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Wisconsin Realtor and Bar Manager set to Compete on 'Deal or No Deal Island' on NBC

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Remember "Deal or No Deal"? Well, get ready for an action-packed version of the iconic game show, now set on the Banker's private island in Panama. "Deal or No Deal Island" is set to premiere...

Dawson Addis of Muskego will be competing on "Deal or No Deal Island," which premieres Feb. 26 on NBC.

Remember "Deal or No Deal"? Well, get ready for an action-packed version of the iconic game show, now set on the Banker's private island in Panama. "Deal or No Deal Island" is set to premiere on February 26th, 2024, on NBC. And guess who's competing? None other than Dawson Addis, a Realtor and bar manager from Muskego, Wisconsin. This opportunity is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Addis, who describes it as the craziest and most awesome adventure he has ever had.

An Adrenaline-Fueled Competition

Addis will be facing off against 12 other contestants, including well-known personalities such as "Survivor" winner "Boston" Rob Mariano and "The Real Housewives of Atlanta's" Claudia Jordan, who was previously a "Deal or No Deal" model. The challenges in this version of the show are daring and exhilarating, pushing the contestants to their limits. The ultimate goal is to become the Banker's ultimate opponent and walk away with life-changing money.

"It's going to give everyone an adrenaline rush just watching these challenges," Addis shared. "As a proud Wisconsin representative, I want to make sure everyone in the state tunes in because they won't be disappointed."

While the legendary Howie Mandel, host of the original "Deal or No Deal," serves as an executive producer, the show will be hosted by the charismatic Joe Manganiello, who will act as a liaison between the Banker and the contestants.

The Thrilling Adventure of 'Deal or No Deal Island'

According to the network, the Banker's island is scattered with briefcases, collectively worth over $200 million. In each episode of the 12-episode series, the contestants compete in challenging tests of strategy and greed to secure briefcases that will be used in the night's game of "Deal or No Deal."

The challenges vary from a snake-themed puzzle to explosive dynamite swimming and even a treacherous scavenger hunt. Addis described the challenges as physically and mentally demanding, offering a truly intense experience.

The contestant who obtains the briefcase with the highest value earns temporary immunity and gets to select an opponent to face the Banker in a high-stakes game of "Deal or No Deal." If the player accepts an offer that exceeds the value of their case, they choose who to eliminate from the competition. However, if they accept a lower offer, they risk elimination themselves.

The winnings from each "Deal or No Deal" game will be added to a group pot, and at the end of the season, the last remaining player will go head-to-head with the Banker for the chance to win the largest prize in "Deal or No Deal" history.

Meet Dawson Addis, the Wisconsin Contestant

Dawson Addis, born and raised in Muskego, graduated from Muskego High School in 2016. After spending a few years in the construction industry, he decided to pursue a career in real estate. Addis now works as a full-time Realtor in the Waukesha and Muskego areas, alongside managing his parents' bar, Danny Haskell's Pub and Grill.

Described as a hardworking individual, Addis dedicates himself to his professional responsibilities. However, he also values his personal life, cherishing his time as a dog dad to Paco and his "best friend" Chico, who has special needs. In his free time, Addis enjoys going out with his boyfriend, staying active through daily workouts, and indulging in his favorite foods such as cheese curds and mozzarella sticks.

Addis is proud of his Wisconsin roots and is excited to represent his state on the show. He encourages everyone to say hello if they happen to spot him in public, as he loves meeting new people and engaging in conversation.

Journey to 'Deal or No Deal Island'

Addis's path to "Deal or No Deal Island" was unexpected. About five or six years ago, he applied to be on a reality TV survival-type show but the project got canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, last spring, someone he had previously interviewed with for that show reached out to him on Instagram, recommending him for a new opportunity. That opportunity turned out to be "Deal or No Deal Island."

Despite initial doubts about pursuing another reality TV experience, Addis decided to go for it, viewing it as an incredible chance. He underwent numerous interviews throughout spring and summer, always staying true to himself and showcasing his competitive nature. His authenticity and determination paid off when he received the life-changing call in August, informing him that he had been selected for the show.

Preparing for the Ultimate Challenge

Before flying out to film in September, Addis engaged in mental and physical preparations. Although not an avid reality TV viewer, he watched shows like "Survivor" and "Big Brother" to understand the social game strategy involved in such competitions. Addis also revisited episodes of "Deal or No Deal" to familiarize himself with the game's format.

To ensure he was physically ready for the challenges ahead, Addis incorporated more cardio into his workout routine. He focused on improving his muscle endurance and lung capacity to tackle the demanding obstacles.

The whole experience of being on "Deal or No Deal Island" left a profound impact on Addis. It served as a powerful reminder of the opportunities that life presents and the importance of perseverance. Addis encourages everyone to keep striving for their dreams, as anything is possible with determination and effort.

A Sneak Peek of the Thrills to Come

During a "super sneak peek" of the show, viewers were treated to a glimpse of the excitement awaiting them on "Deal or No Deal Island." The Banker's assistant, Kamari Love, was seen dropping several cases, worth a combined total of over $4.2 million, into the jungle from a helicopter. One of those cases held a staggering $1 million prize.

Contestants had to race through the jungle and navigate a muddy swamp called the "Mud Spa" in search of the cases. The player who retrieved the case with the highest value would secure temporary immunity, while the two contestants with the lowest-value cases would face the Banker for elimination.

In a surprising twist, the Banker introduced two unmarked red cases into the mix — one containing a low-value amount and the other labelled "steal," which allowed the finder to take someone else's case. The tension intensified as the players battled through the swamp, hoping to secure the most valuable case.

Addis managed to find the case worth a stunning $1 million, determined to keep it away from his competitors. However, another contestant discovered the coveted "steal" case, leading to uncertainty and suspense. Addis's journey and the fate of the $1 million prize will be revealed when the show premieres on February 26th, 2024, at 8:30 p.m. CT on NBC.

Other Contestants on 'Deal or No Deal Island'

Apart from Dawson Addis, here are the other talented and ambitious individuals competing on "Deal or No Deal Island":

  • Aron Barbell, 26, Champaign, Illinois
  • Jordan Fowler Bull, 29, Nashville
  • Nick Grasso, 29, Brooklyn
  • Miranda Harrison, 30, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Alyssa Klinzing, 26, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Amy McCoy, 42, Oklahoma City
  • Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, 41, Gainesville, Alabama
  • Jamil Sipes, 47, Grand Prairie, Texas

Don't Miss the Excitement!

Make sure to mark your calendar for the premiere of "Deal or No Deal Island" on February 26th, 2024, at 8:30 p.m. CT on NBC. Additionally, a "super sneak peek" is available on the show's official website for an advanced taste of the thrilling competition. Join Dawson Addis and the other contestants as they vie for the chance to make history and win big in "Deal or No Deal Island."