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The Cane: A Forgotten Fashion Accessory

CEO Tinh Phung
The cane for different occasions Once a natural fashion accessory for men, the cane has now become a relic, forgotten in the depths of the male wardrobe. Nowadays, it is mainly used by older gentlemen...

cane as a male fashion accessory The cane for different occasions

Once a natural fashion accessory for men, the cane has now become a relic, forgotten in the depths of the male wardrobe. Nowadays, it is mainly used by older gentlemen as a support while walking. However, there was a time when the cane held a significant position in men's fashion, much like the hat. Let's unravel the tale of the cane as an accessory in men's fashion, shedding light on its history and significance.

A Brief History of the Cane

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the cane replaced the sword as an important accessory in a gentleman's wardrobe. Beyond its decorative purpose, the cane also served as a weapon for self-defense. Rattan was the most common material used for canes, although hardwood hickory was also widely utilized.

The Cane as a Fashion Accessory - An Etiquette Question

The cane's importance in men's fashion was reflected in the etiquette literature of the early 20th century. It played a crucial role in defining gentlemanly behavior and was often accompanied by rules and tips on appropriate cane selection for different occasions. In fact, a well-stocked male wardrobe would boast several canes, each suited for a specific event.

Different Types of Canes

classic walking canes Classic models of walking canes

While the cane is no longer a fashionable accessory, its elegance remains undeniable. Canes can be broadly categorized into classic walking canes for everyday use and outdoor walking sticks for hunting and fishing.

Classic Models of Walking Canes

classic models of walking canes

The most common type of walking stick is the classic model with a large handle, typically made of wood. An ergonomic design for a comfortable grip is also available within this category. These canes often evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the elegance of a bygone era.

Elegant Classic Canes

elegant walking canes

For those seeking a touch of sophistication, the market still offers a variety of stylish and elegant canes. Online stores in the UK offer a wide range of classic canes as well as those designed for hunting and fishing. When investing in a walking stick, it is advisable to opt for high-quality models made of beech wood or similar sturdy materials.

Canes for Hunting and Fishing

walking cane with horse head

The knob-handled cane, often adorned with silver or gold, was primarily used as an evening accessory. Another category, known as the "country-style" model, consists of longer wooden sticks made from simple materials. These sticks are commonly favored by English gentlemen who enjoy hunting and fishing. Some even feature hidden compartments, like a 50 ml glass flask, perfect for storing whisky or brandy during chilly hunting expeditions.

Cane: Not Just an Accessory

While the cane has lost its status as a fashionable accessory, it once served more practical purposes. In older literature, canes with concealed swords were mentioned, although they are not legal weaponry today. However, the cane's length and structure can still be utilized for self-defense. In the early 20th century, men were often given tips on using the cane for self-defense, a skill that is worth exploring.

Making Your Own Cane

In the current world, where social activities are limited, exploring hobbies has become increasingly popular. For the DIY enthusiasts, making your own cane offers a creative and rewarding pursuit. Crafting your own cane allows for the incorporation of imaginative decorations, making each piece truly unique. If you're considering this endeavor, check out the instructional video below for inspiration:

Click here for an instructional video on cane making

The cane may have lost its prominent place in men's fashion, but its elegance and history still deserve appreciation. Let us not forget the unique allure of this forgotten accessory and perhaps rediscover its charm in the modern age.