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WGSN and Coloro Present the Key Colors for A/W 25/26: Embracing Wellbeing, Creativity, Environment, and Technology

CEO Tinh Phung
Caption: Celestial Yellow - 048-90-17 London, October 1, 2023 - WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the global authority on the future of color, have unveiled the vibrant color palette...

Key Colours A/W 25/26 Celestial Yellow Caption: Celestial Yellow - 048-90-17

London, October 1, 2023 - WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the global authority on the future of color, have unveiled the vibrant color palette for A/W 25/26. These colors are a reflection of the forces shaping consumer behavior, including the focus on wellbeing, creativity, the environment, and technology.

Acceleration and Change

As the world grapples with the climate crisis, we find ourselves surrounded by chaos and signs of decline. Orange skies and green oceans serve as reminders of the urgent need for change. The A/W 25/26 Global Color Forecast embraces this accelerating transformation, highlighting the importance of urgency, repair, and reassurance. The Key Colors for A/W 25/26 are: Celestial Yellow, Cherry Lacquer, Retro Blue, Neon Flare, and Future Dusk.

Restorative Hues

Urangoo Samba, Head of Color for WGSN, explains the significance of these colors. "Light and luminous hues such as Celestial Yellow, as well as meditative and sensual darks of Future Dusk and Cherry Lacquer, speak of the search for restoration. Whether we look to the cosmos for guidance or turn inward for solace, these colors provide reassurance."

Nostalgia and Connection

In a world that feels perilous and uncertain, Retro Blue represents the enduring appeal of nostalgia. This dependable and familiar color symbolizes the need to connect with people and things that bring comfort and recognition.

Nature's Beauty and Activism

Intense and bright tones, like Neon Flare, perfectly mirror the beauty and strangeness of nature. This color also signifies the urgency and activism required to restore balance to our environment.

Captivating Darkness

Cherry Lacquer, a subversive dark color, exudes luxury and speaks to themes of resistance and rebellion. It seductively taps into our deepest desires, taboos, and pleasures, providing a form of radical escapism and self-empowerment.

Surprisingly Sentimental

Retro Blue, an offbeat, analog color with a warm and sentimental quality, evokes soft joy and innocence. Its popularity among Gen Z reflects the rise of kidults and the reimagining of nostalgic sentiments.

Celestial Mystery and Futurism

Future Dusk, the Color of the Year, sits between blue and purple, bringing a sense of mystery and escapism through its dark and moody qualities. This surreal and otherworldly shade also signifies the emergence of the second space age and embodies the anticipation of new horizons.

Key Colours A/W 25/26 Chery Lacquer Caption: Cherry Lacquer - 159-23-15

To ensure color accuracy and feasibility, each seasonal palette is confirmed through Coloro's Feasibility Intelligence solution. While they typically choose colors that can be achieved on all materials, Neon Flare 014-68-58 was added as a Key Color for A/W 25/26 based on strong trend evidence provided by WGSN. This demonstrates the importance of a balanced approach, where creativity and technical expertise work together.

Key Colours A/W 25/26 Retro Blue Caption: Retro Blue - 100-64-14

The partnership between WGSN and Coloro brings together trend forecasting expertise and a global color system that ensures accuracy. With over 3,500 contemporary colors in Coloro's library, the chosen colors undergo feasibility checks to ensure they can be achieved across materials while meeting fastness and testing requirements.

Key Colours A/W 25/26 Neon Flare Caption: Neon Flare - 014-68-51

WGSN and Coloro's A/W 25/26 Key Colors embrace the driving forces of our time. They capture the need for restoration, connection, activism, nostalgia, and a sense of mystery and futurism. By aligning with these hues, brands can tap into the evolving desires and aspirations of consumers, creating meaningful experiences and products that resonate deeply.

Key Colours A/W 25/26 Future Dusk Caption: Future Dusk - 129-35-18

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