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Return to Comfort: A Review of Hermès Chypre Sandals

CEO Tinh Phung
After the last 3 years, I'm feeling a mix of apprehension and excitement as we slowly return to a "new" normal. Clean t-shirts, pants that aren't sweatpants, and going outside with clean hair, these small...

After the last 3 years, I'm feeling a mix of apprehension and excitement as we slowly return to a "new" normal. Clean t-shirts, pants that aren't sweatpants, and going outside with clean hair, these small comforts are becoming a reality once again. But amidst these changes, one thing remains constant - the need for comfort. And in the shoe department, nothing embodies comfort quite like the Hermès Chypre sandals.

Hermès Chypre Sizing

Finding the right size for your shoes can be a challenge, but fear not, I've got you covered. For reference, here are some comparisons:

  • Adidas Stan Smiths: US 8
  • Chanel Shoes: FR 39
  • Christian Louboutin: IT/EU 39.5
  • Golden Goose: IT/EU 39
  • Hermès Oran sandals: FR 39
  • Isabel Marant: FR 39-40
  • Nikes: US 8.5
  • Repetto: FR 39.5-40

My Hermès shearling Chypre sandals, in leather (Noir) and shearling (Écru), are a size FR 39. In this size, they fit me perfectly. Previously, Hermès Chypre sandals were known to run half a size small, but now they seem to fit true to size. Even with the fluffy shearling, I would say they are still true to size. And if you have one foot bigger than the other, you can easily adjust the straps for a more comfortable fit. However, if you plan on wearing them with chunkier socks, I would recommend going up a half size to accommodate the added bulk.


Released in 2019, the Hermès Chypre sandals arrived just in time for the "Dad" shoe phenomenon and the subsequent shutdown. Personally, I had my reservations about ordering them. After all, spending over $710 USD on a pair of sandals seemed excessively extravagant. But in this strange in-between phase of "normal," why not indulge in a little comfortable luxury? Especially when these sandals are as versatile as Birkenstock Boston shoes and can be worn both inside and outside.

Hermès Chypre Sandal Prices

As of 2023, here are the prices for the different variations of Hermès Chypre sandals:

  • All Leather: $710 USD
  • All Suede: $710 USD
  • Half-Leather, Half-Shearling: $930 USD
  • All Shearling: $970 USD

While they may not be the most affordable option out there, I appreciate that Hermès has not gone overboard with their pricing. Compared to Chanel, who would likely charge $1,300 USD for any material, Hermès remains relatively reasonable. However, it's worth noting that these sandals are regularly sold out. But fear not, they do come back in stock both online and in-store from time to time. And if you're truly desperate, you can always turn to a personal shopping service like Ask Gab.

Pros & Cons

Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of Hermès Chypre sandals:


  • Quality: Unlike my Ugg slippers, which shed shearling like crazy, the shearling on my Chypre sandals has stayed intact. The quality is exceptional.
  • Available online: Although it may require some patience, you can find a pair on hermes.com if you keep an eye out.
  • Now true to size: Previously, it was recommended to size up half a size for Chypre sandals, but now they seem to fit true to size.
  • Adjustable strap: If one foot is bigger than the other, no worries! You can easily adjust the strap for a perfect fit.
  • No blisters: These are one of the few pairs of shoes that haven't given me any blisters.
  • Anatomical sole: The shearling-coated sole is not only comfortable but also designed to mold to your foot over time.


  • Price: At $930 USD, these sandals may seem expensive for indoor shoes or slippers.
  • Limited availability: Hermès Chypre sandals are often sold out, making them hard to find. But with some patience and persistence, you can get your hands on a pair.


As we leave behind the chaos of the past few years, it's time to embrace comfort in all its forms. While we bid farewell to torn sweatpants and lingering anxiety, let's hold onto the comfort of a good pair of shoes. Hermès Chypre sandals offer the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, making them a worthy addition to your footwear collection. Available from your nearest Hermès store or on hermes.com starting at $710 USD, these sandals are an investment in both style and well-being.


Image 1 Caption: Showing how Hermès Chypre sandals fit

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Image 4 Caption: Hermès Oran sandals review. Left to Right: Mother Ditcher Crop jeans in Act Natural with a Rag & Bone t-shirt, (free) tote bag from Isabel Marant, and vintage earrings; Rag & Bone cigarette jeans with a MOTHER tank top, Balenciaga motorcycle jacket (c. Nicolas Ghesquière 2012/3), Louis Vuitton scarf (c. 2007!), and a Celine Small Trio; La Perla slip dress with an Nili Lotan sweater, Isabel Marant x H&M earrings, and The Row Ascot bag.

Image 5 Caption: Return to comfort | Hermès Chypre Sandals Review

So why wait? Treat yourself to the perfect combination of style and comfort with a pair of Hermès Chypre sandals. Your feet will thank you.