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The Ultimate Guide to Flare Jeans Outfits: From Vintage to Trendy

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Are you ready for the return of flare jeans? While skinny jeans have dominated the fashion scene for the past decade, it's time for flares to make a comeback. These trendy pants, popularized in the...

The cutest flared jeans outfits to rock this season

Are you ready for the return of flare jeans? While skinny jeans have dominated the fashion scene for the past decade, it's time for flares to make a comeback. These trendy pants, popularized in the 2000s, are gradually reclaiming their place in the mainstream fashion world. Although wide leg and straight leg jeans are currently in the spotlight, it's only a matter of time before flares take center stage once again.

To help you embrace this trend and rock it with confidence, here's everything you need to know about flare jeans, including their history, styling tips, and a plethora of outfit ideas that will leave you inspired.

The History Of Flare Jeans

70s bell bottom jeans

Flare jeans have a long and fascinating history. They can be traced back to the early 19th century when seafarers wore bellbottom trousers that could be easily rolled up while performing tasks like swabbing the deck. These pants eventually became part of the official Royal Navy uniform.

In the late 1960s, bellbottoms gained popularity as thrift shopping became a trend among young people. Secondhand and navy surplus stores offered old naval trousers, which quickly became a fashion statement. The trend reached its peak in the 1970s, with fashion icons like Cher embracing flares and bellbottoms. Fashion designers then caught on, catapulting flares into the mainstream and forever associating them with the '70s.

While flares took a backseat in the '80s, they made a triumphant return from the '90s to the mid-2000s. Bellbottoms, flares, and bootcut jeans were everywhere, dominating the fashion scene until skinny jeans emerged as the new trend in 2006.

And now, with skinny jeans officially going out of style, flare and bellbottom jeans are ready to reclaim their position in the fashion landscape. It's undeniable proof that fashion is cyclical!

Top 3 Best Flare Jeans to Buy RN

If you're in need of a cute pair of flare jeans that won't break the bank, consider these options:

1. Abercrombie Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans

Abercrombie's denim is a force to be reckoned with, and their jeans are nothing short of perfection. With a variety of washes and super stretchy fabric that hugs you in all the right places, these high rise flare jeans are a must-have. Plus, if you have a curvier shape, Abercrombie offers a "curve love" style with extra room in the hips and thighs.

2. Levis '70s High Rise Flare Jeans

For those looking to splurge on a classic and ultra high-quality pair of flare jeans, look no further than Levis. Their '70s high rise flares are a top-selling style, and it's easy to see why. These jeans come in a slightly distressed light wash, exude exceptional quality, and have leg-lengthening properties. Investing in these flares will undoubtedly pay off.

3. BDG '90s Low Rise Flare Jeans

If you're more inclined towards trendy options, UO's low rise flare jeans are an excellent choice. With the return of low rise jeans, be a trendsetter among your friends with this super cute pair. Straight out of the late '90s and early 2000s, they perfectly capture the Y2K vibes that are back in style.

25 Best Tops You Can Wear With Flare Jeans

Now that you've found the perfect pair of flares, let's explore some outfit inspirations that will take your style to the next level:

1. With a Cropped Top

Crop tops are the go-to pairing for flare jeans. This combination is trending like crazy this year and offers endless possibilities. Have fun experimenting with different styles and denim washes to create your unique look.

2. With a Blazer

Flared jeans and blazers are a match made in sophisticated style heaven. Whether you dress it up with a sleek bodysuit and boots or dress it down with trendy heels and a crop top, this combo is a fail-proof choice for any occasion.

3. With a Blouse

For an effortlessly chic outfit, pair your flares with a pretty blouse. Add some cute heeled sandals, grab a clutch, and you're ready for a brunch date with friends.

4. With a Long Coat

Make a fashion statement by combining flares with a statement coat. Opt for a bold color like hot pink, and be sure to complete the look with vibrant footwear for an extra dose of confidence.

5. With a Leather Jacket

Achieve the ultimate edgy-meets-boho ensemble by styling flares with a leather jacket. Complete the look with a fringe top or a simple white tee and your favorite boots.

6. With a Sweatshirt

Looking for a cute and comfortable outfit? Try pairing your flares with a cozy sweatshirt. This casual combo is not only adorable but also incredibly comfortable.

7. With a Duster

Add a touch of elegance to your outfit by pairing flares with a duster coat. This unexpected combination strikes the perfect balance between luxurious and casual.

8. With a Button-Down

Low rise flares are making a comeback this season. Embrace the trend by pairing ripped low rise flares with a stylish button-down blouse and platform heels.

9. With a Turtleneck

For a sleek and put-together look, style black or dark wash flares with a black turtleneck and heels. This combination emits serious "I have my life together" vibes.

10. With a Sweater

Achieve the ideal blend of comfort and style by pairing your flares with a cozy, slouchy sweater. Tuck it in for a trendy look and add chunky combat boots to complete the ensemble.

11. With a Plaid Shirt

Want to channel your inner '90s edgy girl? Pair distressed medium wash flares with a cami crop top and layer a cozy flannel shirt over top. Finish the look with Doc Martens or your preferred combat boots.

12. With a Graphic T-Shirt

Nothing says early 2000s like flared jeans and a graphic baby tee. Opt for a bright pink flare, pair it with a simple graphic tee, and complete the look with chunky combat boots. Basic denim flares will work just as great!

13. With a Denim Jacket

While denim on denim can be challenging to pull off, a jean jacket looks fantastic with colorful flare jeans. Keep your top and accessories minimal to let the vibrant pants make the statement. Complete the look with sneakers or Doc Martens.

14. With Lace

For an effortless bohemian chic outfit, pair medium or dark wash flare jeans with a lacy crochet crop top. Add cowboy boots and boho jewelry for the finishing touches.

15. With a Tank

Create a basic yet stylish flared jeans outfit by pairing light wash high-rise flares with a simple black tank. Add a belt and a cute mini bag, and complete the look with black heels for a perfect summer night ensemble.

16. With a White Shirt

Looking to dress up your flare jeans? Opt for black or dark wash flares with a crisp white button-down shirt and heels. Add statement jewelry for a touch of glamour.

17. With a Cami

Achieve an effortlessly chic look by pairing black high-rise flare jeans with a printed cami and camel accessories. A croissant bag, wide-brimmed felt hat, and woven heels perfectly complement this outfit.

18. With a Suede Jacket

Looking for a fall-inspired flared jeans outfit? Mix clean mid-wash flares with a sleek turtleneck top and layer a mid-length suede coat over the ensemble. Complete the look with cool heeled boots and a belt.

19. With a Trench Coat

Trench coats and flared jeans are a sophisticated combo that exudes elegance. Combine a one-shoulder top with dad sneakers and a leather trench for a fusion of luxury and casual vibes.

20. With a Tunic

Flares and a tunic form a classic bohemian fashion combo, but you can take it up a notch with a satin tunic for a more fashion-forward look. Finish off this unexpected outfit idea with trendy cowboy boots.

21. With an Oversized Message T-Shirt

Break all the fashion "rules" with an oversized graphic tee and black flare jeans. The cropped nature of the flares and the addition of white high-heeled boots add a trendy and casual touch to this easy ensemble.

22. With a Cardigan

Create a cute and simple flared jeans outfit by pairing light wash flares with a cute pastel cardigan. For the finishing touch, add your favorite neutral strappy heels.

23. With a Cropped Blazer

Cropped blazers are incredibly trendy right now, and they complement high-waisted flare jeans beautifully. Accessorize with your favorite heels, a trendy neutral clutch, and voluminous waves for an effortlessly chic look.

24. With a Leather Blazer

Style a simple white bodysuit and flares with a statement leather blazer for a chic dinner date outfit. Opt for a green or black blazer and finish the look with heels for added sophistication.

25. With a Puffer Coat

Don't let winter deter you from rocking your flares. Combine wide flares with sneakers and a sleek black puffer coat for a stylish winter look. A bright sweater adds a pop of color to this simple yet eye-catching ensemble.

10 Fashion Girl-Approved Flare Jean Outfit Combos

In need of quick and easy outfit ideas? Look no further than these super simple and stylish combinations:

1. Light Wash Flares + Crop Top + Oversized Button-Down

Create the ideal breezy summer outfit by pairing light wash flares with a crop top and layering an oversized button-down shirt over top.

2. Mid-Wash Flares + High Neck Bodysuit + Sock Boots

Achieve a stylish work-friendly ensemble by combining mid-wash flares with a high neck bodysuit and finishing the look with sock boots.

3. Mid-Wash Flares + Mini Bag + Statement Top

Get those modern '70s vibes by playing with prints and colors in your top and mini bag.

4. Light Wash Flares + Blazer + Graphic Tee + Chunky Shoes

Embrace your inner cool girl with a combination of simple flares, a graphic tee, a blazer, and chunky loafers. Roll up your sleeves for an effortless feel.

5. Light Wash Flares + Crop Top + Oversized Blazer

Look like the trendiest girl on the block by pairing light wash flares with a crop top and an oversized blazer. Consider opting for a colorful blazer for an extra touch of pizzazz.

6. White Flares + Bright Colors

Create a playful, coconut girl-inspired look by pairing white flares with vibrant colors. Complete the outfit with a bucket hat to add a nostalgic 2000s vibe.

7. Colorful Flares + Chambray Shirt + Converse

Experiment with colorful flares by combining them with a simple white tee, chambray shirt, and a trusty pair of Converse sneakers. This casual outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

8. Medium-Wash Flares + Cute Top + White Boots

Achieve a sleek and trendy look by pairing medium-wash flares with a cute top and white boots. Black boots can be a great alternative to switch up the outfit.

9. Dark Wash Flares + Black Top + Pumps

For a chic and polished ensemble, opt for dark wash flares paired with a black top and pumps. This outfit is perfect for a dinner or a girl's night out.

10. Light Wash Flares + Y2K Everything

Unleash your inner Y2K fashionista by combining light wash flares with your favorite colorful crop tops, mini purses, and pleather platforms. Embrace the nostalgia of the early 2000s with confidence.

What are your favorite flare jeans outfits?

These outfit ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to styling flare jeans. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different tops, jackets, and accessories. And don't forget to share your favorite flare jeans outfits in the comments below. We're excited to hear your thoughts!

For more tips on styling denim, check out our guide to the cutest girlfriend jeans outfit ideas. And if you're looking for additional flare jeans outfit inspiration, be sure to explore our favorite outfit ideas for this winter season.

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