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The Journey of Saie: A Conversation with Laney Crowell, Founder of a Clean Beauty Brand

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Introduction In the vast world of clean makeup, Saie has emerged as a shining star. Laney Crowell, a beauty boss turned founder, has created a brand that offers non-toxic products that actually work. From a...


In the vast world of clean makeup, Saie has emerged as a shining star. Laney Crowell, a beauty boss turned founder, has created a brand that offers non-toxic products that actually work. From a clean mascara to a nourishing lip balm, Saie has become a must-have for beauty enthusiasts everywhere. We had the opportunity to chat with Laney Crowell to learn more about her career, the inspiration behind Saie, and how Instagram has influenced her brand.

Experience and Career in the Beauty Space

Laney Crowell's journey in the beauty industry began with a passion for magazines. After moving to New York, she landed her first job at Lucky magazine and later worked at Elle Accessories. As digital media started to rise, Laney became intrigued by its potential. She joined StyleCaster, where she delved into the world of social media and discovered her knack for it. Brands took notice of her skills, and soon she found herself consulting for various companies. Eventually, Estée Lauder offered her a coveted digital role, where she spearheaded their social media channels and launched their online magazine.

But as Laney's career flourished, she also experienced a personal transformation. She became deeply interested in health and wellness, leading her to question the products she was marketing. Unable to promote something she didn't believe in, Laney decided to leave Estée Lauder and embark on a new venture. And so, the journey of Saie began.

The Inspiration Behind Saie

The name "Saie" originated from a conversation Laney had with her blog and Instagram followers during her wellness journey. As brands flooded her with product reviews, she realized there was a glaring gap in the market for non-toxic, clean makeup. Intrigued, Laney turned to her social media community for answers. Their response served as the foundation for Saie's creation. They highlighted three key issues: performance, affordability, and trendiness. These pillars set the course for Saie's mission to provide clean beauty products that deliver in all aspects. Additionally, Laney's deep commitment to sustainability became the fourth pillar of the brand's ethos.

Defining Clean and Non-toxic Beauty

In an industry where definitions can be blurry, Saie takes cleanliness seriously. Laney and her team regulate themselves by ensuring that their products do not contain any ingredients they deem harmful to the body or the environment. To achieve this, they collaborate with top ingredient experts to formulate a comprehensive blacklist. This ongoing process ensures that Saie remains at the forefront of clean and non-toxic beauty.

The Thoughtful Product Lineup

Saie launched with a carefully curated lineup of hero products. The journey began with the creation of Mascara 101, a product that had been repeatedly requested by Laney's Instagram community. Recognizing the white space in the clean beauty market, Saie also introduced the Brow Butter, a nourishing brow product. And to meet the demand for a versatile lip product, Saie developed a Liquid Lip Balm that offers both nourishment and aesthetic appeal. Laney emphasizes the importance of not creating products for the sake of it but instead focusing on filling gaps in the industry.

Saie Image Caption: Laney Crowell, Founder of Saie

Instagram's Influence and Community Engagement

Instagram has played a significant role in shaping Saie. Laney personally manages the brand's Instagram account, ensuring that she interacts with every mention and reply. This direct line of communication allows her to connect with customers, receive feedback, and understand their needs and desires. It's like having a store where she can engage with consumers, leading to invaluable insights for Saie's continued growth.

Challenges and Pinch-Me Moments

Starting a company is no easy feat, and Laney has faced numerous challenges along the way. From navigating the world of fundraising to learning new terminology, every day has been a test of problem-solving skills. However, the launch of Saie brought incredible moments of triumph. The brand received widespread press coverage, and Laney marveled at the organic impressions, realizing that millions had laid eyes on their creation.

A Week in the Life of Laney Crowell

Laney's schedule is a well-oiled machine, thanks to her efficiency as a mom. She wakes up early, exercises, enjoys breakfast with her family, and heads to the office. Her week consists of internal and external days, balancing office work and meetings. By the time she returns home, it's all about spending quality time with her daughter. Evenings may involve some additional work, but Laney ensures she gets enough rest to fuel her productivity. And of course, she makes time to socialize and unwind with friends or attend events.

The Future of Saie

The journey of Saie is far from over. Laney is excitedly gearing up for the brand's next drop, which will expand their product range to cover the rest of the face. With Laney's personal endorsement, these new products are sure to become staples in the Saie lineup.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our conversation with Laney Crowell, we're left inspired by her dedication to clean beauty and her unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of her community. Saie's success is a testament to Laney's expertise, passion, and understanding of the ever-evolving beauty industry. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Saie and the impact it will continue to make in the world of clean beauty.

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