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35 Winter Chic Designer Fashions to Love for January 2022

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Now that we've entered the new year and left the December lull behind, it's time to get back into the swing of things and dress to impress. If you're wondering what to wear in January...

Now that we've entered the new year and left the December lull behind, it's time to get back into the swing of things and dress to impress. If you're wondering what to wear in January 2022, we've got you covered. Whether you're heading to work, going off-duty, working out, going on a date night, or even planning a beach vacation, we have the perfect designer fashions to keep you winter chic. So let's embrace the winter blues and make a fashion statement!

What to Wear in January 2022

The perfect color palette for January in the Northern Hemisphere is one that reflects the wintry mountain air - crisp, sharp, and fresh. Think shades of blue, white, ivory, silver, grey, and a touch of purple. A thread or two of gold or a pop of red can also add an interesting touch. Embrace the colors of ice, snow, fog, and sleet to create a stylish winter wardrobe.

Winter Fashion Caption: Winter chic designer fashions.

When it comes to texture, opt for faux fur, silky-softness, and warmth. Choose wardrobe items that feel like a hug, so you can tackle the tasks of January with comfort and style.

Style Inspiration for What to Wear in January 2022

If you're on board with the color palette, here are five great ways to channel the essence of January in your fashion choices throughout the month:

Winter Fashion Caption: Winter fashion inspiration.

What to Wear for Work in January 2022

Getting back into work mode after the holidays can be challenging, but adding a touch of style can make it more enjoyable. Try new designer options in cool shades of blue, grey, and white. A navy cashmere dress from Raey or sharp tailoring from Wardrobe.NYC can elevate your work attire. Accessorize with chic glass earrings from Annika Inez or a stylish crossbody bag. Complete your look with a navy trench coat from Burberry to showcase your boss lady vibes.

What to Wear for Off-Duty Adventures in January 2022

When refined casual is the dress code, there are fantastic new pieces to enliven your wardrobe. Whether you're brunching with friends or exploring a museum, you can stay stylish in any weather. Opt for a ribbed-knit slim midi skirt from Third Form or a pale blue sweatshirt from Balmain. A cream sweater from Bottega Veneta or crescent moon print indigo jeans from Marine Serre are also great options. Accessorize with a smart woven tote from Dragon Diffusion or ivory thick-soled Wander leather shoes from Alexander McQueen.

What to Wear for Working Out or Hanging Out in January 2022

For those who love outdoor sports or want to upgrade their indoor workout wear, we have some top picks for you. Try navy sports bras and leggings from Girlfriend Collective or a luxurious cashmere hoodie and coordinating sweatpants from Raey. If golfing is your thing, go for a padded golf sweatshirt from Bogner. For après-ski or casual hangouts, consider tie-dyed tracksuits from The Upside or a trendy padded puffer jacket. Complete your look with stylish sneakers or a gym bag to carry your essentials.

What to Wear for Date Night in January 2022

Winter romance is something special, so make a statement on your date night with cool colors. An icy blue mini dress or a silver lame maxi dress can make you stand out. Pair them with Mateo's drop earrings or crystal-strap sky blue sandals from Amina Muaddi. Complete your look with a silver star-shaped crystal clutch from Judith Leiber or an embellished beanie from Jennifer Behr to add a playful touch.

What to Pack and Wear for a Beach Vacation in January 2022

If you're lucky enough to be living in a warm climate or heading to a beach vacation, you can adopt a cool winter vibe with these gorgeous options. A printed maxi dress from Johanna Ortiz or a white linen mini dress from Posse will keep you stylish and comfortable. For pool time, consider a crinkled one-piece swimsuit from Bond-Eye. Accessorize with a minimalist navy tote and a pair of chic sunglasses. Finish off your beach look with sparkling silver shoes or the latest Balenciaga and Crocs collaboration.

What to Wear This January 2022

These are just a few ideas to help you not only survive but thrive this month. Whether you're heading to work, enjoying some downtime, staying active, going on a date, or planning a beach getaway, we have the perfect fashion recommendations for you. Stay safe and stylish, dear reader!

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