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Top 7 Korean Fashion Fall/Winter Trends to Watch Out For 2022

CEO Tinh Phung
For all fashion lovers out there, preparing for an upcoming season can be quite challenging. New trends emerge rapidly, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and financially burdened. However, this year's fashion landscape is a bit...

For all fashion lovers out there, preparing for an upcoming season can be quite challenging. New trends emerge rapidly, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and financially burdened. However, this year's fashion landscape is a bit different. While observing the New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Seoul fashion weeks (from a distance and online, of course), I couldn't help but notice a recurring theme: nostalgia. This sentiment heavily influences the Korean fall/winter fashion trends for 2022!

Korean Fashion Online Store Image: Korean Fashion Online Store

Going Back in Time

Korean fashion, similar to Western fashion, seems to prioritize the need for comfort that our generation craves after "surviving" lockdowns and a challenging job market. The past couple of years have been tough, and as restrictions ease and businesses rebuild, our longing for comfort becomes more pronounced. This longing is reflected in our fashion choices, as we will witness in the 2022 K-fashion fall/winter trends in Korea and beyond. Here are four overarching trends and their corresponding sub-trends to watch out for!

Top Korean Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2022

Y2K (the Year 2000)

The first standout K-fashion fall/winter trend, impossible to ignore, is the resurgence of early 2000s fashion. From brands to celebrities and influencers, everyone is dusting off their old clothes and accessories while brands are reimagining classic styles. Pair these looks with clear lip gloss, minimal makeup, and slicked-back hair, and transport yourself back to 2005! Here are the main stars of the Y2K trend.

The Low-rise Mini

Low-rise Mini Image: Low-rise Mini

Showing off the midriff is so 2019. Paris Hilton's signature low-rise mini skirts have made a triumphant return, and this time, they're even shorter. Miu Miu has elevated the ultra mini to must-have status, and almost every trendy K-celebrity has been spotted wearing it at photoshoots and events.

Minibags and Platform Shoes

Minibags and Platform Shoes Image: Minibags and Platform Shoes

Made famous by Fendi, the baguette bag remains an iconic piece in the fashionista's closet. After being overshadowed by oversized and ultra-mini bags, it has made a comeback in various fancy designs while retaining its classic rectangular shape. Celebrities and everyday fashionistas alike have been proudly showcasing this trend.

In addition to minibags, small shoulder bags continue to dominate Korean trends and show no signs of fading away anytime soon.

Platform Flip-flops

Platform Flip-flops Image: Platform Flip-flops

Although considered "cringe" and somewhat forgotten, the early 2000s platform flip-flop has managed to reclaim its iconic status. This trend is a special treat for my fellow Millennials and me. Platform flip-flops have made a grand reentrance in various new shapes and colors. From sneakers to mules, every design offers extra centimeters to give us that much-needed boost of comfort and confidence.

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim Image: Denim on Denim

Wearing head-to-toe denim can hardly be considered a trend, as it has been popular for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. However, the specific combination of mom jeans and denim jackets has a cyclical nature, appearing prominently every few years. And we couldn't be happier to see it make a comeback!

Leading brands like Diesel have highlighted denim in their recent shows, while Yohji Yamamoto's oversized shirts and Loewe's bag-like denim boots have infused new shapes into this timeless fabric. Denim looks strike the perfect balance between structure, comfort, and freedom of movement. Personally, a total denim look always makes me feel like a 2000s pop icon, reminiscent of TLC.

Furthermore, the recyclability and upcycling potential of denim add value to its continuous comebacks.

Preppy Look


Clueless Image: Clueless

Following the viral success of Miu Miu's micro low-rise skirt, their creative director, Miuccia Prada, turned to the 2000s and tennis wear for inspiration. The result is a delightful fusion of cute sporty looks, preppy fashion, and Chanel's iconic tweed fabric.

Matching sets have been a staple in our wardrobes since pre-pandemic times, and it seems like they are here to stay, serving as an embodiment of the nostalgic "clueless" style. The Korean high school uniform look has also played a significant role in bolstering this trend among Korean fashionistas.

Smart Look

Smart Look Image: Smart Look

Will blazers ever go out of style? It seems unlikely, as new interpretations of this classic garment continue to emerge. Structured blazers are making room for boxier, flowy designs with broad shoulders, creating an impressive silhouette and an oversized, cozy aesthetic. This trend is further amplified by matching tops and pants that elegantly graze the ankle, resulting in a comfortable yet timeless look.

Still Oversizing in Korean Fashion Trends 2022

Sporty or Cocooning

Sporty or Cocooning Image: Sporty or Cocooning

Whether it's a sporty sweater or a cozy granny jumper, oversized knits have become a significant trend on the world's runways. Everything is deliberately disproportionate, creating an appearance and feel of being wrapped in a comforting blanket, shielding us from the harshness of the outside world. Perhaps, this trend is a response to our heightened need for comfort after two years of stress and uncertainty.

Collaborations like Gucci and Adidas at Milan Fashion Week have propelled the sportswear trend forward, while Louis Vuitton has championed the layering of polo shirts over dresses. The rise of loungewear during the lockdown has seamlessly transitioned this trend into our current times, fostering an increased interest in glamorous sportswear.

Lingerie Out

Lingerie Out Image: Lingerie Out

Although wearing lingerie on the outside is not a new concept, this trend has recently experienced a surge in design variety and styling. From corset sets to sheer bra tops, see-through underwear has found its place in our wardrobes, often paired with blazers or blouses. In addition to the revival of low-rise jeans and miniskirts among the MZ generation's women, we're in for an early 2000s fashion treat!

Fashion has a way of revisiting certain styles every decade or so, and the 2022 K-fashion fall/winter trends embody a roller coaster of nostalgia and newfound aspirations. We yearn for a sense of freedom, protection, and warmth while seeking unparalleled comfort. This year's beauty trends echo this sentiment, with clear lip gloss and sleek hairstyles allowing the clothes to take the center stage. We eagerly await what the future holds, but for now, happy thrifting in your high school closet. You might just discover that you already own all the latest K-fashion fall/winter trends!

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