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This Dark Spot Peel Completely Faded Our Stubborn Spots in 3 Days

CEO Tinh Phung
Every once in a while, a skincare product so good comes along that it leaves you absolutely shaken to the core. I’m about to tell you about one such product: The Ourself Dark Spot Peel,...

Every once in a while, a skincare product so good comes along that it leaves you absolutely shaken to the core. I’m about to tell you about one such product: The Ourself Dark Spot Peel, $140, which is available over-the-counter and lives up to every single big promise it makes.

I figured I’d be trying yet another product that aims to fade dark spots that maybe-sorta worked if you used it long enough. This one? The two small dark spots that plagued me for so long are barely noticeable. As in, poof gone, no longer making me scrunch my nose in frustration every time I look in the mirror.

Meet the Ourself Dark Spot Peel

Before dishing on my experience with the product, let’s first talk about what it is and what makes it so potent. The hero ingredient in the peel is Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), an aggressive exfoliating acid that provides a superficial to medium-depth peel.

TCA peels are often available in professional settings at very high concentrations - like 30% to sometimes over 50%. When you think about a tomato-faced, “hiding out in your house for two weeks” peel, that’s a high concentration TCA peel.

Ourself Dark Spot Peel Ourself Dark Spot Peel

This one has a concentration of 13.6%, which is substantially lower than a pro-level version but still packs a mighty punch. The peel itself comes in a very tiny, clinical-looking vial. While it’s definitely a splurge for such a small amount, don’t be too dismayed by the price tag. You don’t need to use much to see results, and there’s more than enough for 10+ treatments. Also, this is substantially less expensive than an in-office peel.

BTW, Ourself is only about a month old and prides itself on being the industry’s first “sub-topical skincare.”

The Dark Spot Woes

A few years ago, I noticed a small dark spot on my upper cheekbone. And then another one arrived a couple months after that. This was extremely frustrating, especially since I’ve always been hyper diligent about applying sunscreen. To my credit, I live in an area where it’s sunny almost every day, I am very fair-complected, and I am no longer in my 20s.

Thus began mission “fade my dark spots.” I continued my nightly use of retinoids and AHAs, I used splurgy high-end peels, and tried a bevy of hyperpigmentation products. I even consulted a dermatologist who told me that I could live with the dark spots or try a spendy treatment that might work. Nothing seemed to work well enough, so I simply resigned to using extra concealer.

My Experience with the Peel

Fast forward a bit and I had a vial of Ourself’s Dark Spot Peel in my possession. The fact that the active ingredient was TCA - which is notoriously harsh - made me a little cautious but also really excited.

The instructions said to clean your skin, then use a cotton swab to apply one layer of the peel over the dark spots. After a few minutes, you apply a second layer. And if your skin is used to peels, which mine is, then you can apply a third layer.

I applied three layers and almost immediately felt a tingling sensation that morphed into quite a bit of heat. It wasn’t intolerable, but it definitely offered more of a buzz than other peels.

One thing that threw me for a loop was that the area turned into a dull white color. However, the heat dissipated after a few more minutes and the white eventually turned into a slight red hue over the course of the evening. By the next day, the areas were no longer red, but they did feel rough and dry.

The skin in the treated area got even more dry and started lightly sloughing off over the next few days. I wasn’t really able to conceal it because makeup would just highlight the rough texture and peeling. Finally, though, the sloughing stopped and soft, baby-like skin appeared.

And YES! The spots were completely, miraculously faded. In fact, I can only see them in the right lighting. Even then, the hyperpigmentation - which caused me to feel self-conscious for so long - is just a whisper of what it once was. I plan to use one or two more layers of the peel to completely nix what’s left.

Bottom line: This product is legit, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s eager to get rid of dark spots.

Pro-Tips for Using Ourself’s TCA Dark Spot Peel

Want to give the product a try? Here are a few pro-tips to keep in mind:

  • Give yourself the peel on a week where you don’t have anything major planned. It does take time for your skin to slough off, and concealer only draws attention to the issue.
  • Use the product exactly as described—including wearing medical gloves. This is some potent stuff.
  • Water deactivates the peel if you’re feeling too much heat. Keep a damp cloth around to press on the area if it starts to become too much.
  • Start with one layer and see how you feel. Especially if you’re not used to using peels.
  • Don’t even think about starting the day without wearing sunscreen. Your fresh baby skin is super sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, and you don’t want to undo the work you’ve just done!

Would you try an at-home TCA dark spot peel like this? Let us know what hyperpigmentation products you’ve tried and whether they worked or left you feeling unimpressed.