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The New Hoka Bondi 8: Unmatched Comfort and Support for Every Walker

CEO Tinh Phung
After 1 Month of Testing, These Are My Honest Thoughts Known for its unparalleled supportive midsoles and rocker shape, Hoka has become the go-to sneaker brand for serious walkers and long-distance runners. If you're looking...

After 1 Month of Testing, These Are My Honest Thoughts

Known for its unparalleled supportive midsoles and rocker shape, Hoka has become the go-to sneaker brand for serious walkers and long-distance runners. If you're looking for a shoe that offers ultra-lightness, breathability, and exceptional cushioning, Hoka running shoes are designed to provide the best-in-class comfort and responsiveness you need, especially for recovery footwear.

hoka bondi 8 The Hoka Bondi 8: A Sneaker Designed for Walkers

The Hoka Bondi 8, released on July 17, introduces exciting new upgrades that enhance the walking experience. Among the improvements are an extended heel for increased stability, lighter foam compared to the Bondi 7, and a plush, non-slip tongue.

My Experience with the Bondi 8

As an avid walker, I have relied on the Bondi 7 as my go-to walking shoe for the past five months. While I can't provide insights on its running performance, I can attest to its remarkable walking capabilities. I cover approximately three miles each day, mostly on sidewalks with occasional ventures into grassy parks and dirt trails (though not suitable for hiking, which I'll explain shortly). The Bondi 7 has truly been a game-changer, offering an unrivaled combination of bounce, shock absorption, and stability. When you have two energetic 90-pound dogs eager to keep moving, safety becomes a priority, and this shoe delivers.

At first glance, the foam of the Bondi 8 may appear cartoonishly thick, even more so than its predecessor. However, after just one minute of walking, I was completely won over. I completed my usual 3-mile loop around the neighborhood and was delighted by the shoe's comfort. The memory foam collar alone is a standout feature. Unlike other sneakers that often leave my Achilles roughed up due to friction, the Bondi 8's material is incredibly soft and cushiony, giving me the sensation of walking on marshmallows.

The cushioned EVA midsoles and outsoles steal the show, providing exceptional support, rebound, and protection. The shoe's energy return is particularly impressive, making it an ideal choice for my walking needs on various surfaces. However, due to the Bondi 8's higher stacked height, I would not recommend it for sprinting or activities like strength-training or hiking where balance is crucial. Personally, I feel comfortable walking on grass and dirt, but I avoid steep inclines.

The shoe also fits snugly and expertly. The memory foam collar embraces my ankles, and the tongue remains in place without any slipping (it may sound trivial, but tongues that move around can be quite distracting). Moreover, the mesh upper allows for adequate airflow, preventing my feet from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable on hot days. Notably, the Bondi 8 requires no break-in time, and I even experience less foot soreness after extended wear.

If You Have Wide Feet...

It's worth mentioning that if you have wide feet, you may want to opt for the wide or extra-wide fit. Several reviews have noted that the Bondi 8 is slightly narrower compared to its predecessor. One customer shares their experience, stating, "As a woman with wide, troubled feet, finding a shoe that fits well is a challenge. Hoka delivered the perfect shoe for my foot shape with the Bondi v7. At first glance, I thought they did it again with the v8. However, the upper knit portion feels slightly narrower in the forefoot, even though the foam underneath looks like it provides a wider base. It's a slightly straighter cut, although the shoe's appearance may deceive you." As for myself, with "average" feet, the regular fit of the Bondi 8 suited me perfectly.

Which Activities Are the Bondi 8 Best For?

While Hoka's website recommends the Bondi 8 for "everyday running, walking, and comfort," my personal experience has focused solely on walking. However, based on numerous reviews, these shoes are highly regarded for recovery walks and runs post-training, especially when dealing with soreness.

Final Thoughts

It will take a lot for me to consider switching to another sneaker brand for my walking endeavors, let alone deciding between the Bondi 7 and Bondi 8. The more difficult the decision, the stronger the case for Hoka's exceptional footwear lineup. So, lace up your Bondi 8s and enjoy the blissful strolls that await you!

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