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The Perfect Mascara Shade for Your Eye Color, According to Makeup Experts

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Have you been using black mascara for as long as you can remember? While it's a classic choice, you may be missing out on the opportunity to make your eyes truly stand out. We've consulted...

Have you been using black mascara for as long as you can remember? While it's a classic choice, you may be missing out on the opportunity to make your eyes truly stand out. We've consulted with makeup experts to discover the best mascara shade for your specific eye color. Are you ready to learn if you should switch to a subtle brown or experiment with a playful hue like purple or navy blue? Get ready to make your eyes pop like never before!

Blue Eyes: Enhance the Blue Tones with Brown Mascara

Close up of Woman with Blue Eyes Image source: Ukraine_riakhin/Shutterstock

If you have beautiful blue eyes, black mascara isn't always the best choice. According to makeup expert and founder of Pucker Up Beauty, Laura Pucker, brown mascara "plays up the blue tones." Audrey Boyce, a cosmetologist and vice president of operations at Empathy First Media, explains that brown mascara brightens the whites of the eyes, accentuating the blue even more. So, next time you're shopping for mascara, consider opting for a subtle brown shade to enhance your mesmerizing blue eyes.

Brown Eyes: Navy Blue or Cobalt for a Standout Look

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For those blessed with brown eyes, makeup experts agree that navy or cobalt blue shades of mascara are perfect for making your eyes pop. Vincent Oquendo, a celebrity makeup artist, advises choosing colors that contrast with your eyes to create a standout effect. As brown is a warm color, the contrast would be something cool-toned like navy blue. Stevi Christine, an LA-based celebrity makeup and brow artist, suggests using blue mascara for a subtle yet eye-catching edge. Cobalt blue and deep blue are both excellent choices for brown-eyed beauties.

Green Eyes: Emphasize the Vibrant Color with Black

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Green eyes are rare and captivating, and finding the right mascara color can be tricky. However, the experts recommend sticking with black. Laura Pucker suggests that black mascara intensifies the vibrant green color, making your eyes stand out. For a more subdued daytime look, Pucker recommends using a deep charcoal shade to add definition with a hint of softness. If you're looking to make a statement for a night out, Aimee Carr, makeup artist and founder of Voodoo Makeup, suggests layering some green mascara over black on the outer lashes. This combination complements the eye color and adds an extra touch of allure.

Hazel Eyes: Go Glam with Purple Mascara

Close Up of Hazel Eyes Image source: Nata.dobrovolskaya/Shutterstock

If you have hazel eyes, Vincent Oquendo has the perfect suggestion for you: opt for a mascara shade in the purple family. He explains that the cool purple tone contrasts against the warm hazel eyes, making them glow. To enhance the effect, Oquendo recommends using black mascara only on the roots of the lashes and then coating the full lash with the colored mascara. This extra step will make your lashes stand out gloriously.

Now that you have expert advice on the best mascara shade for your eye color, it's time to give it a try! Experiment with different colors and find the one that truly makes your eyes shine. Remember, the right mascara can elevate your entire makeup look and boost your confidence. So go ahead, make your eyes pop and embrace your unique beauty!

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