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Top 15 Canadian Health Magazines & Publications

CEO Tinh Phung
When it comes to health and wellness, staying informed is crucial. Luckily, Canada has a plethora of health magazines and publications to keep you up to date. In this article, we will explore the top...

Top 15 Canadian Health Magazines

When it comes to health and wellness, staying informed is crucial. Luckily, Canada has a plethora of health magazines and publications to keep you up to date. In this article, we will explore the top 15 Canadian health magazines and publications that provide valuable insights, expert advice, and the latest trends in the world of health and wellness.

Impact Magazine

Impact Magazine Canada's IMPACT Magazine is your go-to resource for all things health, fitness, and sports performance. With content curated by experts in their fields, IMPACT Magazine is committed to helping you achieve higher levels of health, fitness, and overall performance. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this magazine has something for everyone. Visit Impact Magazine

Best Health

Best Health For women and gender-diverse individuals seeking reliable health and wellness information, Best Health is a must-read. Stay tuned to get the latest updates on nutrition, fitness, mental health, and more. Best Health is your trusted destination for all things wellness. Visit Best Health


Healthing Living a healthier life starts with inspiration and community connections. Healthing, the Canadian source for healthcare information, provides real-life stories, expert advice, and the information that matters. Explore topics ranging from mental health to nutrition and everything in between. Visit Healthing

Alive Magazine

Alive Magazine Alive Magazine has been a trusted source of health and wellness information for over 40 years. With a focus on food, family, lifestyle , beauty, sustainability, and immunity, this magazine covers it all. Dive into their blog to discover the latest news, articles, tips, recipes, and more. Visit Alive Magazine

Canadian Healthcare Technology

Canadian Healthcare Technology Stay up to date with the latest developments in healthcare technology with Canadian Healthcare Technology. This news magazine covers the new and noteworthy in the world of healthcare technology. With a team of experienced business journalists, computer experts, and healthcare consultants, you can trust the quality of their content. Visit Canadian Healthcare Technology

Springer » Canadian Journal of Public Health

Canadian Journal of Public Health The Canadian Journal of Public Health aims to advance public health research and practice, not only in Canada but around the world. This independent journal publishes peer-reviewed original research and scholarly articles that are relevant to population and public health. It's a valuable resource for researchers and healthcare professionals alike. Visit Canadian Journal of Public Health

Hospital News

Hospital News Hospital News has been Canada's healthcare newspaper since 1987. It covers developments and issues that affect healthcare professionals, administrators, patients, visitors, and students. With expert editorial content, Hospital News keeps you informed of current healthcare news, medical advancements, and trends from a fresh perspective each month. Visit Hospital News


HealthCareCAN As the national voice of healthcare organizations and hospitals across Canada, HealthCareCAN is committed to supporting health system innovation and transformation. Their advocacy efforts aim to enhance access to high-quality health services, empower health professionals through learning programs, and promote health research and innovation. Visit HealthCareCAN

SAGE Journals » Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

The Canadian Journal of Nursing Research (CJNR) is Canada's leading journal in nursing research and scholarship. It publishes original research and scholarly manuscripts of interest to nursing clinicians, educators, leaders, policymakers, and researchers. CJNR serves as a forum for the dissemination and communication of nursing knowledge and research in Canada and internationally. Visit Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

British Columbia Medical Journal

British Columbia Medical Journal The British Columbia Medical Journal (BCMJ) is a general medical journal that focuses on evidence-based medicine. It provides continuing medical education and features clinical and review articles written by BC physicians, for BC physicians. Stay informed with the latest medical advancements and insights from the medical community in British Columbia. Visit British Columbia Medical Journal

Canadian Health Policy

Canadian Health Policy For information and ideas on improving the health system in Canada, look no further than the Canadian Health Policy journal. It is dedicated to providing valuable insights and discussions on creating a better health system. Stay informed on the latest trends and developments in Canadian healthcare policy. Visit Canadian Health Policy


CMAJ News CMAJ News is the publication by the news department at CMAJ, a peer-reviewed general medical journal. It offers journalism for and about Canadian health professionals and patients. With contributions from journalists and medical publishing experts, you'll find insightful articles on a wide range of healthcare topics. Visit CMAJ News

Viva Magazine

Viva Magazine Viva Magazine is Canada's leading women's wellness living magazine. It focuses on balancing lifestyle, health, and beauty. Viva provides powerful and inspirational information on health, beauty, style, and fitness. Live a healthy life without compromising your sense of style with the tips and advice from Viva Magazine. Visit Viva Magazine

Canadian Healthcare Network

Canadian Healthcare Network Canadian Healthcare Network is an independent magazine and online information source for doctors in Canada. With a tradition of providing practice management, physician views, and coverage of high-interest topics, it's a valuable resource for healthcare professionals. Stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the medical field. Visit Canadian Healthcare Network

These are just a few of the top Canadian health magazines and publications that can help you stay informed and make better choices for your health and well-being. Remember to always consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice and recommendations. Stay healthy and happy!