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Kanebo Sensai Absolute Silk: A Luxurious Journey to Radiant Skin

CEO Tinh Phung
In the quest for radiant and youthful skin, I recently immersed myself in the world of Sensai skincare products. As a long-time skincare enthusiast, I've grown increasingly interested in high-end luxury skincare. Amidst the saturation...

Sensai review Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash, Cleansing Milk and Illuminative Cream

In the quest for radiant and youthful skin, I recently immersed myself in the world of Sensai skincare products. As a long-time skincare enthusiast, I've grown increasingly interested in high-end luxury skincare. Amidst the saturation in the market, I couldn't resist taking a step back to explore some of the old classics that my mom always raved about, with Kanebo Sensai being one of them.

The Sensai Absolute Silk line is a collection of extravagant skincare products that prioritize intense hydration and nourishment. This range caters to mature and dry skin, offering opulent textures and the benefits of silk-infused formulations for a radiant complexion. Sensai recently expanded the line with two new cleansing products to complete the Saho ceremony - double cleansing/double moisture - making it even more enticing. Intrigued, I got my hands on a travel set that included the new cleansers and the Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream, launched a year ago.

The Sensai Saho Routine with Absolute Silk

Sensai Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk review

Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk - A Silken Path to Clean, Nourished Skin

This wipe-off cleansing milk promises to remove makeup and oil-based impurities with the gentle touch of a silk cloth, leaving the skin fresh and supple. As it's intended for nighttime makeup removal, the amount you get is slightly less than that of the micro mousse wash.

Texture & Application

The Sensai Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk boasts a texture that transforms from a gentle milk to oil upon contact with the skin. This dual-action formula caught my attention. Unlike other milk cleansers I've tried, this one didn't feel like smearing body lotion all over my face. It also maintained its slip like an oil cleanser.

This cleansing milk offers versatility in application. You can use it together with a cotton pad as your first step in the evening to remove makeup, sunscreen, and impurities from the day. Then, follow up with a proper cleanse and evening routine a few hours later using the Micro Mousse Wash. Alternatively, you can use it as you would a cleansing oil in your two-step cleansing routine. Personally, I found that applying the cleansing milk with my hands offered a more intimate and sensory experience, reminiscent of using a traditional oil cleanser. The silky milk glides effortlessly over the skin, making it a pleasure to massage and work into the complexion.

Applying the Sensai Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk is like indulging in a mini facial massage. The sensation is soothing, and it effectively dissolves makeup, sunscreen, and impurities. If you enjoy fragrance-free products, Sensai may not be your best choice. However, if you're looking for a sensorial cleansing experience, the Absolute Silk line is delicately scented, evoking the feeling of a luxurious spa treatment.

The Sensai Cleansing Milk emulsifies easily with water, leaving the skin undisturbed and ready for the next cleansing step with the Micro Mousse Wash.


The Sensai Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk is the first step in your cleansing ritual. While it offers a dual-action cleansing experience that is both effective and indulgent, you will need to follow up with a second-step cleanser. Its milk-to-oil transformation brings a sense of luxury to the daily ritual of removing makeup and impurities. It nourishes and hydrates the skin better than an oil cleanser, making it perfect for dry to mature skin types.

However, if you're looking for a more cost-effective option, you may find similar cleansing milks for less. But for those seeking a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience with a touch of luxury, the Sensai Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk is worth considering when paired with the Micro Mousse Wash. Whether you're a skincare connoisseur or someone who values the power of self-care, this cleansing milk offers a silken path to radiant, supple skin.

Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash review

Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash - A Luxurious Sensorial Cleansing Experience

This foam cleanser caught my attention with its luxurious claims, setting it apart from other mousse cleansers I've encountered. It is designed to be used as the second step in your cleansing Saho ceremony. Its micro-carbonated mousse gently lifts impurities, purifies the skin, and leaves your complexion luminous, with enhanced clarity and reduced visible pores. It optimizes your skin to absorb the rest of your skincare routine.

Texture and Application

The packaging of the Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash is unique, resembling an air-tight can similar to hair styling mousse. This standout feature contributes to the texture of the product. It glides onto the skin with the grace of silk, imparting a sensation similar to whipped cream. The delicate balance of a soft foam that feels like silk and glides like oil showcases Sensai's dedication to delivering a premium skincare experience. It transforms the act of cleansing into a pampering ritual, elevating your skincare routine to new heights.

What truly sets the Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash apart is the application technique recommended by the brand. Rather than simply applying and rinsing, Sensai encourages users to embrace a more thorough approach. On their website, Sensai provides videos on how to massage the foam onto your face using gentle circular motions. This massage not only ensures effective cleansing but also enhances the experience by promoting relaxation and improved circulation. Afterward, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water or wipe off with the Sensai Sponge Cheif for a refreshed and revitalized complexion.


Upon dispensing the Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash, I was immediately struck by its velvety texture. Unlike the typical mousse cleansers I've used before, this one felt notably different. The foam is incredibly soft and airy, resembling a fine whipped cream more than a traditional cleanser. This transformation of texture piqued my curiosity, setting the stage for a luxurious cleansing ritual.

Despite being a foam cleanser, it is incredibly moisturizing. Unlike the Sensai Silky Purifying Creamy Soap, which leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, the Micro Mousse Wash leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and pleasant.


In a market saturated with cleansers of various textures and formulations, the Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Wash stands out as a true embodiment of luxury and innovation. It offers the most indulgent cleansing experience I've ever encountered and delivers everything I expected from the price and the brand. Its soft, velvety foam transforms the act of cleansing into a pampering ritual, elevating your skincare routine to new heights.

For those seeking a sensorial journey combined with effective cleansing, the Micro Mousse Wash is undoubtedly worth considering. Its unique texture and application technique make it a standout choice among foam cleansers. It seamlessly aligns with the quality and opulence that the Sensai Absolute Silk line is known for. Whether you're an avid skincare enthusiast or simply someone who values self-care moments, this foam cleanser is poised to bring a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream - A Luxurious, Yet Heavy Delight

The Absolute Silk line by Sensai offers two intriguing options - the Illuminative Cream and the Absolute Silk Cream. In this review, I'll share my experience with the Illuminative Cream, comparing it to its counterpart and highlighting its performance on my skin. Please note that this review is based solely on my experience with the Sensai Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream, as I have not personally tried the Absolute Silk Cream. Comparisons are drawn from available product information and reviews.

First Impressions

The Sensai Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream comes in an elegant, pristine white jar, exuding a sense of opulence. The packaging alone suggests that this is a product designed to provide a lavish skincare experience. The cream's texture is notably thick and creamy, giving off a sense of richness.


Upon application, the cream glides onto the skin smoothly and gradually absorbs. I didn't need to use much product, although it could have been the price tag talking. Since the jar contained only 7ml, I wanted to make the experience last as long as possible.

The Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream leaves a noticeable sheen on the skin, which I didn't anticipate from a cream designed for regular daytime use. The immediate result is a radiant glow, which can, however, border on greasiness. In fact, the cream left a slightly oily residue that resembled the effect of an overnight sleeping mask. This aspect made me reconsider its suitability for daytime application, except perhaps during colder months when my skin tends to be drier.

While I haven't tried the Absolute Silk Cream, based on the description and reviews, it appears to be a lighter and more versatile option for daytime use. The Illuminative Cream, on the other hand, leans towards being a more intensive treatment, suitable for those seeking extra hydration and nourishment.

Although I only had a 7ml sample, I did notice an instant reduction in fine lines and a renewed glow from the cream. My skin tone also appeared brighter and more even-toned during testing. Interestingly, I achieved better results with the Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream when using the Sensai AI Silk Skin Checker.


While I only had about two weeks' worth of use from the Sensai Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream, I did feel that it deeply moisturized and smoothed my skin. However, I also found that the product may have been too heavy for my current skincare needs. As someone in my thirties with normal/combination skin, the heavy texture gave my face an undesired shine, making it less than ideal for daytime wear. I would consider reaching for it during colder months or as an occasional treat for nighttime pampering.

In conclusion, the Sensai Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream is undeniably luxurious and has the potential to provide significant hydration and nourishment to those with drier and more mature skin. The entire Absolute Silk line delivers on its promise of intense hydration. I am still intrigued to try out the original Absolute Silk Cream. Let's not forget that the line also offers an even lighter moisturizer, the Absolute Silk Fluid, which may be better suited for younger skin.

While the Illuminative Cream felt heavy and a bit too moisturizing for my current skin needs, I appreciate its potential benefits as I age. Its texture resembles that of an overnight sleeping mask, which can be a drawback for daytime use. Using the complete Absolute Silk line on young skin may be excessive unless you have naturally dry or parched skin. Ultimately, this cream highlights that skincare is not a one-size-fits-all journey (no matter the price tag) - it's about finding products that match your skin's unique needs and requirements.

Sensai Absolute Silk Fluid review

Absolute Silk Fluid

So, I managed to grab a sample of the Absolute Silk Fluid and wanted to give a short update on my thoughts about it!

I must say that fluid/emulsion-type moisturizers have really grown on me. At first glance, you might think they wouldn't provide enough hydration. However, just like the Sulwhasoo Essential Comfort Emulsion, the Absolute Silk Fluid moisturizes and softens the skin nicely without a heavy feel. Another aspect I appreciate about fluids is that you can use much less compared to creams. This 7ml sample lasted me almost a month of daily use!


Compared to the Illuminative Cream, the fluid felt like a better match for my skin and provided the same benefits. My fine lines appeared reduced, and my skin looked clearer while incorporating it into my routine. Although thinner in texture, I felt it provided enough moisture for both day and evening use. Especially if your evening routine already includes moisturizing products, the Silk Fluid seals the deal with a lighter feel. It absorbs quickly without drying out the skin or leaving it overly shiny like the Illuminative Cream.


I would happily invest in a full-size! Sensai is undoubtedly a luxurious and expensive brand. However, when it comes to moisturization and getting the most bang for your buck, investing in fluid/emulsion moisturizers seems like a smart move. You often get twice the amount of product compared to creams for the same price. Not to mention that a little goes a long way with fluids/emulsions. So despite the initial investment appearing large, when you consider the price per ml, the fluid/emulsion will last much longer.

Your Thoughts on Sensai Products?

What are your thoughts on products from Sensai? Do you think they live up to the hype? Share your experiences and questions in the comments below!