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Style Guide for Men Spring/Summer 2022: Elevating Your Fashion Game

CEO Tinh Phung
Image: Trend colors in men's fashion for spring and summer 2022 Too often, the style advice we come across is generic and uninspiring. While color combinations and proper fit are crucial, it's equally important to...

trend colors in mens fashion spring summer 2022 Image: Trend colors in men's fashion for spring and summer 2022

Too often, the style advice we come across is generic and uninspiring. While color combinations and proper fit are crucial, it's equally important to curate the right wardrobe pieces. In our style guide for men this spring/summer 2022, we delve deeper into these aspects, offering valuable insights to help you elevate your fashion game.

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Men's Style Guide for Spring and Summer 2022

When we share our style tips, we prioritize stylish, timeless, and classic menswear. Words like "classic" and "timeless" are frequently used in the realm of menswear, despite the presence of trends. One such trend that seems here to stay is the blend of inspiration from the 1930s with modern garments like overshirts.

The 1930s were an era dominated by suits, as they were the go-to choice for men in most contexts until the 1960s. To draw inspiration for your spring and summer outfits, we encourage you to explore the fashion of those decades. Although finding pictures and illustrations of those garments may prove challenging, it's worth the effort.

It's in the Details

While a good fit is essential, this season's garments are more forgiving in terms of body fit compared to previous years. Many classic menswear pieces now embrace a looser silhouette. However, the focus shifts towards the details of each garment. Here are some key details highlighted in our style guide for men:

  • Pick up style influences from the 1930s and 1940s
  • Embrace a looser silhouette for key spring and summer pieces
  • Opt for trousers with front pleats and avoid overly tight styles
  • Experiment with open-collar picket sweaters for easy mix-and-match
  • Add a bandana or scarf to elevate your outfit

trend colors in mens fashion spring summer 2022 Image: Trend colors in men's fashion for spring and summer 2022

A Few Words on Color Choices

Color theory in clothing is not an exact science. What may seem wrong in theory can often work harmoniously when combined on clothes. The earthy tones of spring and summer offer abundant opportunities for stylish combinations.

Rather than adhering strictly to color contrasts, we encourage you to explore harmonious blends within the earthy color palette. Monochrome and color-in-color combinations can be stunning when using neighboring shades. Challenge the traditional color theories and create your own unique style for this season.

Learn When to Break Conventional Style Etiquette

While some etiquette rules exist in men's style, many are outdated and no longer relevant today. Common sense should prevail when it comes to dressing. It's important to remember that many of these rules were established during times when etiquette governed men's fashion.

For instance, wearing a hat outdoors was once a must, and anything other than black shoes after 6 pm was considered a breach of etiquette. However, unless explicitly stated on the invitation card, common sense should guide your choices. Drawing inspiration from Italian fashion, known for its mastery of bending conventional style etiquette, can help you navigate this spring and summer with confidence.

Wear the Right Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is more important than most realize. It's a commonly overlooked aspect when reading style guides for men. Loafers are always a great choice for a stylish summer look. Having at least one pair of loafers and sneakers in your wardrobe will serve you well this season.

Sneakers have revolutionized men's fashion, allowing for versatile styling options in everyday life, whether you're wearing shorts or chinos. While ankle-length shoes are favored by followers of classic men's style, we believe you can confidently forgo high socks to achieve a stylish look. However, when wearing leather loafers or sneakers, opt for low-cut socks that won't show and ensure they have silicone at the heel to keep them securely in place.

Style Guide for Overshirts

In spring and summer, overshirts are the fashion focus. Whether you lean towards street style or classic menswear, overshirts offer limitless style possibilities. Make sure to have at least one open-collared shirt in your wardrobe, as it exudes elegance reminiscent of the gentlemen of the 1930s.

Since overshirts often have a loose design, consider pairing them with double-fronted chinos for a dressed-up look. Looser-style jeans also work well, providing the right proportions. Bright jeans beautifully complement the earthy tones of spring and summer.

Style Tip: Pair Them with a Jacket

Regardless of the pandemic's presence, blazers remain a timeless staple for a true gentleman. A linen blazer is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. Opt for an unconstructed blazer without lining in the shoulders, easily found in many Italian brands. You can choose either a linen suit or an odd jacket paired with double-front pleated chinos.

For an elegant ensemble, accessorize with a stylish bandana. More brands are investing in bandanas this summer, adding a touch of 1930s charm to any outfit.

Style Guide for Spring and Summer Trousers

Chinos have always played a significant role in casual wear. In the latest collections, most brands have embraced front pleats on chinos, aiming for a stylish yet casual appearance. The new chinos feature a looser silhouette, high waist, and double front pleats.

However, tapered leg chinos from brands like Incotex, Lardini, and Rubinacci still remain popular, flattering men with well-shaped legs. Complement these elegant chinos with pique or tucked-in shirts to bring out their sophisticated details. Avoid excessively tight t-shirts or pique shirts when wearing this style of trousers.

Don't hesitate to forgo the belt, but if you must have one, opt for a braided version in leather or fabric. Wearing trousers that are slightly shorter in length is a common trend this spring and summer, allowing room to showcase your ankles. Many trousers now feature turn-ups, adding a distinctive style element.

Style Guide when Wearing Shorts

Stylish shorts are a focus for many brands this summer. High-waisted shorts with double front pleats are part of classic men's style, often seen paired with loafers. However, we suggest exploring alternative shoe models to avoid a clash between casual and dressed-up styles.

Sailing shoes, car shoes, espadrilles, and other similar styles offer a lower sole and a slightly more casual appeal. When wearing high-quality sailing or car shoes, protect the leather with low socks that completely hide the upper leather of the shoe. Never wear socks that peek out from shorts.

Pique sweaters are an excellent choice to accompany shorts, while knitted jumpers are perfect for cooler days. A cable-knit white sweater exudes stylish flair against a summer tan.

Tips for Dressing for the Beach

Invest in a pair of classic swimming trunks for the summer season. Opt for a model with stylish details. Pair them with a short-sleeved shirt featuring an open button fastening to achieve a distinct beach look, deviating from your everyday attire.

In our style guide for men, we encourage you to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone this spring and summer. Remember, style is about self-expression and embracing new ways of dressing. It can be incredibly liberating to break free from the norm and discover your unique style.

Now armed with our style guide, go forth and conquer the fashion scene of spring and summer 2022 with confidence and panache!