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My Updated Skincare Routine: Discovering the Power of SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella

CEO Tinh Phung
Hello, hello! Welcome to my updated skincare routine, where I'll share my new favorite products that have transformed my oily and sensitive skin. If you're on the lookout for effective skincare solutions, you've come to...

Hello, hello! Welcome to my updated skincare routine, where I'll share my new favorite products that have transformed my oily and sensitive skin. If you're on the lookout for effective skincare solutions, you've come to the right place!

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Skincare routine using Centella Madagascar

When it comes to skincare, I'm cautious about the products I use, especially since I'm prone to breakouts when wearing makeup all day. I look for light, hydrating products that won't make my skin oily or acne-prone. Recently, I've discovered Skin1004's Madagascar Centella Skincare line and have become obsessed with the results it delivers. This collection, popular in the beauty community, offers topical skin-saving benefits and is particularly loved by K-beauty enthusiasts like myself. Its antioxidant properties and ability to hydrate and nourish the skin have made a noticeable difference in just a few weeks of use!


Cleansing your skin is the crucial first step of any skincare routine, as it removes oil, dirt, and other impurities. In my routine, I use the Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil and Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam Cleanser.

Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil features Madagascar Centella Asiatica as its star ingredient, along with six plant-based oils. I use it during my nighttime routine to remove makeup. What I love about this cleansing oil is how gentle and mild it is. It effortlessly melts away impurities and makeup, leaving my skin purified and refreshed.

To use it, simply pump the appropriate amount onto dry hands, emulsify with water, and gently massage it onto your face until the makeup is dissolved. Massage until milky, and rinse with lukewarm water.

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam

I incorporate the Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam into my morning and evening routines. This clay mask-type foam becomes super foamy when rubbed with water. Once applied to my face, I instantly knew it was a winner. Unlike harsh cleansers, it doesn't leave my skin feeling "squeaky clean," which can lead to overproduction of oil and potential acne. While not intensely hydrating, it does soothe the skin effectively. This foam cleanser is ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin who want a thorough cleanse without stripping away natural oils. A little goes a long way with this product, so a pea-sized amount is sufficient.

The Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam helps maintain a healthy skin pH balance and strengthens the skin barrier without causing irritation. Its fine soda powder removes residues from within skin pores.

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam

Madagascar Centella Toner

Once my skin is clean and free from makeup, dirt, and oil, I follow with an exfoliating toner. I apply the toning toner to a cotton pad and gently wipe my face. I also pour a small amount onto my hand and spread it thoroughly across my face. This toner keeps my skin moisturized, bright, and wrinkle-free. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin's dewiness since including this toner in my routine.

The Madagascar Centella Toner is a non-irritating exfoliator that contains Centella Asiatica extract and PHA. It effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin hydrated and clean. The PHA, known for its compatibility with sensitive skin, brightens and softens dull skin through gentle exfoliation. Additionally, the high concentration of Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid calms and hydrates the skin. With less than 1% of Niacinamide, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. This toner contains only 15 natural ingredients, making it gentle and low-irritant.

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Madagascar Centella Toner

Madagascar Centella Ampoule

The Madagascar Centella Ampoule is a healing ampoule that repairs skin barriers and provides hydration to damaged skin. This is my favorite product from the Centella Madagascar skincare line because it is made of 100% Centella Asiatica extract. After toning, I apply the ampoule directly onto my face and massage it in. It quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soothed and hydrated.

The texture of the ampoule is more watery than expected, but it's incredibly soothing and hydrating. It absorbs quickly, leaving my skin glowing and fresh. What sets this ampoule apart is its versatility, perfect for both daytime and overnight use.

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Face Cream

To complete my skincare routine, I always apply a facial cream. I've tried numerous creams in the past, but only a few have truly worked for me.

Madagascar Centella Cream

The Madagascar Centella Cream is one of the lightest creams I've ever tried. Its lotion-like texture is surprisingly hydrating without feeling overly sticky after application. This cream has a dewy and creamy texture, and no artificial fragrance is added.

This Centella Cream is suitable for hydrating all skin types due to its non-greasy formula. It repairs the outer skin surface and protects it from external irritants. With Niacinamide and Adenosine, it brightens the skin and provides wrinkle care. The cream contains four active ingredients from Centella Asiatica to further enhance its effectiveness.

Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream

The Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream acts as a skin barrier cream while also providing hydration. I incorporate it into my nighttime routine. Similar to the Centella Cream, this soothing cream has a brown gel-type consistency that absorbs easily. It nourishes and hydrates my skin, leaving it calm and revitalized. This cream is suitable for all skin types, as it strengthens the inner skin barrier, preserves natural moisture, and provides a cooling effect that helps soothe the skin.

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Madagascar Centella Cream

Overall Thoughts

After using SKIN1004's Centella Madagascar line for two weeks, I am amazed by the results. My skin is no longer dull-looking, and it feels healthier than ever. Even when I wear makeup all day, breakouts are no longer a concern. Thanks to the light cleansing oil for effective makeup removal and the ampoule foam for thorough cleansing, my skin has become radiant, and even some of my minimal dark spots have disappeared.

I appreciate the philosophy behind SKIN1004, focusing on minimal but effective ingredients. Instead of adding unnecessary elements to address skin problems, they prioritize soothing, hydrating, and repairing the skin.

skincare routine using centella madagascar Caption: Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Skincare

One aspect I love about this line is its minimalist packaging. The clear bottles allow you to see the products you're consuming, and the clean stickers provide all the necessary information without clutter.

About SKIN1004

SKIN1004 is a natural skincare brand that believes in the power of natural ingredients. They use clean and pure ingredients, avoiding unnecessary additives or artificial pigments. Their philosophy centers around the idea that good cosmetics are achieved with good ingredients.

The brand's core ingredient, Centella Asiatica, is harvested from Madagascar, an untouched nature that preserves pure plants for centuries. The Madagascar Centella Line focuses on gentle skincare, replacing potentially irritating components. SKIN1004 also offers other collections like Hyalu-Cica, Poremizing, Tea-Trica, Tone Brightening, and Zombie Beauty.

Now you know the secret behind my updated skincare routine! If you're seeking natural, effective products that prioritize your skin's health and beauty, I highly recommend giving SKIN1004's Centella Madagascar line a try.

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