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Sarah Jessica Parker: The Power of Shoes in Changing How You Feel

CEO Tinh Phung
Sarah Jessica Parker at a preview for her new shoe line in New York. Photo: Getty Sarah Jessica Parker, the iconic actress known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City," is...

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker at a preview for her new shoe line in New York. Photo: Getty

Sarah Jessica Parker, the iconic actress known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City," is no stranger to the world of fashion. From launching her own perfumes to collaborating with fashion brands, Parker has now delved into the realm of shoes, a passion she shares with her famous character.

Introducing the SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker, a brand new shoe and handbag collection exclusively available at Nordstrom. With prices ranging from $195 to just under $500, each shoe in the collection tells a unique story, from paying homage to legendary designers like Maud Frizon with the "Maud" shoe to the iconic "Carrie."

Shoes come naturally to Parker, who demonstrated an impressive knowledge of the collection during a preview event. She effortlessly identified each shoe by name, material, and vibrant colors like "geranium" and "aqua." It's easy to forget that this collection is truly her own, as she has been involved in the fashion industry for quite some time.

But what is it about shoes that continues to captivate women's imagination? According to Parker, "it's the accessory that just constantly changes the way you feel." Simply by wearing a different pair of shoes, you can transform the same dress into an entirely new ensemble, creating a fresh and unique experience every time.

Parker understands the power that shoes hold in bringing a character to life. Just like how actors use shoes to inform their stance and presence, details like these are not lost on her. She has always been detail-oriented, going back to her childhood when she meticulously planned every aspect of her costumes. The art of storytelling through fashion is something that has always intrigued her.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoes Three styles from the new SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker collection: "Etta," "Carrie," and "Maud."

One particular detail that Parker is passionate about is the presence of little grosgrain ribbons throughout the collection. These ribbons hold sentimental value for Parker, as her mother used to make her wear a ribbon in her hair every day. In a sentimental nod to her childhood, Parker incorporated grosgrain ribbons into the shoes, adding a personal touch to the collection.

The SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker exudes a slightly retro and iconic quality. Each shoe feels familiar, like a song you've heard before but can't quite place. A woven strappy sandal evokes a '70s cocktail vibe, while a pointy-toe Mary Jane takes you back to the days of "Sex and the City."

When it came to designing the collection, Parker aimed for timelessness. She envisioned shoes that could be pulled out of your closet years later and still feel relevant and modern. Attention to detail, from ankle-strap silhouettes to color choices, was at the forefront of her creative process.

As someone who is on the shorter side, Parker had reservations about ankle straps. She and her business partner, George Malkemus, worked diligently to ensure that the straps were draped low and narrow, avoiding the feeling of being cut off. They aimed for a design that would flatter every wearer and make them feel confident.

Parker's dedication to every aspect of the collection extended to naming each shoe herself. However, one name proved to be particularly challenging: "Carrie." As the character that many people associate with Parker, she knew that there would be significant projections placed onto that particular shoe. But with a smile, she was able to find the perfect name, just like she always does.

The SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker launches exclusively at select Nordstrom stores and on Nordstrom.com on February 28th. Get ready to step into a world where shoes are more than just an accessory; they have the power to change how you feel.

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