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TikTok On Trial: Is This Viral Lip Plumping Gloss Overrated?

CEO Tinh Phung
Is it just me, or does it seem like there's a new "viral" TikTok product popping up every other day? The latest beauty sensation to take over TikTok is a lip plumping gloss that promises...


Is it just me, or does it seem like there's a new "viral" TikTok product popping up every other day? The latest beauty sensation to take over TikTok is a lip plumping gloss that promises to give you juicy, full lips without any fillers. It's no surprise that this product has gone viral, as TikTok is always buzzing with the latest WOW factor and instant results. But is this gloss really worth the hype? Let's find out!

The Hype: A Trending TikTok Phenomenon

Lip plumping is not a new trend on TikTok. In fact, the hashtag #lipplumper has over 182.1 million tags, which is absolutely mind-blowing! The Derol Lip Maximizer, priced at $15, has gained significant attention with 185k hashtags after a video of a TikToker applying the gloss went viral.

What It Is: A Lip Plumping Serum That Shines

The Derol Lip Maximizer is a lip plumping serum that gives your lips an intense light-reflecting shine. It comes with two formulas inside the package - a "day" gloss formula enriched with mint and a "night" formula infused with ginger for a more intense plumping effect. Both formulas contain hyaluronic spheres and vitamin E, which plump and hydrate your lips, creating the illusion of fuller lips. The packaging is small and pill-shaped, making it easy to carry around with a slender applicator for quick and convenient application.

What It Does: Tingling and Plumping

As soon as you apply the lip serum, you'll feel a tingling sensation on your lips. This reaction is what gives your lips a fuller and plumper appearance in under five minutes, without the need for fillers or overlining. The formula also hydrates your lips and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, thanks to its vitamin E-rich formula.

Derol-plumping-gloss-5 Caption: The Derol Lip Maximizer delivers a tingling sensation and a plumping effect.

What We Liked: Mild Tingling and Plump Lips

When we tried the Derol Lip Maximizer, we were relieved that it didn't feel too painful. There was a mild tingling sensation accompanied by a warm feeling, followed by a noticeable plumping effect that continued to intensify over time. The ginger-infused night formula gave an even more voluptuous finish, which impressed us.

What We Didn't Like: Unpleasant Wear and Temporary Results

While the formulas weren't overly uncomfortable to wear, they weren't pleasant either. They left our lips feeling irritated rather than fuller, with redness and blotchiness in some cases. Additionally, the plumping effect didn't last long, and it deflated as soon as the gloss was removed. Another consideration is that since we are often wearing masks, the gloss would rub off almost instantly, while overlining with a long-lasting matte formula can withstand the day without smudging. Oh, and one more thing - be careful not to lick your lips!

The Final Verdict: Stick to Overlining

If you're looking to create the illusion of fuller lips, we recommend sticking to our trusted method of overlining with Lip Contour 2.0. It offers a longer-lasting effect compared to this particular gloss. As for lip plumping formulas in general, the Derol Lip Maximizer is pretty similar to others we've tried. It's not a particularly reliable formula with guaranteed results, and the results we did get were not overly impressive. Therefore, our final rating for the Derol Lip Maximizer on TikTok is 5 out of 10.

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