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These 2 Glossier Cloud Paints Give That Effortless Cheek Color

CEO Tinh Phung
Upon its launch in 2017, Glossier Cloud Paint became an instant hit, quickly becoming a staple product for the iconic "no makeup makeup" beauty brand. Known for its natural-looking and skin-like finish, Glossier Cloud Paint...

Upon its launch in 2017, Glossier Cloud Paint became an instant hit, quickly becoming a staple product for the iconic "no makeup makeup" beauty brand. Known for its natural-looking and skin-like finish, Glossier Cloud Paint has gained popularity among those who seek that effortless, glowing makeup look. In this article, we will explore two shades of Glossier Cloud Paint that create a stunning and effortless flush on the cheeks.

What Is The Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint Glossier Cloud Paint Caption: The Glossier Cloud Paint - the key to achieving a natural and radiant flush.

The Glossier Cloud Paint is a seamless and buildable gel-cream blush that is not only easy to apply but also easy to wear. Its sheer formula allows for a subtle wash of color, but it can also be built up for a more vibrant look. Simply dab the blush onto your cheeks and blend it into the skin for a natural and flushed-from-within glow. The Special Blurring Pigments in the formula create a soft-focus effect, giving the appearance of golden hour lighting at all times. The lightweight gel-cream texture feels pillowy and bouncy, ensuring a seamless blend and leaving the cheeks looking dewy, never streaky or chalky.


  • Collagen: Retains a high amount of water, providing effective hydration and leaving the cheeks feeling fresh and dewy.
  • Smooth-Gel System: The unique lightweight gel-cream texture ensures a silky and even application.
  • Blurring Powder Pigments: Create a soft, diffused, and seamless finish, eliminating streakiness.

How To Use

  1. For best results, apply with your fingertips. Gently squeeze a tiny dot onto your finger and start at the apples of your cheeks. Blend the product upward and outward.
  2. If you want to create a custom shade by mixing multiple Cloud Paints, it is recommended to combine them together on the back of your hand before applying.
  3. Simply dab the blush onto your cheeks and tap it into the skin for a seamless and natural look.

Things To Note

The Glossier Cloud Paints are not only easy to use and work with, but they are also enhancing, buildable, and cruelty-free. Formulated without fragrance, they have been dermatologist tested to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Where To Buy

The Glossier Cloud Paints are exclusively available on glossier.com. Starting from early 2023, Glossier will also be available at Sephora, making it even more accessible to beauty enthusiasts.

Glossier Cloud Paint Review

At first, I was hesitant about using the Glossier Cloud Paints as I was afraid they would be too pigmented. However, I quickly discovered that these blushes blend seamlessly into the skin, leaving behind a beautifully opaque and pigmented flush of color. The formula is highly buildable, allowing me to add a tiny dot for a more intense look without any issues.

Both the shades Beam and Puff are stunning on their own, but I also enjoy mixing them to create a customized blush. Essentially, you are getting three blushes for the price of two. However, even if you choose to purchase just one shade, you won't be disappointed. The lightweight formula feels comfortable on the skin, never leaving a sticky or streaky finish. Instead, it provides a natural and luminous glow. As stated by the brand, the Cloud Paints do not accentuate pores or texture, making them an excellent choice for achieving a flawless and natural flush of color.

Applying liquid blush can often be a struggle when it comes to dispensing the right amount of product. With Glossier Cloud Paints, all you need to do is gently squeeze the tube, and the perfect amount of product will come out. Simply dot it onto your cheeks and blend it in. It's that easy, and I have never faced any difficulties in applying these blushes.

Without setting them, the Cloud Paints have a moderate lasting power, fading after about 3-4 hours. However, when set with a translucent powder or layered with another powder blush, they can last all day. If you prefer to maintain the luminous finish of the liquid blushes, a setting spray can be used instead of a setting powder. Alternatively, using a setting powder with a luminous finish also works well.


If you are looking for other options similar to the Glossier Cloud Paints, there are a few alternatives available in the market. However, none can compare to the unique texture, seamless blendability, and natural finish offered by the Glossier Cloud Paints.

Final Verdict

In my personal opinion, I highly recommend the Glossier Cloud Paints. I find myself reaching for them frequently, especially during the summer when I prefer a glowy complexion. However, they can be enjoyed all year round. The Cloud Paints effortlessly blend into the skin, providing a natural and radiant finish. The lightweight and buildable formula is comfortable to wear, and it never emphasizes pores or texture. The only minor drawback is their longevity without proper setting. Applying a setting powder, using a setting spray, or layering another blush on top can easily resolve this issue.




For a detailed list of ingredients, please visit glossier.com.

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