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Embrace the Future with WGSN and Coloro's Key Colors for A/W 24/25

CEO Tinh Phung
In a world filled with uncertainty, WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the global authority on the future of color, have come together to present their Key Colors for A/W...

In a world filled with uncertainty, WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the global authority on the future of color, have come together to present their Key Colors for A/W 24/25. These colors are carefully selected to align with the influences that will shape our future, including well-being, creativity, the environment, and technology.

A Palette for the Future

As we navigate economic, political, and environmental crises, a sense of unease about what lies ahead looms large. The Global Color Forecast for A/W 24/25 accounts for these uncertainties, offering a palette that resonates with the driving forces of our society. Let's explore the Key Colors for A/W 24/25: Intense Rust, Midnight Plum, Sustained Grey, Cool Matcha, and Apricot Crush.

Intense Rust - 015-33-25

Intense Rust WGSN original image

Intense Rust, a transseasonal brown, embodies stability and authenticity. This warm and rich shade reflects our growing appreciation for sustainability and the timeless allure of classic design. It speaks to those who value long-term appeal over fleeting trends and promotes a return to simpler, more grounded lifestyles.

Midnight Plum - 151-22-09

Midnight Plum WGSN original image

Drawing inspiration from the mysteries of space and the allure of the metaverse, Midnight Plum is a powerful dark purple. This color celebrates darkness and connects to a sense of mystery, Gothic aesthetics, and the consumer desire for escapism. Let Midnight Plum transport you to a realm of imagination and intrigue.

Sustained Grey - 035-73-04

Sustained Grey WGSN original image

Sustained Grey represents the enduring appeal of neutrals and sustainable choices. This foundational color speaks to practicality, reliability, and balance. It encourages a slower, more mindful approach to life, highlighting the importance of finding harmony within ourselves and our surroundings.

Cool Matcha - 055-85-20

Cool Matcha WGSN original image

Cool Matcha, a soothing tinted pastel, bridges the gap between nature and technology. It represents the advancements in bio and plant-based materials, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and the need for calm in a world filled with anxiety. Let Cool Matcha bring a sense of peace and reflection to your life.

Apricot Crush - 02465-27

Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush, chosen as the Color of the Year 2024, symbolizes hope and positivity. This vibrant orange shade reflects our desire for balanced lifestyles that nourish both our bodies and minds. With its restorative attributes, Apricot Crush transcends fashion, beauty, interiors, and consumer tech, leaving its mark on every aspect of our lives.

Choosing Responsible Colors

The partnership between WGSN and Coloro ensures that the Key Colors for A/W 24/25 are not only visually striking but also feasible and sustainable. Coloro's system of organizing colors by hue, lightness, and chroma guarantees harmony and compatibility. Each color has undergone Coloro's Health Check, ensuring its achievability across various substrates and meeting stringent testing standards.

A Colorful Future Awaits

The future is bold, vibrant, and full of possibilities. Embrace the Key Colors for A/W 24/25 and let them guide you on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and harmony. Together, WGSN and Coloro invite you to reimagine the world through the lens of color and embrace a future that is both exciting and sustainable.

WGSN x Coloro is a powerful partnership that delivers accurate predictions for the Color of the Year. By combining WGSN's trend forecasting expertise with Coloro's comprehensive color library, the duo ensures that each season's colors are not only visually appealing but also practical and achievable. With a focus on minimizing wastage in production, this collaboration paves the way for a more sustainable future.


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