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Seven Western Fashion Resolutions For 2023

CEO Tinh Phung
Is anyone else avoiding looking at their closet right now? Because same, girl. Between the trendy items you’re over, that “must-have” thing Tiktok made you buy, and all the new goodies you picked up at...

Is anyone else avoiding looking at their closet right now? Because same, girl. Between the trendy items you’re over, that “must-have” thing Tiktok made you buy, and all the new goodies you picked up at NFR or Christmas, it’s time to reevaluate your wardrobe.

As a fashion editor, I have experience making a style vision come to life - here are my best tips to simplifying your wardrobe while creating a closet full of things that make it easy and fun to get dressed in the morning. Let’s go!

Make a Mood Board

Nothing says the new year like a mood board, but this time we’re making one for your wardrobe! While creating yours, think about how you want to show up in the world - what is the feeling you want to embody? Your mood board will be a reference point throughout the year as you build your style - does this new piece fit the vision for my personal style? Once you’ve nailed down the feeling, pin it up where you get dressed and watch your style become more intentional. Need an example? Check out my personal board from 2022!

Mood Board Caption: My personal mood board from 2022.

Make Fashion Fit Your Lifestyle

Let’s be honest - there are elements of our personal style that are aspirational. When dreaming up your wardrobe, make sure you keep function in mind. You may love tailored blazers and dramatic dresses, but find yourself wanting comfort working from home or reaching for jeans and a tee before heading to the barn more often. Think about what is realistic for your lifestyle and invest in those dream pieces selectively.

Choose Your Signature Colors

Find yourself having nothing to wear while simultaneously having too many options? I’m willing to bet you have WAY too many colors in your closet. If you want getting dressed to feel effortless, create a palette with your signature colors - shades you LOVE wearing that are also cohesive. Choose three vibrant colors and four neutrals that will mix and match. That way, when you buy fun statement pieces, you can take the guesswork out of how to style them.

Invest in High-Quality Pieces

In 2023, fast fashion is OUT. This year, we’re investing in pieces that are made of quality materials (leather, wool, silk, satin, cotton, etc.) that will last for years to come. It’s fun to play with trends, but make sure you’re directing your effort to timeless pieces you’ll love forever.

Find Your Perfect Denim Fit

Say it with me - my body is not a trend. With that said, denim trends shouldn’t dictate what is in your wardrobe. Go to the store with an open mind and experiment with different cuts, rises, and washes of denim until you find styles that make you feel amazing - and I mean AMAZING. They should fit your body and your personality to a tee. Then, stick to those styles. Nothing beats getting dressed knowing you look great in your jeans!

Cover Your Boot Bases

We Western gals love to flaunt our boot collection, but let’s make sure we check off our basics before adding more statement boots to the lineup. Make sure you’ve got dressy black and a neutral of your choice - they’ll carry you through your fashion experiments season to season.

Be Choosy with Your Statement Pieces

Now that you’ve nailed down your personal style, chosen your signature colors, and have your basics, it’s time to have some real fun. Statement pieces should have “you” written all over them - jewelry, handbags, hats, belts, scarves - the possibilities are endless. There are no rules here, just make sure they’re comfortable, wearable, and you love them enough to reach for them often.

Embrace the Accessories

Building on my last point, don’t be afraid to truly embrace accessories in your wardrobe. A piece of jewelry, a scarf, or a fun bag can transform a basic outfit into something highly personable with little to no effort. Express yourself, cowgirl!

What are your fashion resolutions in 2023? With so many great Western brands and boutiques in the market, we hope you’re inspired to create a personal style you truly love this year!