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Studio 10: The Ultimate Makeup for Perfecting and Correcting

CEO Tinh Phung
I have recently started incorporating before-and-after photos in my makeup reviews. While it's not always feasible to do this for every product, there are certain launches that catch my attention. One such launch was Studio...

ruth crilly model makeup look

I have recently started incorporating before-and-after photos in my makeup reviews. While it's not always feasible to do this for every product, there are certain launches that catch my attention. One such launch was Studio 10, a new cosmetics line that promises to perfect and correct your makeup routine.

The press release featured a "before" photo of a woman with an overdone makeup look - streaks of brown and white across her face and little red blotches on her cheeks. The "after" photo, on the other hand, showcased a beautifully contoured and radiant complexion. Needless to say, my interest was piqued.

face makeup anti-ageing

Studio 10 offers a comprehensive selection of perfecting and correcting essentials, rather than a full-color range. The focus is on creating a flawless base by eliminating shadows, discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, and blemishes. While you can achieve similar results using products from your existing makeup bag, having everything you need in one place is invaluable. It encourages you to spend the time correcting imperfections and enhancing your natural beauty .

The compact size of Studio 10's products strikes the perfect balance. They are not too big and bulky, yet they contain enough product to last a considerable amount of time. What I particularly appreciate is that the pans inside are "weighted." The products you are most likely to use, such as the contour powder, are larger, while others like the blush and highlighter are comparatively smaller. It's a thoughtful approach that ensures everything runs out at the same time.

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Let me share my before and after pictures with you:

studio 10 makeup review

ruth crilly model makeup look

As you can see, my eyes and lips are completely bare. This is just the result of working in the contour powder, blush, highlighter, and various colored concealers. Looking at the photographs side-by-side, I must admit that the brightening effect is truly brilliant. There's just the right amount of radiance and healthy flush, and it doesn't appear as though I've layered on multiple products. It's stealth makeup at its finest!

studio 10 cosmetics

I attempted to capture some pictures with the different streaks on my face, but the lighting didn't do justice to the effect. However, I followed the instructions precisely - highlighter where the sun hits, contouring beneath the cheekbones and temples, blush on the apples of the cheeks. It's all relatively straightforward, but having these makeup elements in one place and following a ritual makes all the difference.

anti-ageing makeup range

I must make a special mention of the foundation compact, the Age Reverse Perfect Canvas. I absolutely adore its texture - creamy and blendable, allowing you to effortlessly buff everything together. There's also a slightly darker shade available, making in-base contouring or custom shade mixing possible. The formulas are designed to adapt to your skin tone, and with only three shade combinations available, I'm curious to see how many different tones are catered to. The "light" shade matched my skin perfectly, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the slightly darker foundation shade complemented my complexion. The whole "adapting" concept has won me over!

If I were to offer any critique, I would say that Studio 10 could benefit from a setting powder to keep everything in place. This is especially necessary within the concealer compact, as it can feel a bit slippery, particularly if you have combination skin. While I understand that the dewy finish is intended to be more youthful, an invisible setting powder that doesn't flatten the overall look would be a valuable addition. For now, I've been using a Vichy setting powder, but I eagerly await the possibility of Studio 10 introducing their own clever setting powder.

Studio 10 has just launched at Cult Beauty, with prices starting from £30. In addition, for every spend of £30 and over, you'll receive a free lip pencil worth £22. You can explore the entire range on Cult Beauty's website.

If you're looking for a demonstration on how to use the Studio 10 compacts, the brand has a series of informative videos available on their YouTube channel here.

Studio 10 is the ultimate makeup range for perfecting and correcting, offering a comprehensive selection of products to create a flawless base. With their thoughtfully designed compacts and innovative formulas, Studio 10 empowers you to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a radiant and youthful look effortlessly.