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The Best Knitted Polos To Buy In 2024

CEO Tinh Phung
Ever since unruly tennis legend Rene Lacoste cut off the forearm sleeves on his button-down shirt to get an edge on the court, the polo shirt has become one of the most popular garments in...

Ever since unruly tennis legend Rene Lacoste cut off the forearm sleeves on his button-down shirt to get an edge on the court, the polo shirt has become one of the most popular garments in menswear. When we think of polos, we might imagine the classic pique cotton options sold by Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, with their sporty origins and mesh finish to wick away sweat.

But recently, designers have championed new ways to wear polo shirts, including a reassessment of textured styles. Knitted polo shirts, once worn by dads in the 1970s and their dads before them in the 1950s, have made a comeback. Today, they are seen as an easy way to bring timeless elegance to any outfit.

The knitted polo is not easily defined. While most modern polo shirts are made out of cotton knit, the knitted polo has loosely ribbed sleeves and hem, soft three-buttoned plackets (or no buttons at all), a taper to the waist, and a cut that sits just above the waistband of your trousers. The fabric clings a little to your upper body and has a softer, cushier feel compared to the typical pique polo.

They may remind you of something your grandmother could knit with her knitting needles, but if you can imagine style icons like Alain Delon or Dickie Greenleaf wearing them, then you're on the right track. The knitted polo exudes timeless good looks.

Alain Delon, The Girl On A Motorcycle, 1968 Alain Delon, The Girl On A Motorcycle, 1968

How To Style a Knitted Polo Shirt

"Knitted polo shirts are great for event dressing," says Chris Hobbs, mens fashion editor at Matchesfashion.com. "I'm not really a full suit and tie kinda guy, but if the occasion calls for a blazer, then I'd most likely layer a knitted polo underneath."

He suggests exploring options like Dunhill's contrast-placket versions with a 1960s vibe or Berluti's tailored fit knitted polos made from 100% silk, which can be styled with cropped trousers. For a more casual look, you can tuck a knitted polo into chino shorts, reminiscent of Armie Hammer's style in "Call Me By Your Name." Opt for neutral beige shorts to make the shirt stand out. The deep V collar and high cut sleeves of some options also flatter those with a toned upper body, exemplified by The Rock recently donning this style.

To complete the look, wear the knitted polo with slim tapered or pleated trousers for a trim silhouette or go for floaty wide-leg trousers for a 1950s Hollywood vibe. As the weather cools, layer a luxe suede jacket over the top.

The Best Brands For Knitted Polo Shirts


British premium retailer Reiss excels in timeless elegance. Their knitted polo shirts come in stylish fits that are more flattering than their high-street counterparts. While minimalist in color, they offer varying details from zip openings to geometric textures.

Reiss Maxwell Zip Neck

River Island

High street fashion behemoth River Island offers a navy cable knit knitted polo shirt with a tight stretchy fit that will show off your gains from the gym.

River Island Navy Regular Fit


Zara has quickly embraced the 1950s knitted polo style, making it a key part of their collection. They offer textured options with a melange finish, adding texture to the usual color-blocked polo. Their sweater version comes in a range of colors and features a slimming striped jacquard pattern.



Dunhill, known for their vintage tradition, offers knitted polo shirts made from silk with chunky long contrasting plackets. These shirts evoke the 1970s and are perfect for the contemporary gentleman.

Dunhill Silk Stripe

Ben Sherman

Founded in the 1960s, Ben Sherman taps into the smart informality of the era with their bold jacquard pattern knitted polo shirts. These shirts pair well with a neutral-colored blazer.

B by Ben Sherman Vertical Stripe Knit Polo

Wax London

Wax London's modern take on the knitted polo shirt is inspired by summers in Italy. Their classic 1950s summer leisure polo offers a well-worn and adaptable piece for years to come.

Wax London Naples


Percival, one of the best British brands to have emerged this decade, offers a textured weave or knitted polo shirt. Thicker than other choices on this list, it's a must-have in your transitional wardrobe with its unique, cycling-inspired design.

Percival Zip Knit Polo

Far Afield

Based in the seaside city of Brighton, Far Afield offers bold and breezy knitted polo shirts with contrasting vertical stripes. Their long-sleeved knitted polo shirt features a heavy cotton-crepe yarn, perfectly capturing the "nouvelle vague" style.

Far Afield Marsan

King & Tuckfield

King & Tuckfield embraces mid-century style, focusing on subtle ribbed patterns and the luxurious feel of 100% merino wool. With an elegantly simple contrasting trim on the collar, their knitted polo shirts exude classic aesthetic.

King Tuckfield Textured Knit Polo


Minimalist Scandi brand Cos offers silk-cotton blend fine knitted polo shirts that seamlessly fit into your work wardrobe. They also have open-collar knit shirts for when buttons are not needed.

COS Regular Fit Knit Polo

Mango Man

Mango offers clean-cut, stylish knitted polo shirts in unobtrusive shades with textured stripes. Their designs remind us of something Cary Grant might wear at a beach club.

Mango Fine Knit Polo


Next, the high street giant, delivers quality and 1950s design with their textured melange effect knitted polo shirts made of 100% cotton.

Ecru Weave Knitted Polo Shirt


Italian brand Canali showcases their design and craftsmanship with knitted polo shirts that bridge the gap between 1950s and 1970s styles. With a geometric check design panel on the front, they offer a unique twist.

Canali Short Sleeve Knit Polo


Though not exactly the knitted polo we're discussing, we can't overlook the legendary French clothier Lacoste. Their clean and elegant silhouette, reminiscent of the 1930s era, is a stylish replacement for a button-down under a blazer.

Lacoste Long Sleeve Pique Polo

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren may not perfectly fit the knitted polo style we're discussing, but their iconic polo shirts still have their place. Look for their long-sleeved jumpers with contrast tipping and wide opening plackets, capturing the essence of a knitwear polo.

Polo Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Knit Polo