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Have dry skin? Curel Foaming Wash - A Moisturizing Solution for Your Skin

CEO Tinh Phung
Are you on a quest to find skincare that is gentle enough to suit your dehydrated skin? Look no further! Curel Foaming Wash, a product made in Japan, is specially formulated for those with dry...

Are you on a quest to find skincare that is gentle enough to suit your dehydrated skin? Look no further! Curel Foaming Wash, a product made in Japan, is specially formulated for those with dry and sensitive skin. It claims to help skin retain moisture with its "Intensive Moisture Care" formula, and today, I am here to share my review of this product.

Curel Foaming Wash and Its Benefits

Curél is a brand originating in Japan and falls under the Kao umbrella. Unlike its sister brands, Curel focuses on targeting those with dry and sensitive skin. They have conducted extensive research and found that the lack of ceramide is the root cause of dry and sensitive skin. Thus, Curel's skincare regimen revolves around ceramide, which helps skin retain moisture and protects it against external irritants.

But does Curel Foaming Wash contain Ceramide? According to the ingredient list, it does not contain added Ceramide. However, it does have conditioning ingredients that help the skin protect its own ceramide. This facial cleanser consists of water, glycerin, maltitol, and other gentle ingredients that work together to cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural hydration.

Six Reasons to Love Curel Foaming Wash

1. Effortless Application

Curel Foaming Wash comes in a convenient pump bottle that provides an effortless application. With just one-step and a single-hand action, you can depress the pump and have the foam ready to use. Unlike tube cleansers that require you to open the cap, squeeze the tube, and massage the product to generate foam, this pump bottle saves time and effort.

2. Thorough Cleansing

Unlike some moisturizing cleansers that can leave a film on the face, Curel Foaming Wash thoroughly cleanses without leaving any slippery residue. You'll know your cleansing process is complete when your skin feels clean and refreshed.

3. No Dry Skin Patches

After using Curel Foaming Wash for many months, I can confidently say that my skin is now in a balanced state, free of dry patches or flaky skin. This face wash helps to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

4. Free of Unnecessary Ingredients

Curel Foaming Wash is free of fragrance, colorant, and alcohol. It has also been allergy and patch-tested on sensitive skin sufferers. Many users with sensitive skin have reported positive experiences with this cleanser.

5. Good Quantity to Last

The bottle of Curel Foaming Wash contains 150g of liquid, which is about 50% more than a tube cleanser. This generous quantity ensures that the product lasts for an extended period. After four months of use, I am still only 80% through the bottle.

6. Sturdy Bottle with Classic & Modern Design

Curel Foaming Wash comes in a sturdy bottle made of high-quality material. The thick plastic retains its form even when squeezed tightly. The minimalist design, with a white base and turquoise accent, gives it a pure, classic, and modern aesthetic that will remain timeless.

A Few Considerations

While Curel Foaming Wash offers several benefits, there are a couple of things you may want to keep in mind:

  1. While it is not drying, it may not be as moisturizing as expected. It is advisable to follow up with a moisturizer immediately after cleansing to prevent any potential skin tightness.
  2. The price of this drugstore cleanser may be considered a little steep compared to other options on the market. However, considering its ability to keep your skin free of dry patches, it may still be worth the investment.

Final Verdict - Is Curel Foaming Wash Worth It?

Overall, Curel Foaming Wash lives up to its claims of providing gentle and moisturizing care for dry and sensitive skin. While it may not be the most moisturizing cleanser on the market, it effectively cleanses without stripping hydration. The product's quality, long-lasting quantity, and impressive design make it a worthwhile purchase.

If you have dry, dehydrated, mature, or sensitive skin and prefer a foaming face wash, Curel Foaming Wash is definitely worth considering. I would rate it 4/5.

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