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Vintage Menswear: Master the Art of Styling Men’s Vintage Outfits

CEO Tinh Phung
Vintage menswear has made a remarkable comeback, emerging from the depths of forgotten attics to take the fashion world by storm. With its rejection of contemporary trends and infusion of unique personality and quirky style,...

Vintage menswear has made a remarkable comeback, emerging from the depths of forgotten attics to take the fashion world by storm. With its rejection of contemporary trends and infusion of unique personality and quirky style, vintage clothing for men offers an exciting and popular avenue for self-expression. Whether you're rummaging through your own wardrobe in search of styling inspiration or just beginning your foray into the vintage clothing trend, Standout is here to guide you through the three most popular vintage menswear trends: classic vintage, retro, and vintage sport.

The Allure of Retro Style for Men

Retro men's fashion, with its bold colors, unique patterns, and vintage materials, has captivated fashion enthusiasts and influencers alike. From celebrity styling to the nostalgia-inducing TV show Stranger Things, retro men's clothing has taken over the scene. But what exactly constitutes retro fashion?

The beauty of this trend lies in its versatility. Men can select their favorite looks from various decades, spanning from the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s. Some vintage connoisseurs even go a step further by incorporating classic 40s and 50s pieces into their wardrobe. For instance, the men's bowling shirt, adorned with outrageous colors, wild patterns, button-fronts, and wide collars, has surprisingly become one of the favorite bold style staples of the 21st century. Essentially, any clothing that was popular in recent decades can be considered part of the retro style, offering men endless opportunities to make this trend their own.

Classic Men’s Vintage Outfit: Timeless Elegance

Classic men's vintage outfit Caption: A classic men's vintage outfit exuding timeless elegance.

One excellent starting point when seeking vintage outfit ideas is to focus on materials. While denim, leather, and cotton dominate today's fashion scene, earlier decades witnessed a wide range of fabrics, from velvet trousers to silk shirts. One standout material that brings a distinct vintage feel to any outfit is corduroy.

In our classic men's vintage outfit, we showcase two iconic corduroy pieces from Lois Jeans: the New Dallas Jumbo Cord Jeans in a dark sand colorway and the Tejana Jumbo Cord Overshirt in navy blue. Established in 1962, Lois Jeans not only mimic the corduroy trend from yesteryears; they were part of its original wave, lending their styles a genuine vintage touch.

To style these iconic men's vintage jeans and jacket, we've paired them with another vintage staple: the roll-neck jumper. For this classic piece, we recommend the Field High Neck Long Stable Knit from KnowledgeCotton Apparel in a complementary dark blue color. Finally, complete the look with a classy and formal touch by opting for a pair of Jeffery West Ask Derby Leather Shoes in navy.

Men’s Retro Outfits: Embrace Bold Patterns

Men's retro outfit Caption: A men's retro outfit showcasing vibrant patterns.

Retro outfits blend vintage fashion trends with modern style staples seamlessly. One element we've never stopped loving is the boldly patterned shirt. Worn loosely tucked in and partially unbuttoned, these shirts have become a go-to choice for style icons such as Harry Styles and Tom Holland. Pair them effortlessly with modern skinny jeans and sneakers for a contemporary twist.

At Standout, we've recreated this popular style by combining the Trojan Woven Short-Sleeved Shirt with the Anbass Hyperflex X-Lite Re-Used Jeans by Replay. The black jeans serve as the perfect canvas, allowing the attention to be focused on the green, navy, and pink checkered shirt. Finish off the look with a pair of men's retro trainers from Cruyff, sporting a modern black and white colorway, and complete the ensemble with the Black Duncan Belt by Levi's.

Vintage Sport Clothing: Channel Casual Retro Vibes

Vintage sport clothing Caption: Embrace casual retro vibes with vintage sport clothing.

For a more relaxed and casual look, turn to vintage sport clothing. This sub-trend of vintage-inspired fashion emphasizes oversized fits, boldly colored retro sports jumpers, and chunky trainers. It strikes an ideal balance between retro streetwear and effortless style.

To master the art of vintage sport clothing, we suggest pairing the Moscqui Front Logo Sweatshirt by Ellesse with GANT's Hallden Twill Slim Chino Shorts in Marine Blue. The clean, block-color design of the Ellesse sweatshirt, featuring the brand's iconic sporting logo on the chest, adds an irresistible vintage touch to the outfit. Complete the look with a pair of navy and white New Balance 574 Suede Trainers, which complement the blue elements in the retro jumper and shorts combo. Tie everything together with a pair of Ellesse Branded White Socks.

Build Your Own Men’s Retro Outfits at Standout

Creating your own vintage-inspired outfit may seem daunting at first glance, but fear not! It's easier than you think. Start by browsing through the wide range of men's jackets, jeans, sweaters, and shoes online at Standout. Choose a classic retro-inspired piece that speaks to your personal style.

Whether you opt for a boldly patterned bowling shirt or a pair of men's retro-look trainers, you have the freedom to build your look by blending contemporary pieces with vintage-inspired clothing. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of vintage menswear and unleash your individuality. The choice is yours.

Remember, Standout is here to help you navigate the world of vintage menswear and create looks that truly stand out. Happy styling!