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Trying the Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops and Tanning Water: Our Review

CEO Tinh Phung
Want a tan that looks great for Summer 2022? Just add water! Or, more specifically, Isle of Paradise Tanning Water, which is one of the viral tanning products we keep seeing all over social media....

Want a tan that looks great for Summer 2022? Just add water!

Or, more specifically, Isle of Paradise Tanning Water, which is one of the viral tanning products we keep seeing all over social media. The self-tanning company has a versatile range of offerings, but the water and the Tanning Drops are the most hyped, which made us want to try them both out.

This is also an alternative for many to harmful tanning beds and costly spray tans, as the self-tanning formulas are designed to fade in around a week, just like a spray tan would in a salon.

So how does this all work? We broke it all down step-by-step, taking you along for the journey from pasty to sun-kissed all from the comforts of home.

What is Tanning Water?

Isle of Paradise Isle of Paradise

We’re glad you asked, as this is not drinking water. Rather, this clear water-like liquid comes in a spray bottle, made to be misted over skin and then rubbed in with a tanning mit or even your bare hand for an even application.

The formula is a liquid, unlike a foam or lotion, which is made with water, vitamins, and DHA, the shorthand for dihydroxyacetone which is the ingredient that actually produces the tan. Isle of Paradise uses a naturally-derived DHA, and the chemical is FDA approved as well.

The Tanning Water Spray ($32) comes in three different shades — light, medium, and dark — depending on how sun-kissed you want to look, as well as factoring in your starting skin tone. The medium bottle is the bestseller, offering a natural-looking but noticeable glow for most users. This is also the one we tested, with our review below.

What are Tanning Drops?

Isle of Paradise Isle of Paradise

When self-tanning, don’t forget the face!

This is a common mistake, as you wouldn’t want a two-tone body and face when hitting the beach. This is where Tanning Drops ($32) come in. Like the water, they are in a liquid form. However, for the best application, you mix the desired amount of drops into your facial lotion and then apply.

These drops also come in the same three shades — light, medium, and dark — and one can use between two and 12 drops per session, depending on how tan they would like to get. They are also safe for the body as well, should you like the lotion-concoction more than the spray.

How to self-tan using Isle of Paradise Tanning Water and Tanning Drops: Our Step-by-Step Review

Sophie Cannon Sophie Cannon

How does one decide if these products are for them? By putting one of the Post staffers' self-tan-virgin skin to the test. I have never self-tanned before, and after spending the previous summer working from home, I was at the palest I had ever been in my life. To prepare for summer, I tried both the Tanning Water and Tanning Drops in the medium shade.

Step 1: Shower, exfoliate, and moisturize well

In order to get the best and most even tan, the site recommends users exfoliate a day before you want to tan. This is to make sure all dead skin is removed but also so your pores have time to close back up to avoid any splotches.

Be sure to also moisturize, after your shower and again before you tan, making sure to hit dry spots like knees, elbows, and feet well, to avoid streaks later.

If you want to experience the whole Isle of Paradise lifestyle , they also have Over It: Self-Tan Remover ($30) that works to remove old spray tans and exfoliate to prep your skin for the next session.

Step 2: Prep skin with Prep It: Tan Primer Spray

Isle of Paradise Isle of Paradise

This step is optional, but since it is said to prolong your tan by an additional three days, why not? To use, I hopped in the shower and sprayed the Prep It: Tan Primer Spray ($24) onto my dry skin, about 30 minutes before moving on to the actual tanning.

Be sure to allow for the product to dry on your skin, enjoying the fresh scent that reminded me of cherry blossoms.

Step 3: Spray an even layer of Tanning Water all over your body and rub it in

Sophie Cannon Sophie Cannon

I would say this is the hardest part, but made easier with the spray bottle, especially for harder-to-reach areas. I hopped back in my shower to avoid making a mess and laid down a towel at my feet to avoid stepping in the tanner.

The spray comes out evenly, which was a blessing to avoid using too much or too little. Getting my back was a bit more difficult, but with some maneuvering, I felt that I had saturated it evenly. Make sure to tie your hair in a ponytail to avoid any unwanted streaks!

After I felt thoroughly watered, I took a tanning mit to my body and blended it all in, using circular motions as suggested by the site. If you don’t use a mit, you can use your hands and then be sure to wash your palms well after tanning the top of your hands.

Again, the smell is amazing and reminds me of the tropics — nice touch, Isle of Paradise.

Step 4: Wait 4 - 6 hours (or more) for your tan to develop

Sophie Cannon Sophie Cannon

I lied…THIS is the hardest part for me. Waiting is not my strong suit, but all things considered, Isle of Paradise has one of the shorter wait times for each step. Since. the formula is designed not to stain or transfer, you can get dressed almost immediately after tanning. I wanted to be cautious and wore old shorts and a tee, but I also didn’t see any stains after changing.

The next part is a longer wait, allowing for four to six hours for your tan to develop. Don’t get your skin wet during this time, but you can go about your day as normal. You also don’t need to shower it off if you want a deeper color, leaving it on for 12 hours. I wanted to play it safe and took a quick rinse at the six-hour mark.

You can see the results above, but what you can’t see is that I sadly ended up accidentally over-tanning my hands and feet, even when using my tanning mit. Next time, I may try gloves! Other than that, my skin felt buttery smooth. This may be from the exfoliation before, but I think the vitamins and water from the spray hydrated my skin too.

Step 5: While you wait, tan your face using the Tanning Drops

Sophie Cannon Sophie Cannon

This process was even easier and only requires you to have a favorite facial moisturizer on hand.

According to the site, choose between adding two to 12 drops into about a half-teaspoon of moisturizer — two to four should result in “sun-kissed skin,” six to eight for a “golden glow” and 10 to 12 for a “deeper bronze.” Don’t make the mistake of using too much lotion like I did, not understanding what a half-teaspoon really is, and just use your normal pump or two.

I opted for four to start, as you can also reapply to get your desired shade. This also takes between six and eight hours to develop, so after washing your hands very well, take a break and watch your face and body start to glow.

The results:

Tanning Water Tanning Drops Easy to apply? Good coverage? Beware Good smell? Did it transfer? Clean up? Rating out of 10
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