tips to help you discover your best pastel color tone:

  1. Super fair skin: Opt for dustier or slightly more saturated tones, like those in color schemes 1 and 2. If you have a cooler undertone, go for pastel colors like periwinkle, lavender, and light pink. If you have a warmer undertone, embrace pastel versions of orange, yellow, or red.

  2. Medium skin: Most pastel color tones will look good on you. If you're unsure where to start, try a blue periwinkle or a pale bubble gum pink.

  3. Dark skin: Look for tones from the first and third color schemes that best harmonize with your skin. Consider cool undertones with pastel tones of blue, green, pink, or purple. For warm undertones, go for red, orange, or yellow.

7 Pastel Color Outfit Ideas

Now, let's explore some amazing outfit ideas to make the most of pastel colors. Get ready to fall in love with this timeless trend!

1. Prints and Pastels

Don't feel like you have to dress from head to toe in pastels. If you're still unsure about these colors, you can start by incorporating one pastel piece into your outfit. Create a captivating contrast by pairing a pastel color with a cute print or texture. For example, try an animal print dress with a baby blue coat. You can also rock a pastel color coat with black and white prints or plaids.

2. Neutrals and Pastels

Neutrals are perfect companions for pastel outfits. If you're unsure whether a full pastel ensemble works for you, opt for neutral pieces that blend well with your chosen pastel item. Pairing pastels with white and gray is always a safe and stylish option. Alternatively, choose a neutral color that complements your skin tone. Take inspiration from Victoria Beckham, who rocks a milky brown top with baby sky blue pants.

3. Saturated with Pastel

Take your pastel outfit to the next level by adding saturated colored pieces. The contrast between the softness of pastels and the vibrancy of saturated colors creates a bold and stylish look. Consider a pastel top paired with a bright and saturated layer, along with denim bottoms. Another eye-catching combination is bright tomato red with pastel pink. Don't shy away from accessorizing with super bright accessories like a fuchsia handbag and shoes.

4. Denim and Pastels

For those who aren't big fans of pastels but still want to give them a try, pairing a pastel top with blue jeans is a foolproof option. This combination effortlessly exudes style and cuteness. You can easily recreate cute pastel outfits with this pairing.

5. Pastel Color Dresses

Wearing a pastel dress is the easiest way to rock a pastel outfit. All you need is the dress itself! Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can complement your pastel dress with different accessories. Nude colors are a perfect match and the safest choice.

6. Monochromatic Pastels

Monochrome looks are synonymous with pastel outfits. There are two ways to create a monochromatic outfit with pastel colors. Firstly, you can wear multiple pastel shades of a specific color for a full pastel effect. For example, a complete outfit in multiple shades of purple would look stunning. Secondly, you can opt for a deeper or brighter shade of the pastel color you choose. Pair a mint pant with a sage top and coat for a green monochromatic look. Complement your outfit with neutral accessories like white shoes and a handbag.

7. Pastel on Pastel

If you're a fashion risk-taker, go big and embrace multiple pastel colors in one outfit. Creating a cohesive look with different pastel shades requires a keen eye for color. This is the most fashion-forward option, showcasing your ability to combine various colors. Experiment with different pastel combinations and let your creativity shine.

In conclusion, don't be intimidated by pastel colors! Wearing pastels is all about getting out of your comfort zone and having fun. Once you've discovered the pastel colors that suit your skin tone, the possibilities are endless. Try out these 7 ideas and watch your pastel fashion game soar!