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The Best Adidas Skate Shoes for Skateboarders

CEO Tinh Phung
Skateboarding is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. And having the right pair of skate shoes can make all the difference in your performance and comfort. When it comes to quality and durability, Adidas...

Skateboarding is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle . And having the right pair of skate shoes can make all the difference in your performance and comfort. When it comes to quality and durability, Adidas skate shoes have been a favorite among skateboarders worldwide. In this article, we will explore the top-rated Adidas skate shoes recommended by skateboarders themselves.

5. Adidas Tyshawn Pro

Adidas Tyshawn Pro

The Adidas Tyshawn Pro stands out as one of the bulkier and more supportive options for skateboarders. These shoes offer a locked-in feeling that provides excellent protection when landing tricks. The stiffer outsole adds an extra layer of defense for your feet, especially when skating drops. Compared to thinner cupsole shoes from Adidas, the Tyshawn Pro does a remarkable job of overall foot protection.

While these shoes may take longer to break in, they are undoubtedly worth the wait. It typically takes around 4-6 hours of skating to achieve a natural and broken-in feel. Although they may feel stiff initially, the robustness and durability of the Tyshawn Pro make it a trade-off worth considering.

One thing to note is that these shoes tend to get warm on hot days due to their all-suede mid-top construction. However, the rubber-backed suede around the toe and fewer seams and panels prevent them from falling apart easily.

A notable feature of the Tyshawn Pro is the satin-like ankle collar, which stretches effortlessly when putting the shoes on or taking them off. Unlike other mid-top shoes, you won't have to struggle with the laces to slip them on. However, the laces on these shoes are prone to ripping easily, and the soles become extremely slippery when they get wet.

Overall, the Adidas Tyshawn Pro is a top choice if you prioritize robustness and protection. It may not be ideal for beginner skaters due to its stiffness, but intermediate and advanced skaters will appreciate its performance. Plus, they fit true to size, so you can confidently choose your regular shoe size.

Do Adidas Fit True To Size?

Yes, Adidas skate shoes generally fit true to size across all their models. If you usually wear a 10 US size, it should work for most Adidas skate shoes. However, if you have slightly wider feet, it's recommended to go up a half size in certain models like the Matchbreak Supers and the Puigs.

What Makes Adidas A Great Skate Shoe?

Adidas skate shoes are renowned for their exceptional padding and protection compared to other brands. The thicker uppers and well-padded tongue provide a locked-in feel, giving you the confidence to learn new tricks. If you're used to thinner shoe brands like Vans or New Balance, Adidas skate shoes may require some adjustment. However, the added security they offer allows you to skate harder and for more extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

Some key features that make Adidas a superior skate shoe brand are:

  • ADIPRENE: A soft EVA cushioning in the heel of the insoles provides enhanced cushioning and impact protection.
  • Long-Lasting Tread & Grip: Adidas shoes have stiff and hard outsoles, ensuring consistent grip across most models.
  • Great Overall Foot Protection: Thicker uppers with a well-padded tongue protect your feet from mishaps during tricks.
  • ADITUFF: A rubber backing on the suede around the toe extends the shoe's lifespan and increases resistance to wear and tear.

So Which Adidas Skate Shoe Should You Choose?

Adidas Busenitz Pro Adidas Nora Adidas Puig Adidas Matchbreak Super Adidas Tyshawn Pro

If you're having trouble deciding which shoe to choose, we recommend the Adidas Busenitz as the best all-around option for technical skating, ledges, and rails. However, if you prefer skating bigger features or need more support, the Adidas Tyshawn Pros are your best bet.

Remember, finding the right skate shoe is crucial for your comfort and performance on the board. With Adidas skate shoes, you can trust in their reputation for quality and durability. So lace up and hit the streets with confidence!

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