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10 Luxury Magazines That Cater to the Rich and Famous

CEO Tinh Phung
The digital age has revolutionized the publishing industry, with print magazines giving way to the dominance of online platforms. However, there are still those who appreciate the tactile experience of holding a premium magazine in...

The digital age has revolutionized the publishing industry, with print magazines giving way to the dominance of online platforms. However, there are still those who appreciate the tactile experience of holding a premium magazine in their hands. These individuals, the rich and famous, seek magazines that embody the luxury and sophistication they value. In this article, we will explore the top 10 luxury magazines that cater to this exclusive audience.

10. The Wealth Collection Magazine

the Wealth Collection Image source: The Wealth Collection

Published semi-annually, The Wealth Collection Magazine is targeted at private clients, celebrities, and executives in the world's wealthiest community. With a readership of approximately 41,000, this magazine not only offers luxury lifestyle tips but also provides insight into personal finance, major purchases, and investments. It serves as a comprehensive guide for managing personal wealth.

9. Bespoke Magazine

Bespoke Magazine Image source: Bespoke Magazine

Bespoke Magazine, primarily targeted at high net worth individuals in the Middle East, showcases luxury from an Arab perspective. The magazine can be found in top-tier locations such as five-star hotels , private jets, VIP lounges, luxury yachts, and exclusive events. Moreover, its readership includes the top earners in the Arab world, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a glimpse into the Arab luxury lifestyle.

8. Sur la Terre Magazine

Sur la Terre Magazine Image source: Sur la Terre Magazine

Sur la Terre International is a Swiss lifestyle magazine brand with editions in major cities and luxury resorts worldwide. This magazine highlights unique products, innovative technologies, and creations by renowned artists. It can be found exclusively in luxury hotels, car showrooms, private airlines, select clubs, and prestigious art galleries. Sur la Terre Magazine celebrates the extraordinary, both in its content and presentation.

7. Afar Magazine

Afar Magazine Image source: Afar Magazine

Afar Magazine caters to discerning travelers who desire authentic and luxurious experiences. This bi-monthly publication presents genuine insights into the world's most exquisite destinations. With a readership exceeding 250,000, Afar Magazine appeals to a sophisticated and affluent audience who not only have the desire but also the financial means to indulge in extraordinary adventures.

6. Global Living Magazine

Global Living Magazine Image source: Global Living Magazine

Global Living Magazine targets expats worldwide, providing a comprehensive perspective on living a life of luxury abroad. The magazine covers topics such as international living, travel, business, culture shock, and world-class destinations. Published bi-monthly, Global Living Magazine serves as a window into the lives of those fortunate enough to lead the global lifestyle it promotes.

5. Portfolio Magazine

Portfolio Magazine Image source: Portfolio Magazine

Portfolio Magazine, established in 2017, targets the old and tech-savvy young generations of professionals and business owners in Asia. This magazine offers a minimalist and elegant aesthetic, perfect for readers who appreciate engaging stories and well-executed photography. With a monthly print publication and a digital version, Portfolio Magazine caters to a broad audience seeking luxury lifestyle and business content.

4. Town and Country Magazine

Town and Country Magazine Image source: Town and Country Magazine

Town and Country Magazine aims to be the ultimate luxury and modern lifestyle publication, capturing the lives of influential individuals who shape the world. This magazine features exclusive destinations, the lives of the rich and famous, high society entertainment, fashion, fine jewelry, accessories, outstanding cars, and luxury travel. It offers a comprehensive view of the demanding lifestyle of the elite.

3. Prestige Magazine

Prestige Magazine Image source: Prestige Magazine

Prestige Magazine, with regional editions for various Asian countries, provides insights into the luxury lifestyles of the local high net worth community. It covers local business moguls, luxury travel, high society entertainment, fashion, high-tech gadgets, and international news. With both digital and print versions available, Prestige Magazine reaches over 10,000 paid subscribers.

2. Elite Traveler Magazine

Elite Traveler Magazine Image source: Elite Traveler Magazine

Targeting the elite segment of the wealthy, Elite Traveler Magazine positions itself as the private jet lifestyle magazine. With distribution primarily on private jets and first-class airline lounges, it reaches an exclusive audience with a net worth exceeding $10 million and an average income of $5.3 million. Elite Traveler Magazine captivates its readers with relevant and exclusive content on automotive, travel, watches, fashion, and jewelry.

1. Robb Report Magazine

Robb Report Magazine Image source: Robb Report Magazine

Robb Report Magazine, with a history of almost half a century, is renowned as one of the most read luxury lifestyle publications worldwide. It appeals to ultra high net worth individuals and showcases influential luxury brands. The magazine's iconic themed editions, "Best of the Best" and "Ultimate Gifts," feature products and services worth over $80 million. Robb Report Magazine offers a glimpse into the opulent world of its affluent readers.

In conclusion, these 10 luxury magazines cater to the discerning tastes of the rich and famous, providing unparalleled insights into the world of luxury and sophistication. Whether in print or digital form, these publications embody the essence of exclusivity and offer a sensory experience that cannot be replicated by smartphones or tablets.