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Recreating the Style of 'The Sopranos': An Interview with the Costume Designer

CEO Tinh Phung
Seeing your social media feed mobbed with faux fur and leather? You’re not alone. The iconic fashion of "The Sopranos" has made a comeback, with thousands of people on TikTok embracing the "mob wife" trend....

Seeing your social media feed mobbed with faux fur and leather? You’re not alone.

The iconic fashion of "The Sopranos" has made a comeback, with thousands of people on TikTok embracing the "mob wife" trend. Inspired by the glamorous style of Carmela Soprano, played by Edie Falco, fans are donning bling and vibrant ensembles that capture the essence of the hit HBO show.

But according to "The Sopranos" costume designer Juliet Polcsa, this unexpected resurgence in popularity was never part of the original plan. Reflecting on the show's sartorial tone, Polcsa remarks, "If you told me 25 years ago that people are going to be referencing your work, I would have thought, what, are you nuts?"

Today, the trend goes beyond just fashion; it offers a sense of confidence and strength in a world filled with insecurity and uncertainty. Polcsa explains, "Dressing like a mob wife... you feel good. You feel confident and strong."

Adriana in "The Sopranos" “It’s not just dressing people; it’s making a character,” says Polcsa.

The costumes on "The Sopranos" were more than just fashionable outfits. They were carefully selected to create and portray complex characters. Polcsa sourced many of the show's costumes from "mall research" and a Brooklyn store where "real mob guys would shop." The goal was to present a realistic portrayal of the characters and their lives.

While today's TikTok-trendy aesthetic draws inspiration from the show, it has taken on a life of its own. Polcsa believes that the fashion frenzy surrounding the "mob wife" trend is a testament to the show's enduring influence.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most memorable styles from "The Sopranos" and discover how you can recreate them in your own wardrobe.

Gold Jewelry

Edie Falco in "The Sopranos" wearing three gold necklaces Carmela mastered the art of layering necklaces.

Gold jewelry was a staple in Carmela Soprano's wardrobe. Layered chains and mixed metal bracelets were her everyday armor. They were not only glamorous but also held sentimental value as gifts from her husband, Tony Soprano. If you want to recreate this style, consider adding some statement gold pieces to your collection.

Shop styles selected by Page Six Style:

  • Jenny Bird Florence Earrings
  • Adina Aden Jumbo Teardrop Stud Earrings
  • Jenny Bird Francis Choker

Faux Fur

Carmela in a fur coat Faux fur is experiencing a real resurgence.

While the "mob wife" trend often references Adriana's style, it was Carmela who truly embodied the essence of a mob wife. She occasionally wore a fur coat, but it wasn't an everyday look. The key to recreating this style is to embrace faux fur's luxurious appeal without going overboard. Opt for a statement faux leather coat or a cropped fur vest for a touch of mob wife glamour.

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  • BlankNYC Faux Leather Coat
  • Alo Yoga Opulent Faux Fur Cropped Vest
  • Apparis Aubin Jacket

Dazzling Diamonds

Carmela Soprano wearing a diamond necklace at dinner The "mob wife" trend is all about dripping in bling.

Carmela Soprano's jewelry collection was as extravagant as you'd expect from a mob wife. She had different pieces for different occasions, whether it was a romantic dinner or a reconciliation gift. To capture the essence of this trend, opt for statement diamond necklaces and earrings that exude opulence and luxury.

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  • Melinda Maria The Queen's Tennis Necklace
  • Adriana Orsini Stunner Drop Earrings
  • Kendra Scott Cailin Gold Crystal Band Ring

Show-stopping Shoes

Adriana in the Sopranos wearing a cheetah print catsuit Adriana brought new meaning to the word "catsuit" with her eye-catching footwear.

Adriana's style was bold and fearless. She often wore stripper shoes that were surprisingly comfortable, paired with eye-catching animal prints. To channel this trend, opt for knee-high boots or platform heels that make a statement and add a touch of edginess to your outfit. Embrace your inner mob wife and don't be afraid to experiment with daring footwear choices.

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  • Reformation Regan Knee Boots
  • Steve Madden Lourdes Platforms
  • Free People Friday Fever Heel Boots

Body-con Basics

Carmela and Tony Soprano Carmela Soprano's style staples included fitted V-neck sweaters.

The mob wife style is all about body-conscious tops and coordinated ensembles. Embrace fitted V-neck sweaters or bodysuits that highlight your curves. The key is to create a sleek and coordinated look that exudes confidence and sophistication.

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  • Abercrombie & Fitch Long Sleeve Bodysuit
  • AllSaints Elia Spark Bodysuit
  • Show Me Your Mumu Charlie Sweater

Press-on Nails

Carmela Soprano in a pink top Nail the trend with a French manicure.

Carmela Soprano's character needed to have nails that added oomph to her overall look. Even though Edie Falco wasn't a fan of real nails, press-on nails became a crucial element of Carmela's character. To truly embrace the mob wife trend, opt for press-on nails with a French manicure or unique designs that elevate your style.

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  • Glamnetic Ma Damn Press-On Nails
  • Olive & June Instant Mani Press-Ons
  • Glamnetic Press-On Nails in Caviar

Embracing the "mob wife" trend isn't just about the clothes you wear—it's about feeling confident, strong, and empowered. Channel your inner Carmela Soprano and let your style speak volumes. Remember, it's not just about imitating the fashion of "The Sopranos," but rather creating your own unique interpretation of the iconic mob wife style.