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The 10 Best Birkenstocks For 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

CEO Tinh Phung
If you're a fan of timeless fashion and unparalleled comfort, then you're in for a treat. We have curated a list of the ten best Birkenstock styles for this year, taking into account customer reviews...

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If you're a fan of timeless fashion and unparalleled comfort, then you're in for a treat. We have curated a list of the ten best Birkenstock styles for this year, taking into account customer reviews and expert opinions. Whether you're looking for sandals, slippers, or mules, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to sore feet and hello to stylish and supportive footwear. Without further ado, here are our top picks for 2023.

1. Best Birkenstock Overall: Arizona - £75.00

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The Arizona reigns supreme as the ultimate Birkenstock style. Available in a wide range of colors and materials, these iconic sandals combine fashion and function effortlessly. The signature footbed provides unparalleled comfort, making you feel like you're walking on sand. With moisture-absorbing suede lining, these sandals keep your feet dry and comfortable. Keep in mind that the upper is man-made, so it may be slightly less flexible than leather or suede.

2. Birkenstock Milano - £75

Birkenstock Milano Ladies Dark Brown Sandals

The Birkenstock Milano takes the classic Arizona style to the next level with an added back strap for enhanced stability and support. Made with durable nubuck leather, these sandals are built to last. Say goodbye to flimsy footwear and hello to long-lasting comfort.

3. Mayari - £75.00

Birkenstock Mayari Stone Toe Post Sandals

For a slightly more feminine and elegant look, the Mayari is the way to go. With a toe loop design and adjustable buckles, these sandals offer both style and customizable fit. The thinner straps add a slimming effect to your summer wardrobe. Please note that this style is made with the Birkenstock Regular Fitting, which tends to be wider than the standard fit.

4. Gizeh - £75.00

Birkenstock Gizeh Regular Fit Toe Post Sandals

For those who love the classic thong sandal style, the Gizeh is a must-have. These toe post sandals feature an adjustable strap for a personalized fit. The neutral and flattering color options make them versatile for any summer outfit. Please note that this style is available in the Birkenstock Regular Fitting, which tends to be wider.

5. Boston Franca - £105

Birkenstock Franca Navy Slide Sandals Regular Fit

If you're looking for a strappy sandal with slim and flattering straps, the Boston Franca is perfect for you. The adjustable buckles ensure a personalized fit, while the narrow straps offer a more stylish look. These sandals are made on the Regular Fit, which is wider than the standard fit.

6. Arizona Soft Footbed - £85

The Arizona Soft Footbed range takes comfort to the next level. With an additional foam layer between the suede footbed and cork sole, these sandals offer extra padding for your feet. Available in a neutral and flattering metallic rose gold color, the Arizona Soft Footbed is perfect for those seeking both style and comfort.

7. Tulum - £105.00

Birkenstock Tulum Suede Sandals

For a more fashion-forward option, the Birkenstock Tulum Soft Footbed style is a must-have. These sandals feature chunkier straps and soft suede uppers, embodying the cottage-core aesthetic. The padded footbed and built-in arch offer excellent support and comfort. Step up your fashion game with the Tulum style.

8. Sydney - £75.00

The Sydney style for ladies combines fashion and functionality effortlessly. With a design similar to the popular Arizona style, the Sydney offers a more flattering look with its slimmer straps. These sandals are available in the Birkenstock Regular Fit, which tends to be wider, offering a comfortable fit for those who prefer wider footwear.

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9. Best Birkenstocks for Men: Arizona - £65.00

Birkenstock Mens Arizona Sandals in Brown

We haven't forgotten about the men. The classic Arizona style is available in men's sizes, offering a roomier Regular Fit. These durable sandals feature a man-made upper, keeping the price affordable without compromising on style and comfort. Leather and suede options are also available if you prefer a more flexible upper.

10. Boston - £115.00

Birkenstock Boston Black Leather Mules

The Birkenstock Boston mule is a versatile and classic option that can be worn all year round. The leather upper and iconic footbed make these mules both stylish and comfortable. The adjustable buckle allows for a better fit, and the cork footbed provides insulation and cushioning with every step. Don't miss out on this popular style.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the best Birkenstocks for 2023. Be sure to check out our blog for more useful guides and information on footwear. Trust us, your feet will thank you.