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The Best Eyelash Brushes: Your Secret to Perfect Lashes

CEO Tinh Phung
Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock.com You may not think of your eyelashes as a part of your body that needs brushing, but it can be beneficial to do so. Eyelash brushes are specially designed for this task, with...

A woman using an eyelash brush on her eyelashes. Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock.com

You may not think of your eyelashes as a part of your body that needs brushing, but it can be beneficial to do so. Eyelash brushes are specially designed for this task, with bristles perfectly spaced to separate overlapping lashes. This not only allows you to present a more even look but helps to keep your eyelashes from becoming bent or tangled. If you’re someone who wears mascara frequently, an eyelash brush is also a handy way to remove mascara clumps after application. This makes your lashes appear longer and neater. Ditch the clumpy lashes and open up your eyes with these eyelash brushes.

Buying Guide for Eyelash Brushes


Why should you buy an eyelash brush?

For most people, chunky mascara is not the desired look when you are trying to create volume. If you want to layer up your mascara without developing clumped lashes, an eyelash brush can help you avoid that messy look. The thin metal or plastic bristles gently split your lashes while leaving the product to thicken and lengthen your natural lashes. An eyelash brush might seem like just an extra step in your makeup routine, but it’s the ideal tool for mascara lovers that want to perfect their daily look. With an eyelash brush, you can feel free to layer up your thickest mascara.

What should you look for in an eyelash brush?

  • Disposable vs. Reusable: Eyelash brushes might be either disposable or meant for long-term use. Both types offer slightly different benefits. Disposable eyelash brushes are ideal if you’re worried about spreading bacteria since they’re meant to be thrown away after one use. They’re also solid in large quantities, usually at least 100 at a time. Reusable eyelash combs, by contrast, are sold one at a time or as part of a kit. They’re more cost-efficient in the long run since you won’t need to restock them, though they do require more maintenance and regular cleaning.

  • Function: Some eyelash brushes will offer additional functions besides just brushing and separating your lashes. Some double as an eyelash curler or offer a way to shape your eyelashes if desired. Others will be two tools in one, with an eyelash brush on one side and an eyebrow brush (or something similar) on the other.

  • Shape: While eyelash brushes will be very similar, easily handled wands, they aren’t identical. Depending on the model and type of eyelash brush you buy, the head can vary by shape. Most will closely resemble a traditional mascara brush, especially disposable ones, but this isn’t your only option. A cone-shaped option is great for hitting the shorter, corner lashes. Eyelash combs with metal teeth may be perfectly straight. Many eyelash brushes designed to double as an eyelash curler will be curved to some degree in order to perform this task. Consider which type might be best suited to your needs.

What features should you consider?

The design of an eyelash brush doesn’t vary immensely, but there are a few added options to consider if you want more from your tool. You can find eyelash brushes with built-in curlers to cut down on tools in your kit or with added flexible bristles to use on your eyebrows as well. If you travel with your makeup, an eyelash curler with a foldable body will protect the metal pieces more than having your tool exposed to your other items.

Our Picks for the Best Eyelash Brushes


Pros: A quintessential eyelash brush that can both be used for gently separating eyelashes before or after mascara application and tidying up your eyebrows. The brush is 6 inches long, giving you just enough room to firmly grip the tool while not taking up too much space in your makeup bag. The brush is made from 100% natural fiber that is flexible for easy use as you shape your eyebrows or blend in product. And at such a friendly price point, this brush is a great choice for makeup enthusiasts.

Cons: The eyelash brush uses a straight design, which might be difficult for some to navigate as the lashline is naturally curved. The natural fibers of the brush are fairly stiff, so those with sensitive skin might want to avoid this product to avoid irritation.

Bottom Line: This brush can be a staple in your makeup toolkit with its small size and durability. Its simple design won’t be helpful for everyone, but this item is great for beginners.

Foldable Eyelash Brush Kit

Pros: If you want to save yourself some time and money on an eyelash brush, consider this kit. Besides the eyelash comb, it includes a double-headed eyebrow brush for shaping, defining, and filling in your eyebrows, plus a third brush that works on both lashes and brows. The eyelash brush itself is ergonomically designed to prevent your wrists from tweaking as you use it since it allows you to brush upwards instead of twisting your hand in various ways. It’s suitable for dry brushing or combing product through your lashes before or after you’ve curled them.

Cons: The construction of these tools can be unreliable, with some people experiencing broken brush heads or bent handles during use. The curved design is better for the natural bend of the lashline, but it fits wider eyes better.

Bottom Line: The metal curved comb’s contoured design and metal teeth are great for the perfectionist that loves to make sure each lash stands out. And with the added brushes, this kit provides you with a great arsenal of tools to create your next makeup look.

Spring-Loaded Eyelash Curler Brush

Pros: Here’s an ideal eyelash tool for someone who wants a reusable model that performs more than one function. The spring-loaded handle allows you to gently curl your lashes while separating lashes before or after mascara. The tool is at an angle for a comfortable fit that won’t make contact with your cheeks while in use. The teeth are curved to perfectly fit around the shape of your eye. But if you don’t want to brush through your lashes with every use, it comes with two protective silicone pads to transform it into a standard lash curler.

Cons: Many people had difficulties getting their lashes to reach far enough into the comb for the lashes to effectively separate. It is also difficult to see where your lashes are making contact with the curler because of the dark color of the material.

Bottom Line: This unique eyelash brush can help you create extra-long lashes without the dreaded clumps. The fit of the design doesn’t work on every eye shape, but its two-in-one capabilities are worth a shot.

Bulk Disposable Eyelash Brushes

Pros: If you prefer disposable eyelash brushes and want to make sure you’re getting a good deal whenever you purchase new ones, consider this set. For one low price, you’ll receive a whopping 200 eyelash wand brushes. They’re designed for daily use, whether you’re separating your eyelashes before or after applying mascara, combing out clumps, brushing out your lash extensions, or even brushing your eyebrows. The handles are made out of hard, durable plastic, while the brush is soft fiber. The heads can be bent to a certain degree.

Cons: The bristles are too soft for some and might not have the strength to properly separate lashes after using mascara. If you’re using these brushes in a mascara tube, beware that the heads have a tendency to break off inside the bottle.

Bottom Line: This bundle’s product count makes them ideal for makeup artists that need sterile brushes for each new client. Not everyone will need a 200-count of eyelash brushes, but the fun colors and simplicity make these tools friendly to most makeup lovers.

Foldable Eyelash Brush with Gold Plating

Pros: Do you like to do your makeup on the go or travel frequently? Then this foldable brush was made for your convenience. The metal bristles unfold from the body for quick access and neatly folds away for added protection. For durability, the bristles are also plated with gold, which adds strength and creates a beautiful look. The end of the handle is contoured for easy handling that counteracts the difficulties that often come with smaller eyelash brushes.

Cons: For some beauty enthusiasts, the gold bristles were too sharp and had a tendency to hurt their eyes during use. Additionally, the bristles are very sensitive, making them difficult to clean thoroughly.

Bottom Line: If you struggle to maintain the integrity of an eyelash brush while traveling, this tool provides that extra bit of protection needed to make it last. The gold plating is both pleasing to look at and durable.

Final Thoughts

Clumpy mascara is a thing of the past, thanks to eyelash brush tools. They allow you to brush and separate each lash with ease so that you can pile on your favorite product. This tool is great for those that wear mascara daily or for makeup pros that are constantly creating exciting looks that require precision. Beginners or those that opt for a natural look more often than a made-up one won’t find much use out of a tool like this. However, makeup lovers will appreciate the effectiveness and efficiency of this simple tool.