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Fashion and Architecture: A Perfect Blend of Creativity and Culture

CEO Tinh Phung
By [Your Name] Fashion and architecture may seem like two separate worlds, but for Cường Đàm, they are intertwined in a beautiful dance of creativity and culture. After discovering his true passion for fashion, this...

By [Your Name]

Fashion and architecture may seem like two separate worlds, but for Cường Đàm, they are intertwined in a beautiful dance of creativity and culture. After discovering his true passion for fashion, this former architect embarked on a journey to merge the principles of architecture with the art of fashion design.

An Unexpected Calling

Cường Đàm's transition from architecture to fashion was anything but predictable. After working as an architect for five years, he realized that his true calling was in the world of fashion. "It wasn't something impulsive," he explained. "My passion for fashion has been nurtured since I was a kid. I was fascinated by fabrics and interested in doing anything to make women more beautiful."

Learning Through Bitter Experiences

Starting his own fashion shop was not an easy journey for Cường. In the beginning, his lack of professional knowledge in the industry led to several bitter experiences. However, he didn't let these setbacks deter him. Determined to succeed, Cường decided to enroll in the London College for Design & Fashion (LCDF) in Hà Nội to accumulate the necessary knowledge to become a designer.

The Connection between Fashion and Architecture

Interestingly, Cường discovered that fashion and architecture share more similarities than meets the eye. "Although fashion and architecture seem unrelated, in fact, the art forms have similar principles," he explained. "Both have the mission of understanding the needs of people and creating works to satisfy those needs."

Cường Đàm Caption: Cường Đàm says he is 'a transporter of Vietnamese culture’.

Endless Inspiration from Traditional Culture

For Cường Đàm, traditional Vietnamese culture is an endless source of inspiration. In particular, the traditional women's long dress known as the "áo dài" has captured his imagination. "Traditional costumes are the unique beauty of the rich Vietnamese culture," he expressed.

Inspired by the high-necked collar and graceful flap of the áo dài, Cường created a collection of leather handbags called "Đàm" (The Conversation). These bags pay homage to Vietnamese culture, featuring straps that simulate the high-necked collar of the dress. The geometrical shapes of the bags, combined with the straps, embody a modern minimalist style.

Bag Collection Caption: From different angles, the bag straps remind of graceful images of Vietnamese women.

A Mission to Showcase Vietnamese Culture

Cường's collections not only celebrate the beauty of Vietnamese culture but also honor elegant Vietnamese women. By reimagining traditional elements and transforming them into contemporary designs, Cường aims to present the unique values of Vietnamese culture to an international audience.

Apart from his bag collection, Cường has also created a fashion collection named "Hướng Tâm" (Inflow) which draws inspiration from architectural details found in heritage sites across Vietnam. Pleated dresses, crop tops, and blazers made from luxury silk and taffeta are featured in this collection, which not only exudes elegance but also supports a meaningful cause. Part of the revenue generated from the collection is being donated to the national COVID-19 vaccine fund.

Continuing the Journey

Cường's creative journey is far from over. With upcoming fashion shows and exhibitions, such as "Inflowing," he plans to dive deeper into Vietnamese culture to find new inspiration and develop them into creative designs. His mission as the transporter of Vietnamese imprints remains steadfast, and he continues to push the boundaries of fashion and culture.

Fashion Designs Caption: Models present creation designs from the collection 'Inflow' by C. Dam. — Photo courtesy of C. Dam

In the intersection of fashion and architecture, Cường Đàm has found his true calling. Through his unique designs, he not only showcases the beauty of Vietnamese culture but also creates a bridge between the past and the present. With his passion, knowledge, and unwavering commitment, Cường continues to make a mark in the fashion industry, leaving an indelible imprint of Vietnamese creativity and culture on a global stage.