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Discover the World of Brand Stores

CEO Tinh Phung
Introduction Have you ever wondered what a brand store is and why it has become such a popular trend among multinational companies like Coca Cola, Disney, and Ferrari? In this article, we will delve into...


Have you ever wondered what a brand store is and why it has become such a popular trend among multinational companies like Coca Cola, Disney, and Ferrari? In this article, we will delve into the concept of brand stores and explore how they create a unique connection between companies and customers through exclusive and appealing products. Join us as we uncover the magic behind this phenomenon and discover how it has inspired the birth of the Red Store, the official store of the renowned agency.

The Rise of Brand Stores

A Concept Borrowed from Silicon Valley

The concept of brand stores first caught the attention of Rodrigo Mengue, a multi-career entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the Red Agency, during his visit to companies in Silicon Valley such as Google and Facebook. These tech giants had their own official stores, offering a range of exclusive products. Mengue was fascinated by the idea of creating a more intimate connection between companies and their employees or customers through these brand stores.

The Red Store The Red Store - Celebrating 18 years of success with the Red Agency.

From Soda to Supercars

Companies like Coca Cola, Disney, and Ferrari have also embraced the brand store trend. Coca Cola sells its brand-related merchandise in over 200 countries and boasts official stores in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, and many more. Disney, on the other hand, has taken the concept to a whole new level by creating specialized stores that offer a wide range of items synonymous with the magic of Disney. And who can forget Ferrari? The Italian luxury car manufacturer has transformed itself into a brand loved not just for its cars but also for its diverse line of products, including watches, clothing, and shoes. With over 32 stores worldwide, Ferrari has successfully created a global community of passionate Ferrari enthusiasts.

The Birth of the Red Store

Inspired by the success stories of these multinational giants, the Red Agency decided to celebrate its 18th anniversary by launching its very own brand store - the Red Store. This exciting new venture was the brainchild of Rodrigo Mengue, who wanted to materialize the passion and pride associated with the Red Agency. As Mengue explains, "People would come to the agency and end up falling in love with it." This love and pride for the agency led to the creation of products that would allow both employees and customers to showcase their affiliation with the brand. The 18th-anniversary campaign played a crucial role in the creation of the Red Store, as it emphasized the essence of marketing - increasing visibility and driving business growth. The initial products offered were tailored to cater to the marketing enthusiasts who passionately embraced the agency's mantra. The overwhelming response to these products led to the expansion of the store's offerings.

The Red Store Team Part of the Red Store team celebrating the agency's 18th anniversary.

The Red Store, while existing both online and physically, does not aim for profit. The prices of the products are set to cover only the production costs, with a small margin added for the physical store's expenses. In fact, the Red Store has become an exemplary model for clients interested in launching their own virtual stores using the platform offered by the Red Agency.

From t-shirts and hoodies to caps and watches, the Red Store offers a wide range of products in various colors. So why not visit the Red Store today and treat yourself or a friend to something special?

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Remember, the world of brand stores is not just about merchandise; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and passion for a brand. Experience the magic of the Red Store and join a community united by a shared love for the Red Agency.