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Founder of 'Beauty Barn' Shares Insights on K-Beauty, Gender Stereotypes, and More

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In recent years, the demand for Korean skincare products has skyrocketed, and India is no exception to this trend. While the influence of Korean Dramas and K-POP Idols may have played a part, the real...

In recent years, the demand for Korean skincare products has skyrocketed, and India is no exception to this trend. While the influence of Korean Dramas and K-POP Idols may have played a part, the real reason behind the craze lies in the use of natural ingredients and effective skincare techniques.

Unlike chemical cosmetics, K-Beauty brands focus on using natural products that cater to all skin types. They address the root causes of skin issues rather than just covering them up. This approach has led to the popularity of products like face sheet masks, serums, and toners.

Amidst the growing interest in K-Beauty, we had the opportunity to speak with Toina Kinimi, the Founder of Beauty Barn, a trusted online store that offers affordable K-Beauty and skincare products in India. Toina has successfully navigated the competitive market and the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Beauty Barn Founder

Namaste Hallyu (NH): Beauty Barn has established itself as a trusted and successful website for K-Beauty in India. What do you think sets Beauty Barn apart from others?

Toina Kinimi, Beauty Barn (BB): Thank you for recognizing Beauty Barn as a trustworthy and successful website. Our unique selling point is our commitment to the skincare community in India. From the beginning, we have focused on providing affordable and accessible K-Beauty products, along with comprehensive information to help our users make informed decisions for their skin.

NH: Can you tell us about the journey of how Beauty Barn came into existence?

BB: I started Beauty Barn as an e-store on Instagram, where I shared and discussed K-Beauty products with my clients. The increasing demand for Korean beauty products led me to launch our web portal beautybarn.in in 2017. It brings me immense joy to provide a platform to bring the best of Korean skincare to everyone who seeks a skin revival. I hope to see people across the country feeling confident and happy in their skin.

NH: K-Beauty products have gained significant popularity compared to other beauty products. What makes K-Beauty unique?

BB: Apart from their innovative trends, the core of Korean skincare lies in the science behind it and the focus on addressing the root of skin concerns. Natural ingredients and gentle formulations are the foundation of Korean skincare products, which deliver promising results. Personally, I have experienced the effectiveness of Korean skincare, and I believe those who have embraced it would echo the same sentiment.

NH: Do you think K-Dramas & K-POP play a significant role in the success of K-Beauty & skincare? What other factors contribute to the popularity of these products?

BB: The popularity of K-Dramas and K-POP cannot be underestimated, and their influence is immense. However, the success of K-Beauty and skincare is also attributed to their innovative technology, which is unmatched worldwide. The philosophy of addressing skin problems at their root and focusing on prevention is another crucial factor. The use of different ingredients, product types, and unique packaging also contribute to the popularity.

NH: Can you give us an overview of the wide range of products that Beauty Barn offers, as well as a sneak peek of upcoming brands?

BB: At Beauty Barn, we have curated a wide range of proven Korean skincare products that help our clients achieve their beauty goals. From everyday routine products to targeted skincare solutions, we offer an expansive selection. Additionally, we provide complimentary skincare consultations for all skin issues.

NH: The pandemic has posed challenges for businesses worldwide. How did you handle the lockdown and restrictions in terms of deliveries and service?

BB: It has been a learning experience indeed. I was inspired by human resilience and our ability to adapt and remain strong. Through the tireless efforts of our team and the cooperation of our service partners, we overcame the challenges brought about by the pandemic. Although our deliveries were halted for about two months due to restrictions, we took that time to connect better with our customers, who, in turn, showed immense patience and support. Our collective efforts contributed to Beauty Barn's resilience.

NH: There are areas in India that still lack access to K-Beauty products. Do you have plans to expand and open offline stores in different regions?

BB: Yes, we do have plans to expand our offline stores across India.

NH: With the increasing demand for Korean beauty, can we expect Beauty Barn to launch more Korean makeup products alongside skincare?

BB: Absolutely! We always listen to our customers and connect with them on their skincare journey. Their needs and wants help us identify trends and consistently improve our service. So, yes, we will be expanding into Korean makeup products in the future.

NH: Were there any challenges in introducing K-Beauty products in India, or did the already popular K-Culture, especially in the North East, facilitate its acceptance?

BB: K-Beauty and K-Culture have captivated the whole world, and India is no exception. While there are international sites that ship to India, the customs charges often make it difficult. So, the establishment of a one-stop destination for K-Beauty products in India was warmly welcomed.

NH: What message do you have for people who believe that K-Beauty skincare is gender restrictive? How do you promote androgynous/genderless skincare and beauty?

BB: Instead of promoting brands that segregate people by gender, we should challenge and break gender stereotypes. It's essential to have honest conversations about inclusivity and diversity, and Beauty Barn is open to such discussions.

NH: We noticed that Beauty Barn has made changes to its logo and marketing strategies. Can we say that your brand is evolving? How do you envision Beauty Barn five years from now?

BB: Yes, our decision to make creative changes reflects our brand evolution, considering customer feedback and design trends. Our future plan is to grow our brand, establish more connections with Korean skincare brands, and deliver high-quality skincare products that provide value to all individuals.

NH: What advice would you give to someone new to K-Beauty when trying it for the first time?

BB: If you want to see results from K-Beauty products, always remember these tips before making a purchase: choose products formulated for your specific skin type, and understand your skin concerns instead of blindly following trends.

NH: Lastly, could you recommend your current top 5 products from Beauty Barn?


  • Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner
  • COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  • Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
  • Purito Centella Unscented Serum
  • I'm From Mugwort Cream

Toina describes the journey of Beauty Barn with the words "Radiant, Trustworthy, Impactful." Over the years, Beauty Barn has become more than just an online store. It offers personalized skincare consultations, different categories for specific skincare concerns, and a selection of over 20 Korean skincare brands. Beauty Barn has truly become India's one-stop destination for Korean Skincare and Beauty.

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Written by Lasya and Manasha