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How Latin-Owned Startup Holo Footwear is Revolutionizing the Footwear Industry

CEO Tinh Phung
Holo Footwear made a bold foray into the shoe market in 2020 with the launch of their eco-friendly Maverick shoe, designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand quickly gained traction, particularly among those who appreciate sustainable...

Holo Footwear made a bold foray into the shoe market in 2020 with the launch of their eco-friendly Maverick shoe, designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand quickly gained traction, particularly among those who appreciate sustainable and stylish footwear.

Fast forward three years, and Holo Footwear, helmed by industry veterans Yuri and Rommel Vega, has taken a leap into a new category with the release of the IO.01, a performance basketball shoe. The IO.01 has become the signature style for Isaac Okoro, the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This move may catch some by surprise, but the Vegas are determined to expand beyond outdoor footwear and embrace new opportunities.

Despite venturing into uncharted territory, the IO.01 maintains Holo Footwear's commitment to sustainability. The shoe features the Honest Foam+ midsole compound, made from 100 percent recycled EVA, providing exceptional support on the court. Additionally, the IO.01 incorporates eco leather, recycled cotton laces, recycled rubber outsoles, vented mesh, and removable midfoot straps for customization.

NBA, Basketball, Holo Footwear Several colorways of the Holo Footwear IO.01. Courtesy of Richard Payne/Young Money APAA Sports

The Vegas have always approached their brand with an inclusive mindset. They believe that their shoes are for anyone who wears them, which is why they continuously look for opportunities to expand beyond the outdoor market. They aim to create attainable and sustainable footwear that transcends any specific category, whether it's basketball, pickleball, or women's fashion.

The signing of Isaac Okoro aligns perfectly with Holo Footwear's philosophy. The Vegas were instantly drawn to Okoro's work ethic and saw a reflection of their own immigrant backgrounds in his story. They believe that representation matters, especially for future generations of Latinx entrepreneurs. By seeing Latin faces in ownership positions, young individuals can be inspired to pursue their dreams and break down barriers.

Yuri Vega, Rommel Vega, Holo Footwear Yuri and Rommel Vega of Holo Footwear. Courtesy of Holo Footwear

The partnership with Okoro goes beyond mere brand ambassadorship – he is also an owner of Holo Footwear. This type of collaboration is a rarity in the sneaker marketplace and testament to the Vegas' commitment to empowering athletes and fostering a family-oriented environment.

Looking to the future, Holo Footwear has exciting plans in store. They are eager to sign a WNBA player, emphasizing their dedication to inclusion and diversity. The Vegas' emphasis on representation extends to their ownership team as well, with Yuri Vega serving as part owner and president of the company.

Isaac Okoro, Holo Footwear, basketball, NBA Isaac Okoro in the Holo Footwear IO.01. Courtesy of Jimmy Longo/Cleveland Cavaliers

Holo Footwear's expansion plans also extend beyond athletes. They have their sights set on international markets, with upcoming launches in Canada, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, and Australia. Moreover, they are set to release exciting new products, such as the Athena Moc in collaboration with Kampgrounds of America (KOA) and a performance running shoe called the N-Fly.

With more than 300 stores nationwide selling Holo Footwear, including prominent retailers like Nordstrom and REI Co-op, the brand's growth is undeniable. The Vegas have assembled a team of national sales reps and strategic partnerships to further their retail presence and maximize opportunities in the athletic space.

Holo Footwear N-Fly running shoe The Holo Footwear N-Fly running shoe. Courtesy of Laura Jen/Young Money APAA Sports

By prioritizing sustainability, representation, and performance, Holo Footwear is setting itself apart in the industry. With a focus on expanding their product range, reaching new markets, and strengthening their partnerships, the Vegas are well-positioned to make their mark on the footwear world.

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