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Yumi Lashes: The Revolutionary Keratin Lash Lift

CEO Tinh Phung
Lift and boost your natural lashes! Discover Yumi Lashes, the keratin lash treatment that has taken the beauty world by storm. Get ready to revolutionize your lashes! You may be familiar with eyelash extensions and...

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Lift and boost your natural lashes! Discover Yumi Lashes, the keratin lash treatment that has taken the beauty world by storm. Get ready to revolutionize your lashes!

You may be familiar with eyelash extensions and lash lifts, but have you heard about Yumi Lashes? This advanced technique is designed to enhance and lift your natural eyelashes without the need for fake lashes.

In collaboration with Carolina at Skinbeauty, I had the opportunity to try Yumi Lashes before my trip to Thailand. Carolina, one of the first Yumi Lashes specialists in Sweden, shared all there is to know about this innovative treatment.

Carolina at Skinbeauty | Yumi Lash specialist in Stockholm, Sweden Yumi Lash specialist Carolina at Skinbeauty in Södertälje, Sweden let me try Yumi Lashes for the first time

What Makes Yumi Lashes Special?

Yumi Lashes is a cutting-edge keratin lash treatment that lifts, curls, tints, and boosts your natural lashes with a special pigment infusion. The incredible results can last up to three months.

Here are some key features of Yumi Lashes:

  • Lengthens, thickens, and lifts your natural eyelashes
  • Improves the structure of your natural lashes
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No lash curling perm or extensions
  • Free from harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, and parabens

The treatment takes approximately 60-90 minutes and costs around $150.

Before & After Yumi Lashes

Yumi Lashes: Before & After Keratin Lash Lift Treatment Before & After Yumi Lashes - Longer and fuller lashes with a natural lift

I was thrilled with the results! As you can see in the before picture, my natural lashes are extremely straight. Even an eyelash curler struggles to maintain a lift for more than a few hours. Thanks to Yumi Lashes, my lashes stayed beautifully curled for weeks.

I wish my lashes could look like this every day! The "open eye" appearance is simply stunning.

How Long Does Yumi Lashes Last?

Products from Yumi Lashes

The boosting and lifting effect of Yumi Lashes typically lasts between 5 to 12 weeks. The duration depends on your natural eyelash growth cycle and can be influenced by various factors such as stress, hormonal changes, and lifestyle .

To optimize and prolong the results, it is recommended to use YUMILashes keratin lash lift mascara every morning and evening after the treatment. This transparent mascara can also be used on eyebrows.

What Sets Yumi Lashes Apart?

Yumi Lashes: Before & After Keratin Lash Treatment One more before and after picture of my result. See more of Carolina's work on her Instagram.

Yumi Lashes stands out from other lash techniques as it is not a lash curling perm or lash extension. Instead, it is a keratin lash treatment that enhances the natural lashes. After just one treatment, you will notice an improvement, and after 2-3 treatments over 4-6 months, your own lashes will strengthen and grow thanks to the nourishing keratin and vitamins.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

It's important to understand that the duration of the effect can vary depending on individual factors such as hormonal imbalance (e.g., during the first days of your period, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause), stress, and the use of certain medications.

Pinkplanter Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand It's not often I let my lashes be naked. But it felt so good to skip mascara in Bangkok - Here at Pinkplanter Café

Pre-Treatment Procedures:

  • Avoid wearing eye makeup on the day of your appointment
  • Do not wear contact lenses during the treatment

Post-Treatment Procedures:

  • Avoid water, mascara, steam, heavy exercise, or hair washing for 48 hours after the treatment
  • Try not to sleep with your head on the pillow during the first nights
  • After 48 hours, cleanse your eyes and lashes daily using an oil-free cleanser

Review: My Experience with Yumi Lashes

As a big fan of eyelash extensions and glamorous lashes in general, Yumi Lashes surprised me in the best way possible. Not only does it provide a lift and enhance the appearance of your lashes, but it also nourishes them, making them feel healthier.

While Yumi Lashes can be a somewhat expensive treatment, the results are worth it. The outcome will depend on your own lashes, but if you want to enhance your natural beauty, skip mascara, or achieve a beautiful and natural "open eye" look while taking care of your lashes, Yumi Lashes is a fantastic option.

I could only wish for my lashes to be "Yumilicious" every day! After about six weeks, I returned to using my eyelash curler and mascara, but the lasting impact of Yumi Lashes was undeniably impressive.