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Style Forecast: Get Ready for the Ubiquitous 'Future Dusk' in 2025

CEO Tinh Phung
When it comes to colors, we often wonder if they evolve or are created. According to Caroline Guilbert, Head of Creative Content for Coloro, it's a combination of both. The selection process for the WGSN...

When it comes to colors, we often wonder if they evolve or are created. According to Caroline Guilbert, Head of Creative Content for Coloro, it's a combination of both. The selection process for the WGSN Color of the Year, done in collaboration with Coloro, starts about two years in advance. The experts at the global forecasting company scour through Coloro's extensive library of over 3,500 contemporary colors to predict the next hottest hues. And this never-ending task yields exciting results.

The Allure of 'Future Dusk'

In the upcoming years, get ready to see 'Future Dusk' everywhere. This deep violet-blue shade captures the essence of a romantic twilight and represents a "period of immense change," as described by WGSN. As our passion for space exploration and the growing space tourism industry intensifies, this color aligns perfectly with our evolving interests. From luxury jewelry to dress fabrics, suits, shoes, stationery, interior paint, decor, and floor coverings, expect 'Future Dusk' to make a versatile and immersive impact.

We’ll be seeing ‘Future Dusk’ everywhere in a few years. Courtesy WGSN

The Process of Color Selection

The team at WGSN starts by choosing the upcoming seasonal colors. As they narrow down their selection, they identify a standout color that complements the key colors and is adaptable across industries. This color becomes the highlight of the year, like 'Future Dusk' for 2025. By carefully curating a cohesive palette of colors, WGSN ensures that each shade works well together, telling its own unique story.

Every season, global forecasting experts choose colors for their periodic and annual forecasts. Courtesy WGSN

The Importance of Color Forecasting

The Color of the Year holds significant importance for design and consumer goods companies. Pantone first introduced its Color of the Year in 2000, and since then, it has become a crucial aspect of color trend forecasting. These forecasts have major economic implications, guiding companies in crafting consumer goods, influencing available materials, and shaping consumer demand.

The fashion industry typically looks one to one and a half years in advance, while activewear and footwear brands work two years ahead. Staying ahead of the curve on color trends helps brands create products that resonate with consumers and differentiate themselves in the market. Color plays a vital role in consumer purchasing decisions, often acting as the leading factor.

Caroline Guilbert, Head of Creative Content for Coloro. Coloro

The Economic Benefits of Color Trends

Designing products based on color trends offers numerous economic advantages for brands. By relying on global color authorities' insights, companies can avoid producing unsold stock and reduce waste. Additionally, considering social and cultural cues helps brands understand consumer preferences and stay competitive.

When WGSN's expert forecasters gather annually, they analyze a wide range of factors, including social movements, global events, art and design exhibitions, and the input of tastemakers and influencers. They also leverage AI and image recognition technology to analyze color data from millions of social media images. This in-depth trend analysis helps brands ensure that their products align with the latest color trends.

Embracing 'Future Dusk' and Beyond

While 'Future Dusk' takes center stage for 2025, other captivating colors will also emerge. Transcendent Pink, a subtle blend of violet, beige, and pink, is making its mark in virtual worlds and AI-driven spaces. Aquatic Awe, a turquoise hue, represents the fusion of nature and technology. Sunset Coral, a highly saturated orange, beautifully contrasts with aqua and pale pink. Ray Flower, a radiant yellow, partners well with Sunset Coral, symbolizing the sun and moon.

Style Forecast: ‘Future Dusk’ Will Be Everywhere in 2025

The Power of Color

Color holds immense power and influences our perception of everything around us. It plays a pivotal role in design, consumer behavior, and brand identity. Consumers often rely on color when making purchasing decisions, and companies that embrace color trends position themselves for success. With the guidance of global color authorities like WGSN, brands can tap into the collective insights and create products that resonate with consumers.

As we move forward into a future where color drives growth and sustainability, 'Future Dusk' represents the inspiration to build new worlds. So, embrace the evolving color palettes, let your imagination roam, and get ready to experience the ubiquity of 'Future Dusk' and its captivating companions in 2025 and beyond.