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Top 10 E-commerce Sites in the UK 2021

CEO Tinh Phung
The United Kingdom is not only a dynamic country but also a thriving market for e-commerce. While American companies dominate this space, there are still some strong local players, both traditional and pure e-commerce stores....

The United Kingdom is not only a dynamic country but also a thriving market for e-commerce. While American companies dominate this space, there are still some strong local players, both traditional and pure e-commerce stores. In this article, we will explore the top 10 e-commerce sites in the UK in 2021 and their estimated monthly traffic.

The Rise of UK E-commerce

Despite having a smaller digital population compared to the US, the UK boasts highly sophisticated e-commerce habits. With 67 million internet users, the British market is technologically advanced, and its residents have adopted online shopping across various devices. This has created fierce competition for online spending, with American companies like Amazon and eBay holding a significant advantage due to their size and early entry into the UK market.

Key digital numbers in the UK 2021 Key digital numbers in the UK 2021

However, some traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have managed to carve out a space in the online market. For instance, Argos specializes in electronics and home equipment, while B&Q and Screwfix cater to tools and hardware. British food and grocery retailers like Tesco have also made their mark in the digital segment.

The Top 10 E-commerce Platforms in the UK

Now, let's dive into the top 10 British e-commerce platforms, ranked by estimated monthly traffic according to SimilarWeb (as of June 2021).

10. Currys PC World

Currys PC World website Currys PC World website

Currys PC World specializes in selling home electronics and household appliances. With its e-commerce platform, it offers convenience to customers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Website: currys.co.uk
Estimated monthly traffic: 31.4 Million visits

9. Screwfix

Screwfix website Screwfix website

Screwfix is a leading retailer of trade tools, accessories, and hardware products. It operates over 600 stores in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in addition to its online platform.

Website: screwfix.com
Estimated monthly traffic: 31.5 Million visits

8. B&Q

B&Q website B&Q website

B&Q is a British multinational DIY and home improvement retail chain. With more than 300 stores across the UK and Ireland, it offers a wide range of products through its e-commerce platform.

Website: diy.com
Estimated monthly traffic: 31.8 Million visits

7. Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer website Marks & Spencer website

Marks & Spencer is a renowned retailer specializing in clothing, home products, and luxury food items. With a strong presence in the UK and Ireland, it has expanded its reach through brick-and-mortar stores and partnerships with e-commerce stores like Zalando.

Website: marksandspencer.com
Estimated monthly traffic: 32.6 Million visits

6. Asda

Asda website Asda website

Asda, a leading retailer in the UK, is owned by American giant Walmart. Apart from groceries and various consumer products, Asda also offers financial services and mobile phones through its e-commerce platform.

Website: asda.com
Estimated monthly traffic: 33.7 Million visits

5. Next

Next website Next website

Next is a multinational chain of retail stores that sells clothing, footwear, and home products. With around 500 stores in the UK and more across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Next has established a strong online presence.

Website: next.co.uk
Estimated monthly traffic: 37.1 Million visits

4. Tesco

Tesco website Tesco website

Tesco, the world's third-largest retailer, operates hypermarkets and convenience stores. Its e-commerce platform offers a wide range of products, including groceries, home and hygiene items, clothing, and financial services.

Website: tesco.com
Estimated monthly traffic: 39.3 Million visits

3. Argos

Argos website Argos website

Argos, a subsidiary of the British retailer Sainsbury's, is known for its catalog and over 800 physical stores. It sells electronics, home and garden products, clothing, toys, and more. Argos has also established itself as a leader in e-commerce.

Website: argos.co.uk
Estimated monthly traffic: 60.5 Million visits

2. eBay UK

eBay UK website eBay UK website

eBay, a pioneer of e-commerce, is an online marketplace connecting sellers with buyers. With its extensive range of products, eBay has become a go-to platform for cars, electronics, fashion, home goods, and various other items.

Website: ebay.co.uk
Estimated monthly traffic: 328 Million visits

1. Amazon UK

Amazon UK website Amazon UK website

Amazon, the uncontested global leader of e-commerce, started as an online bookstore and expanded into various product categories. With its vast selection and global presence, Amazon has revolutionized e-commerce worldwide, including in the UK.

Website: amazon.co.uk
Estimated monthly traffic: 437 Million visits

The Unrivaled Dominance

The estimated monthly traffic from these top 10 e-commerce platforms highlights the unmatched dominance of Amazon and eBay, with over 430 million and 320 million visits respectively. The remaining players in this list range from 30 to 60 million visits per month.

Top 10 e-commerce sites in the UK by monthly traffic 2021 Top 10 e-commerce sites in the UK by monthly traffic 2021

Noteworthy Brands and Final Thoughts

Apart from these top 10 platforms, there are other significant players in the UK e-commerce landscape. Asos, a fashion e-commerce player with a substantial global presence, deserves mention. While it didn't make the top 10 due to a lower share of UK traffic, it remains a leader in British fashion e-commerce.

Additionally, O2, a telecommunications company, stands out for its online presence. Despite not being a diversified platform, it sells mobile phones and telecommunication products online and contributes significantly to the British e-commerce market.

Have you experienced shopping on these platforms? Share your thoughts, including pricing, delivery convenience, and overall experience in the comments below!

*Note: The information and rankings are based on estimated monthly traffic as of June 2021.