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50+ Simple Mehndi Designs to Bookmark!

CEO Tinh Phung
Looking for easy yet stunning mehndi designs for reference? Look no further! Whether you prefer trendy, minimal, simple, or festive designs, we've got you covered. These mehndi designs are not only amazing but also require...

Looking for easy yet stunning mehndi designs for reference? Look no further! Whether you prefer trendy, minimal, simple, or festive designs, we've got you covered. These mehndi designs are not only amazing but also require minimal effort. Whether you plan to get them done for a special occasion or want to try applying henna yourself, these trending designs are sure to be loved and cherished. So, let's explore these modern and stylish simple mehndi designs that you won't be able to resist!

1. This treasure trove of simple designs

Brownhue Mehendi Nothing beats simple mehndi designs with lotus motifs as the main theme. They are minimal yet super elegant.

2. Lotus Love!

Brownhue Mehendi Lotus motifs are a beautiful choice for simple mehndi designs. They add a touch of elegance to any design.

3. Trending Jharokha Style Stylish Simple Mehndi!

Jharokha Style Mehndi Designs Jharokha style mehndi designs are currently trending and for good reason. They are absolutely stunning!

4. Simple Mehndi Designs With A Box Style That We Are Loving!

bridal simple mehndi If you're looking for something unique, these box-style mehndi designs are perfect. They are easy to apply and loved by everyone.

5. Delicate Rose Motifs!

Pinterest Bridal mehndi designs with floral patterns, especially roses, are a beautiful combination of modern and traditional styles.

6. Monogram Style!

Pinterest The monogram style is in vogue right now, and it adds a touch of class to any bridal mehndi design.

7. Celebrity Bride Arpita Mehta Too Went Minimal!

Arpita and Kunal Even celebrity brides are opting for minimal designs. Take inspiration from ace designer Arpita Mehta's mandala and bracelet style mehndi design.

8. Stunning Jaal Design!

Nurah's Henna This stunning bridal mehndi design is minimal yet gorgeous. It proves that simple designs can still make a statement.

9. A Little Ellie And Parrot Love!

Pinterest This unique design features cute elephant and parrot motifs. It's simple yet awe-inspiring.

10. This Minimal Half Mehendi With That Stunning Rose Bracelet!

Pinterest Who says bridal mehndi cannot be minimal? Take inspiration from this bride's simple back design that features a stunning rose bracelet.

11. Crisscross Lovers!

Raju Mehendi Artist GK Delicate crisscross designs on the back of the hand create the illusion of delicate veils. It's a unique and beautiful choice.

12. Gorgeous Henna Stain Style Mehendi!

Pinterest If you prefer a more minimal and hassle-free design, try this DIY henna stain style mehndi design.

13. A Galaxy Of Stars

Halima Nizami This design is simply gorgeous with its intricate star motifs. It's a perfect choice for brides who want something different.

14. Go Old School With This Minimal Mehendi Design!

Henna by Divya If you've always dreamed of a simple and minimal mehndi design, look no further than this nostalgic and easy-to-apply design.

15. Victorian Style Delicate Mehendi Work Has Our Heart!

Pinterest Intricate and delicate mehndi designs always steal the spotlight. They are perfect for brides who prefer minimal designs.

16. Aaj Chand Taare Zameen Pe Aagaye!

Pinterest If you're looking for different motifs, try these stars and moon designs. They add a unique touch to any mehndi design.

17. The Perfect Mix Of Traditional Indian Mehendi Design, Yet Minimal!

Prune This design combines traditional Indian mehndi motifs with a minimalist touch. It's lovely and captivating.

18. Portrait Style Love!

Pinterest Don't give up on your portrait style mehndi design dreams just because you want to go minimal. This bride did both and it turned out spectacular.

19. Loving This Panel Mehendi Design For A Bridal Look!

Pinterest For brides who want full hand mehndi designs that are simple yet stunning, this panel-style design is perfect.

20. For Brides Who Love Their Super Minimal Mehndi Styles!

Henna by Alhana This design is perfect for super minimal brides who want a simple design at the back of their hand.

21. Give Us A Dainty And Floral Mehendi Design And We Are Sold!

Rav B Jewellery These simple mehndi designs, along with a stunning cocktail ring, are absolutely enchanting.

22. Rose Mehendi With Stain!

Arabic Mehendis Stain style mehndi designs are coming back in vogue. This design combines roses with the stain effect for a unique look.

23. Corset Style Mehendi Design For The Bride!

Pinterest For brides who want something out of the box and unique, this corset-style design is perfect.

24. Statement Leaf Motif With Minimal Mehendi Design For The Fingers!

Pinterest This design showcases a statement leaf motif and is perfect for minimalists who want to focus on their palm jewelry.

25. Minimal Mandalas!

The Creative Lens These minimal mandala style mehndi designs are quick and easy to apply. They are perfect for brides who want a simple yet beautiful look.

26. This Lotus Motif Beauty Looks So Divine With The Spaced-Out Design!

Pinterest Lotus motifs are always a bridal favorite. This design is a true piece of art on your hands.

27. Unique Leaf Motif Beauty!

Brownhue Mehendi If you're not a fan of florals, try this unique leaf motif design instead.

28. Mini Mandala Loving!

Umamah These mini mandalas are perfect for brides who want a small yet beautiful mehndi design.

29. Daisy Florals With Lace Glove Style Henna Design!

Pinterest This intricate and delicate design is loved by everyone. It's perfect for any occasion.

30. Panelled Mehendi Design With Cascading Roses!

Pinterest This panel-style design with cascading roses is absolutely captivating. You'll fall in love with it instantly.

31. Love This Arabic Style Floral Bridal Mehendi!

Sha Mehendi For brides who want a simple yet traditional mehndi, this Arabic style design with floral detailing is perfect.

32. Intricacy Queen!

Pinterest If you love intricate detailing, this Persian style design is perfect. It's a great choice for brides who want a unique look.

33. Nothing like this simple half & half hand mehndi design with dotted motifs on one half of the hand and detailed swirls on the other

Alankritaa This detailed yet minimal mehndi design is a perfect alternative to the circular design in the middle of the palm. It's simple and elegant, and won't take more than an hour or two to apply.

34. For the urbane brides who want to keep their mehndi minimal & understated, this mehndi design is just apt!

Henna by Divya If you want to let your jewelry stand out, this minimal henna design is perfect. It's simple yet elegant.

35. In a mood for unconventional aesthetics? We found you this checkered minimal hand mehendi design topped with pretty floral motifs!

Divya Henna For a unique and trendy look, try this checkered design with floral motifs. It's a perfect choice for the modern bride.

36. This elegant bridal mehendi design curated with symmetrical swirls, dots, scallops, and chain-like patterns is a sure shot win!

manraj_henna For brides who want a simple yet elegant look for their intimate wedding, this short-length mehndi design is perfect. It features beautiful patterns from the wrist to the fingertips.

37. Talk about minimal mehndi designs, and this one is the perfect representation of it!

theweddingstorieslhr This design is calming and subtle, making your hand look graceful. It's a great choice for brides who want a simple and hassle-free design.

38. Add a whiff of fresh air to your minimal mehndi design by including a groom portrait or a fun caricature into it!

1plus1 Studio If you want to hop on the new trends while keeping your mehndi design minimal, consider including a groom portrait or a fun caricature. It adds a touch of uniqueness to your design.

39. Mandalas can also make for a great option for your minimal mehndi design, and here's proof!

hennabynedak Mandala designs are timeless and never go out of style. The beautiful patterns around a circle on the palm, complemented by a jaal pattern in the background, create a beautiful and unique design.

40. Hearting over this dainty back hand mehndi design that is inspired by a hathphool!

henna_sheike Why wear a hathphool when you can have a mehndi design that looks exactly like one? This hathphool-inspired design is perfect for minimal brides or intimate weddings.

41. Love how those concentric circles in the center add charm to this particular design!

The Lightsmiths Playing with swirls and circles in your mehndi design is always fun. This minimal design is perfect for brides planning a simple wedding.

42. Don't want to go all out yet want something unique? How about this proposal mehndi that is limited to the palms and a little above them only!

Clicksunlimited Photography This unique design is perfect for your mehndi ki raat. It's bridal yet doesn't extend up to your arm, making it simple yet unique.

43. This beautiful lotus-inspired design that is giving us all the feels!

rosemehndi Flowers in mehndi designs may be cliché, but this lotus-inspired design adds a beautiful twist. It's the perfect choice for your big day.

44. A little dose of bride and groom love on each palm!

Anuprit and Akshita's Wedding Break away from the traditional mandala or circular patterns and opt for a portrait design instead. This design features the baraat and groom on one hand and the doli and bride on the other, along with cute little patterns on the fingers.

45. This delicate and simple mehndi design along with empty spaces is perfect for a minimal-loving bride!

Pinterest This mehndi design is simply gorgeous and perfectly simple. It will surely steal the show and earn you compliments.

46. A little sun design with a wristband style design

Pinterest The back of your hand is just as important as the front. This sun design is set to be a hit this wedding season.

47. A little warli love

Pinterest If you love warli designs, this minimalistic design is perfect for you. It's a beautiful choice for your mehndi ki raat.

48. Floral mehendi with buttis

Fotowalle - The Story Folks This mehndi design screams minimalism in every way. It's perfect for intimate wedding functions.

49. This Simpsons-inspired design with delicate floral design

Simpsons Mehendi Feature For a unique and trendy look, try this Simpsons-inspired design. It's not too bridal but still simple and stylish.

50. For all the brides who love jaali work, this simple mehndi design is just for them

Pinterest If you love jaali designs, this simple mehndi design is perfect. It's a great choice for brides who want a touch of tradition.

51. Only Fingers!

Pinterest This minimalist mehndi design is perfect for brides who prefer simple designs for their wedding day.

52. Lotus Motifs With A Lace Glove Style Mehndi Design!

Pinterest This design combines lotus motifs with a lace glove style. It's a beautiful choice for brides who want a unique look.

Now that you have a plethora of simple mehndi designs for your hands, it's time to explore minimalist mehndi designs for your feet. Stay tuned for more inspiration!

Which minimal mehndi design will you choose for your intimate wedding? Let us know in the comment section.