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15 of the Best Wellness Websites in 2021: Your Guide to a Healthier Life

CEO Tinh Phung
Health, fitness, and wellness have taken center stage in our lives, especially in the past year, as we navigate the impacts of the pandemic. With more time spent at home, we have been on a...

Health, fitness, and wellness have taken center stage in our lives, especially in the past year, as we navigate the impacts of the pandemic. With more time spent at home, we have been on a journey to find ways to lead happier, healthier lives from the comfort of our own spaces. The wellness industry has risen to the occasion, adapting and pivoting to digital platforms to cater to our needs.

The internet is flooded with resources that aim to help us incorporate wellness into our daily lives. However, with so many options available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. That's why we've curated a list of the best wellness websites in 2021, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest health trends and best practices.

1. The Real Food Dietitians

The Real Food Dietitians

This website is your one-stop-shop for healthy eating. With their tagline "eat well, live well, be well," The Real Food Dietitians provides a variety of nutritious recipes for every dietary preference. Whether you're gluten-free, vegan, or following a Paleo diet, you'll find plenty of options here. Get ready to whip up some delicious and filling meals that will nourish your body and soul. Their team of registered dietitians also offers valuable insights on nutrition, making this website a valuable resource for your wellness journey.

2. MyFitnessPal


Join over 140 million people who have embraced MyFitnessPal as a motivational tool for tracking exercise, food, and water intake. Whether your goal is to shed some pounds or simply make healthier choices, MyFitnessPal is your trusted companion. This website and app allow you to log your meals and favorite foods, giving you a clear understanding of your energy intake and expenditure. With insights into serving sizes and personalized goals, MyFitnessPal helps you stay accountable and on track.

3. Livestrong


Livestrong is a go-to destination for all fitness fanatics. This website covers a wide range of wellness topics, providing valuable information on healthy living. From food swaps to meal planning and quick full-body workouts, Livestrong has you covered. Need guidance on a specific exercise? Livestrong offers detailed descriptions and tutorials. With insights from experts in the field, Livestrong ensures that you have all the tools you need to achieve your wellness goals.

4. Healthline


For trustworthy and comprehensive health information, turn to Healthline. Their mission is to help people reconnect with their well-being by providing expert-based information on mental and physical health. With a team of doctors, nurses, and public health experts, Healthline ensures that you have access to accurate and evidence-based content. From parenting tips to reducing anxiety, Healthline covers a wide range of topics to cater to all your wellness needs.

5. Avocadu


Avocadu believes that food is medicine and focuses on promoting a "quality over quantity" approach to health. With a range of resources, including weight loss recipes, yoga, and a 21-day challenge, Avocadu aims to educate and inspire individuals about nutrition and overall well-being. Their inclusive approach recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all diet and encourages you to embrace a holistic approach to health.

6. Well + Good

Well + Good

Well + Good began as a wellness trend hub in New York City and has now expanded nationwide. This website covers a wide range of topics, including travel, food, fitness, and relationships. Well + Good recognizes the connection between physical and mental well-being, offering insights on food sustainability, mindfulness, and in-season foods. With travel articles that incorporate fitness and good eats, Well + Good helps you prioritize a healthy lifestyle.

7. Greatist


Greatist is your go-to resource for healthy eating inspiration and meal ideas. Whether you're cooking for yourself or your family, Greatist offers a variety of nutritious recipes. From protein-loaded snacks to surprising hydrating foods, Greatist has something for everyone. This wellness website also covers skincare, beauty regimens, and fitness tips, ensuring that you have a holistic approach to well-being.

8. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is led by a team of body-positive pioneers who believe that getting healthy should be fun. They challenge the notion that the number on the scale defines your worth and promote a positive and inclusive approach to wellness. With topics ranging from fitness and healthy recipes to Zen moments and parenting advice, Fit Bottomed Girls has something for everyone. Their coaching section and podcast episodes provide additional support and guidance on your wellness journey.

9. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is your ultimate resource for exercise and fitness. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, Breaking Muscle offers a wealth of knowledge and guidance. From strength and conditioning programs to healthy recipes and tips on combatting junk food addiction, Breaking Muscle covers all aspects of physical well-being. Coaches can also find resources to grow and support their businesses on this website.

10. ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness

ACE Fitness provides a wide range of articles on nutrition, training, and behavior change. Their goal is to support people of all ages and abilities in living a healthier lifestyle. With evidence-based content and a team dedicated to staying up to date with the latest research, ACE Fitness ensures that you have accurate and reliable information to improve your health and well-being.

11. Women's Health

Women's Health

Women's Health has been empowering women in the health and wellness space for over a decade. This website offers a wealth of information on nutrition, fitness, natural health, and beauty. With insights from doctors, trainers, and dietitians, Women's Health provides a trustworthy source to make informed decisions about your well-being. Let Women's Health guide you on your journey to a healthier you.

12. Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

For all the yogis out there, Yoga Journal is your ultimate destination. With over four decades of expertise, Yoga Journal provides information on yoga poses, health and wellness tips, and nutrition advice. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you'll find detailed descriptions and videos to enhance your practice. Let Yoga Journal help you find balance, both physically and philosophically.

13. Verywell Health

Verywell Health

Navigating online medical information can be overwhelming and confusing. That's where Verywell Health comes in. With over 18,000 pieces of content written by healthcare professionals, Verywell Health provides reliable and easy-to-understand information on various medical topics. Their comprehensive coverage ensures that you leave each article with a clear understanding and peace of mind.

14. Olive Magazine

Olive Magazine

Olive Magazine is your go-to resource for recipes, reviews, and inspiration. With a user-friendly interface, Olive Magazine offers recipes across various categories, including special diets such as keto, paleo, gluten-free, and vegan. Whether you're feeling stuck in your recipe routine or looking to try something new, Olive Magazine has got you covered. Their meal planning app, Whisk, allows you to add recipes directly to your weekly meal planner and grocery list.

15. Shape


Shape is your go-to resource for staying on top of the latest wellness trends. Their website features a wide range of content on lifestyle and wellness topics. From sustainable living and healthy eating to product reviews and experiences, Shape covers it all. Stay informed and inspired as you embark on your wellness journey.

In summary, these top health and wellness websites have one thing in common: They provide evidence-based information and real-life stories to empower and motivate you. From nutrition and fitness to mental and physical well-being, these websites offer a holistic approach to living a healthier life. Explore these resources, learn from experts, and start your wellness journey today.