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Dad Sandals: The Comfy and Trendy Footwear for Spring

CEO Tinh Phung
Can someone explain to me why I bought so many pairs of dainty kitten heels last spring, only for the dad sandal trend to take off in 2021?! This year’s look is way more comfortable,...

Can someone explain to me why I bought so many pairs of dainty kitten heels last spring, only for the dad sandal trend to take off in 2021?! This year’s look is way more comfortable, and I’m fully ready to consign last year’s purchases and start fresh with a whole new shoe wardrobe. Yes, they may be a little bit ugly, but TBH? That’s part of their charm.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I refer to a shoe as a “dad sandal,” you must not have had a very quirky father, but I sure did. He had an affinity for fugly, velcro-strapped sandals—a fashion choice I never thought I’d one day want to copy. That said, designer labels like Prada and even Chanel have created their own versions for recent collections, and suddenly, I’m wishing my dad and I had the same shoe size so I could steal his Tevas.

STYLECASTER | Dad Sandal Trend Courtesy of Teva.

Luckily, Teva is still serving up velcro-strapped sandals to this day, and I’ve currently got more than a few pairs in my online shopping cart. Other brands have also given the dad sandal look a whirl, with Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, and Loeffler Randall all offering fashion-ified takes on the trend.

The Hottest Shoes of the Season

If you're ready to jump on the dad sandal trend, here are 13 pairs that are guaranteed to be the hottest shoes of the season. Your comfortable feet will thank you.

Hurricane Drift Sandal in Waterfall

If you’re more into color, the Hurricane Drift Tevas come in a bunch of punchy hues, but this one is my personal favorite.

Hurricane Drift Sandal Courtesy of Steve Madden.

Margie Denim Fabric Sandal

I’m not going to lie—these fabric sandals from Steve Madden are my personal favorites on the whole damn list. The quilting and gold hardware make them look so luxe. Fancy dad vibes!

Margie Denim Fabric Sandal Courtesy of Teva.

Slingback Sandals in Birch

I’m a lover of a chunky platform, so these strappy Tevas definitely piqued my interest. Yes, I already purchased them.

Slingback Sandals Courtesy of Teva.

Midform Universal Sandal in Triton Raspberry Sorbet

True dad sandal fans know that the Tevas with the funky patterned strap are honestly the GOAT. Yes, I know no one says GOAT anymore, but in the name of dad fashion, my references must be corny.

Midform Universal Sandal Courtesy of R0AM.

Velcro Sandal

Another bougie option brought to you by R0AM, this time with calf hair uppers, black hardware, and a neoprene sole. Yes, please.

Velcro Sandal Courtesy of Teva.

Other Sandals in Maressa Sunflower Multi

The Maressa Sunflower Multi print is probably my favorite of all the patterned Tevas. The little gold fringe just sparks joy! Highly recommend.

Other Sandals Courtesy of Arizona Love.

Trekky Bandana Sandal

These are giving me “I’m a dad that thinks he’s on Survivor,” but also “I’m an influencer at Coachella.” For both reasons, I really love them.

Trekky Bandana Sandal Courtesy of Dr. Martens.

Suicoke Depa Leather Strap Sandals

I wear my Docs all winter long, so it just makes sense to have a sandal version for summer! Black leather velcro sandals give me edgy dad vibes. This dad definitely formed a rock band with his friends in his parents’ basement.

Suicoke Depa Leather Strap Sandals Courtesy of Teva.

Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal in 90s Multicolor

’90s babies will love these Hurricane XLT 2s for the colorway alone. And TBH, they really would look fun with a simple sundress for a little bit of contrast or wide-leg denim and a white crop top.

Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal Courtesy of Loeffler Randall.

Maisie Slipper Sandal

Loeffler Randall took the basic dad sandal silhouette and added a chunky platform sole, leopard print, and a bow. For that, I thank them.

Maisie Slipper Sandal Courtesy of Teva.

Ankle-Strap Sandal in Light Multi

Another multicolor option, this one a little more subdued than the Hurricanes. Bonus points yet again for the platform sandal! My 5’1 frame is delighted.

Ankle-Strap Sandal Courtesy of Tony Bianco.

Nikita Sandal

If you’re looking to go full fashun, these Tony Bianco dad sandals are for you. These are for dad vibes that work as well on the hiking trail as they do at New York Fashion Week. Style accordingly!

Nikita Sandal

So, are you ready to embrace the dad sandal trend this spring? With comfort and style combined, these sandals are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Say goodbye to painful heels and hello to trendy and cozy footwear that will elevate your outfits effortlessly!