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Top 5 Kitchen Sink Trends: Adding Style to Your Dirty Dish Hub

CEO Tinh Phung
In most homes, the kitchen sink is often seen as a functional element used solely for cleaning. However, what if we told you that the kitchen sink can serve as more than just a washtub?...

In most homes, the kitchen sink is often seen as a functional element used solely for cleaning. However, what if we told you that the kitchen sink can serve as more than just a washtub? Our favorite lifestyle bloggers have shown us that the kitchen sink can actually be a beautiful design focal point, even worthy of a quick pic on the 'gram.

Sink Décor Trends that Wow

Here are the top 5 sink décor trends that will transform your kitchen sink from ordinary to extraordinary:

Succulents: Bringing Nature Inside

Potted succulents Plants add an intriguing visual contrast to your kitchen sink. Whether placed individually or in a small grouping, succulents create a stunning combination of dry soil against wet stone. The best part? You can easily move them around, ensuring that the kids can still do their chores without any hassle.

Did you know? Some plants like aloe vera and jade can be toxic to dogs. The kitchen sink acts as a fantastic barrier between your furry friends and the succulents.

Puppies: A Touch of Playfulness

Dog in kitchen sink While not exactly decor, we can't help but adore the added touch of playfulness that a small- to medium-sized dog brings to the dirty dish hub. Countless bloggers have showcased their canine companions in their very own sink sanctuary, giving us a glimpse into their personalities.

Function Fact: Your furry friend may fit perfectly in the kitchen sink for a wash or a quick photoshoot, but be prepared for water flicking from their fur. Keep some spare towels nearby.

Babies: Adding Cuteness Overload

Baby in kitchen sink As much as we don't advise using living things as decor, there's no denying that anything with a baby automatically brings joy. Seeing babies in basins on our Instagram feeds is always a treat. Maybe we're drawn to it because bath time in real life is never this picture-perfect. Are anyone's kids really this happy about bath time? Asking for a friend.

Function Fact: You don't need to deep clean the sink before placing your precious little one in it. A simple rinse will do. However, if you were working with raw chicken or other high-risk foods, make sure to pre-wash the basin with soapy water.

Champagne: Elevating the Celebration

Champagne bottles in kitchen sink For a more festive touch, consider arranging a group of wine and/or champagne bottles in your kitchen sink. This transforms your sink from a laborious workspace to a luxurious centerpiece. It's a convenient serving style for parties, avoiding the need for an ice bucket and minimizing clean-up afterward.

Function Fact: To keep your favorite bottles within convenient reach at parties without damaging the sink, place a glass dish filled with ice onto your sink's bottom grid.

Flowers: Bringing Life to Your Sink

Fresh flowers in kitchen sink Our favorite trend of all is adorning your kitchen sink with fresh flowers cascading over the rim. This design style brings your sink to life, creating the illusion that the flowers are growing directly from the sink. From delicate wildflowers to luscious peonies, the addition of fresh flowers brings vibrancy to an otherwise empty space.

Function Fact: To make your fresh floral décor last longer without losing its beauty, dunk the blooms in cold water and then place them in a water-filled vase.

Each of these five trends showcases the beauty and versatility of Sinkology sinks. For more inspiring sink design trends, follow @sinkology on Instagram, where you'll find stunning ideas complete with a fantastic filter.

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