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Saucony Tempus Review: A Breath of Fresh Air for Stability Runners

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Image Source: Shop Mr. Katin Introduction Are you tired of the same old stability shoes that lack excitement and innovation? Well, get ready to be thrilled because Saucony has introduced their latest creation - the...

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Are you tired of the same old stability shoes that lack excitement and innovation? Well, get ready to be thrilled because Saucony has introduced their latest creation - the Saucony Tempus. This shoe marks Saucony's foray into modern stability, combining their signature PWRRUN foam with a new PWRRUN PB layer for enhanced performance. Weighing in at just 8.9 oz. for men (252 g.) and 7.9 oz. for women (224 g.), the Tempus is a lightweight option that doesn't compromise on stability. Let's dive deeper into what makes this shoe so special.

The Good

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If there's one thing Saucony excels at, it's creating a fantastic upper. The Tempus showcases a simple mesh construction that molds to your foot, providing a secure and comfortable fit. The toe box offers ample space for your toes to spread, allowing for a natural toe-off. The lightweight and breathable upper of the Tempus make it feel like a race shoe, even though it's designed for stability.

But the real star of the show lies beneath your feet. The dual-layered midsole features a PWRRUN cradle and a PWRRUN PB landing pad. This combination provides the perfect balance of responsiveness and stability. The forefoot flairs out to give you a larger landing area, instilling confidence with every stride. Whether you're running at half marathon pace or pushing the limits with 5k intervals, the PWRRUN PB core delivers a snappy and lively feel.

Not only does the Tempus excel in performance, but it also catches the eye with its stunning Vizi Gold colorway. The vibrant yellow upper with orange and black accents is sure to turn heads on any running route. Saucony has truly nailed the aesthetics of this shoe, making it a joy to lace up.

The Bad

Strap in, because we have to address a major flaw with the Tempus. While it's an exceptional shoe overall, there have been reports of a manufacturing defect. Some users, including our reviewer Aldren, experienced the toe liner peeling off after just a few miles. Saucony needs to address this issue promptly to ensure the longevity and durability of the Tempus.

Additionally, if you prefer a softer cushioning experience, especially for slower paces, the Tempus may not be the best choice. While the shoe provides excellent responsiveness, it lacks the plushness of shoes like the Nike React Infinity 3 or Diadora Mythos Blushield Vigore.

Lastly, the pull tab on the shoe is rather disappointing. It serves more for aesthetic purposes than functionality, leaving much to be desired. A more practical and sturdy pull tab design would be appreciated by many runners.

Saucony Tempus Conclusion

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The Saucony Tempus is a shoe that promises greatness but falls short due to a manufacturing defect. The concept of combining stability with super foam is one that deserves praise, and we hope other brands take note. However, the recurring issue with the toe liner peeling off raises concerns about the shoe's overall durability. At a price point of $160, it's crucial for Saucony to address this issue promptly.

Despite this setback, the Tempus still offers an exhilarating running experience. The midsole foam provides a lively ride, perfect for stability runners looking for that extra pop. The comfortable and breathable upper, along with the eye-catching colorway, make the Tempus a stylish and functional choice for long runs and everyday training.

As Saucony continues to push the boundaries of stability trainers, we can expect to see more exciting innovations in the future. The Tempus sets a high bar for other stability shoes, offering an excellent performance package at a reasonable price.

You'll be able to get your hands on the Saucony Tempus starting June 28 for $160 at Running Warehouse, where you can enjoy free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns.

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